is memory has always been pretty good, even though he rarely tries to recall past events.

Suddenly he murmurs, “the supermarket…”


The viewers all type question marks in response on the comments.

Xü Beijin sees as soon as he opens his eyes and explains, “that Actor from earlier was wearing the clothes of a supermarket cashier,” he explains how the Actor must also be in the service area, and then hesitantly asks, “we could check on the Missiontakers progress. If they arent coming over to the service area for a while, we could go chat with the cashier if you want to see it?”

“owo sure!”

“Beibeis gonna go for a walk? lets go!!”

“he could know more info too! Beibei fight!”

While the detective dalao is still absorbed with analysing the truth of this Nightmare, the rest of the audience are cheering… Well,the rest, meaning 3 among a grand total of 4 viewers.

Xü Beijin isnt any less enthused himself, though, and knowing that horror game streams are apparently not popular on the outside, being able to win 4 followers (with his handsome face, but never mind) is already good enough for a first ever streamer.

He then turns his attention back towards the camera. The four people in the corridor should be escaping now, but he realises that, in fact, in this short period of time the corridor team has actually already run into the bedroom team!

He can see all eight people yapping on the screen. The scene is quite chaotic.

Xü Beijin listens carefully with furrowed brows and finally understands what happened. After the Nightmare restarted, the bedroom team decided not to number off immediately first, but to try to leave the bedroom. And they actually succeeded.

In the last run, after they gave a “one,” the bedroom door was locked dead; this time, they directly tried the doorknob and succeeded. The exit led into a corridor, and they saw the other four people immediately.

Laosan here is really surprised.

He really thought there were only the four of them in the entire Nightmare.

The three brothers walked into thedoor to the boys house, so naturally they were together. It was already surprising that there was another shy girl besides them, but four other Missiontakers here… Arent there way too many Missiontakers in this Nightmare?

Each Nightmare has a minimum and maximum number of participants possible. Some are purely solo Instances for one person only, and some are required to have at least some number of people.

At night time, all Tower residents sleep——barring Xü Beijin——and doors can now be opened to enter Nightmares.

During the night, as long as a resident is still asleep, Missiontakers can step into the door and wait for the Nightmare to start.

If the maximum number of participants is reached, the Nightmare starts early; otherwise, it will continue to wait for new Missiontakers until some time before dawn to start.

If the number of Missiontakers waiting does not even meet the minimum requirement, the Nightmare will not start.

They might end up wasting a night, of course, but for Missiontakers, they are actually unconscious whenwaiting for a Nightmare to start, as if they are sleeping, and they wouldnt notice the passage of time at all.

An implication of this is that unless a Nightmare starts and they can see each other, nobody would know exactly how many Missiontakers are in a Nightmare and who they all are.

This modus operandi that is no different to randomly grouping irks many Missiontakers who swear it forces them to relive the terrible experience of being assigned a terrible teammate in certain games before everyone ended up inEscape.

And now, Laosan is exhausted watching everyone argue in front of him.

Yet his meek personality means that when he sees them——By them, he mainly refers to Selfish, Scapegoat and his own Laoda——viciously bickering, he is but helpless.

According to what they just said, this is the first time any of them ever entered this Nightmare. None of them have heard a useful thing about this Nightmare in the Tower. Yet, despite this severe lack of information, they still have time to keep pointing fingers at others and chastising.

Selfish is accusing the bedroom team of sabotaging their efforts with almost intentional timing; they were almost at a key scene, but they died and the Nightmare restarted.

Laoda retorts by asking how there is, quote, “any fucking way” they can know their progress, and then questions Selfish back——Where were they and what useful things were they doing when their team was being slaughtered by the man in black in the bedroom?

Scapegoat is just furious at everyone. Whenever someone scolds someone else, he argues in favour of the scolded person, fanning the flames on both sides and pissing everyone off.

Meanwhile, Mu Jiashi glances at the merrily arguing trio, then back at the door from which the bedroom team exited. The door has already gone back shut now. He hesitates for a moment before walking forth to try to open the door.

It wouldnt budge.

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