This is a dark room.

The four Missiontakers in the room cant see anything clearly in the pitch darkness, but thanks to the Night Vision function on the stream, Xü Beijin is able to barely discern things in the room.

The very greyish/greenish camera feed shows that this is a bedroom, perhaps a bit over a dozen square metres across. There is a large bed right in the middle of the room, with bedside cabinets on both sides. There is also a wardrobe close to the door.

The curtain is wide open, but somehow there isnt a speck of light coming in through the window. It is equally pitch black right outside – a night without stars or the moon, perhaps.

It seems this dark room would be a major scene for the Nightmares owner.

That is all that could be distinguished through the murky scene.

Xü Beijin could at least see that, but the four Missiontakers in the room could see even less. Soon after they entered this Nightmare, while still in their panic, a thunderous voice suddenly yells out at them.

“Number off!”

Number off? What number off?

The four people have to physically feel their way around the room and finally figures out there are four of them here. They begin to talk about the situation.

And in the meantime, one of them warily yells out aone as the disembodied voice demanded.

About a minute later, another wrathfulnumber off! is yelled right next to their ears.

The man that first spoke out says nervously, “no… this wont do… What, lets see whats nearby first?”

Someone answers, “sure, laosan. Stand still, and well fan out and search about you.”

Laosan stands in place, saying, “got it, er-ge.” (TL: Literallysecond brother. Referring to his older brother who is the second oldest. Also, no matter how much I hate this, since we never learn their names, Ill have to use these as names, I hate how the Chinese language allows all these weird terms of addresses that are hard to translate instead of just calling each other by name like sensible people do)

The three Missiontakers remaining quickly disperse to search.

Though…laosan? It makes Xü Beijin recall how, a few days ago, in the middle of the Respawn Avenue back in the Tower, he managed to listen in on a conversation between three men.

He knits his brows, trying to recall what the people were talking about. Then he thinks, so this is the Nightmare that they talked about then, the Nightmare of the boy that murmured a string of numbers?

And he remembers that, back then, one of the trio said that he saw the boy running towards where Lin Qin was but didnt see him there. Then the annoyed Lin Qin chased them away…

Xü Beijin suddenly has a strange conclusion.

Did Lin Qin end up in this Nightmare because, he actually met the boy?

Speaking of Lin Qin, he isnt in this dark room right now. It seems the Missiontakers have been divided into two groups after arriving in the Nightmare.

After all that thought, when he turns his attention back to the stream, he notices comments floating across the stream already.

Some viewers are here.

“Hey Beibei!”

“Beibei! ur finally on! missed u so much these few days sob [heart emoji]”

“eh? new host? new host that dares streaming the slog that is horror games? nice, Ill follow you just for that courage alone!”

“new viewer! welcome, our Bei is handsome and cute, and theres a detective dalao in the stream too, this is a super amazing place”

“i just checked on the number of followers for Beibei, a sad, lonely 5, poor us”

“yea, and only 4 viewers… poor, poor us”

“Really, horror games are not popular nowadays… No host is brave enough, and no audience is brave enough either. If not for the handsome Beibei I might not have watched it through either”

“once there was the time when hosts could face the ghosts on 2D screens without flinching, but in full immersion days… ha, they all got too scared”

“hosts courage cant keep up with the technologies”

“but Bei, youre a host! how could you only open a stream every few days? you cant get popular like this!”

The very passionate audience makes Xü Beijin a little helpless. He greets them, and then, after they shower him with sweet nothings, he falters entirely——And agrees to stream more in the future.

Xü Beijin “…”

Not that he can decide whether he can stream!

Or, perhaps, he could tour the inside of the Tower with the viewers? He could go visit those livelier areas where the Missiontakers gather, too.

He thinks about it a little, but decides to stop thinking about it for now and focus on the stream.

The audience starts to sigh again, typing, “oh, today our Bei is also a tool-person today”

“? if so, wont Beibei be able to spoil the plot to us?”

“No no no, that would be boring”

“[laugh_cry emoji] the detective dalao is still the dalao lol”

The viewers are chatting while also relaying information about this game to the new viewer. They are also paying attention to the exploration of the four Missiontakers in the pitch black room.

They have managed to feel their way about a bed, a wardrobe and the bedside cabinets. They understand by now they are in a

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