n that bookstore youre in, there are some clues already. The Missiontakers would probably visit later, too,” then he points to the packet of sweets he handed over, saying, “take the sweets as my apology. Too bad we cant take them outside of Nightmares, but they taste pretty well.”

Xü Beijin “…”

He is hesitant, and makes a glance at the stream before replying, “alright,” and finishes with a “thank you.”

“No problem,” the young man replies, “I also dont want to lose another companion.”

The young mans expression could almost be said to be sombre when he says that.

Theyre quiet for a moment.

Then the young man speaks back up, “oh, I havent introduced myself, have I… Im Dai Wu.”

“Xü Beijin.”

Dai Wu nods and puts his smile back on to say, “ah, so youre the rumoured — I shouldve guessed when I saw those eyebags…”

Xü Beijin nods, slightly awkward from embarrassment this time.

Dai Wu remarks, “and youre actually harmless, huh.”

Xü Beijin falls into thought for a second before shaking his head, saying, “no, Im not,” then his face turns serious. The pale man with the dark eyebags beneath his eyes says calmly, “I just do not mind how things are most of the time.”

Dai Wus eyes widen a little.

It is difficult to describe all the complex thoughts going through his mind right now.

Perhaps his eyes really deceived him? Perhaps Xü Beijin really is a terrifying person? Well, theres at least that ability to switch between his faces on demand…

Xü Beijin suddenly puts on a harmless smile to ask, “… see, its more frightening than harmless, isnt it?”

Dai Wu “…”

He angrily speaks up, “oi oi, man, you…”

Xü Beijin raises his hand with the packet of sweets and waves at Dai Wu with a smile before leaving the supermarket.

The viewers are expressing their awe in the stream.

“woah, pretty naughty huh Beibei”

“more like only our Bei can act naughty that way”

“hahaha look at the dude with his frightened face.”

“Sigh, there wasnt any useful information…”

“the detective dalaos career minded heart is really impressive”

“look at the other camera! the missiontakers look like theyre about to do something!”

Since Xü Beijin left the bookstore, he has set the scene of the corridor at the bottom right corner of his stream.

The Missiontakers spent the whole time thinking about how to resolve this dead-end too.

The whole corridor is really like the kind of scene youd see in a dream, too. The open windows are blocked by some kind of invisible wall. Even though it is brightly lit close to the car park, but the other end grows darker and eerier with every step inside.

Still, they checked every door, window and all the corners, until they were forced to conclude——There is nowhere to go.

Laoda is saying dejectedly, “seriously? Is this a Server bug? A real dead-end?”

Erge coldly retorts, “theres never been any Nightmare that has trapped Missiontakers in a dead-end besides those Collapsed Nightmares…” He pauses before saying, “there is definitely a way out. We just havent discovered it yet.”

It really is fortunate that the moment he said that, the streams audio source wasnt fixed on them, or the viewers should be questioning what aCollapsed Nightmare is.

Suddenly Laosan says hesitantly, “do you hear something?”


The Missiontakers all look at each other and quiet down. Then, there is suddenly a series of strange noises approaching them from afar.

Erge furrows his brows and listens for a bit before saying, “its the bedroom.”

They look at each other and quietly approach the bedroom.

What kind of… noise is that?

The horrifying wailings of a woman in pain. Cries and yells, and a series of——Thump. Thump. Thump. What sounds like chopping meat.

The Missiontakers steps become slow and hesitant. They can sense the fear crawling on their backs, as if the thumping meat-chopping sounds are chopping directly on their backs.

Laosan is murmuring like a sleepwalker would, “that man, was holding… a big machete…”

Suddenly, he recalls that, in the last Nightmare, he remembers hearing a womans cries in his dizziness. He thought it was Ding Yis whimpers, but… perhaps they werent?

It was like, there was another simultaneous bloody slaughter in that dark room. It was right next to them, but they didnt even realise.

“What is going on in the room?” Scapegoat forces himself to ask, “who is he… killing?”

They are standing right in front of the door in silence. The womans screams have disappeared by now, rendering the whole corridor silent again; outside, the Missiontakers are indecisive and standing still.

Mu Jiashi quietly murmurs, “perhaps… this is related to the truth in this Nightmare. The Nightmare plays out, with or without the Missiontakers…”

He is about to say something else when suddenly, the man dressed in black, with his big machete in hand, bursts out of the bedroom door. On the blade of his machete, is fresh, red blood that is still dripping!

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