f Denan, there was no environment for studying.
Yet, when she asked him a question about something she didn’t understand, he would answer immediately and explain it to her in detail.
Thanks to this, even Sheila, who preferred to be physically active, managed to continue her studies, but it was still a wonder.

Felix answered as he proceeded to eat the pie neatly without crumbling it.

“I had already learned everything I needed to know before I went to the village.”

It sounded like nothing, but she thought he said their parents picked him up when he was six years old.

“You’re lying, aren’t you? You were a six-year-old kid and you’re telling me you’ve finished everything at the age of 15?”

At that time, Sheila, for example, was playing around without helping her parents.
Even now, she was having a hard time keeping herself focused.

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Felix smiled somewhat forlornly.

“… Back then, it was hard to say that the family relationship at the time was good.
I always felt that I had to be better than everyone else.”

Felix always has this look on his face when he talked about the time before he came to the village.
His profile was quiet with a hint of melancholy, and his eyes, hidden behind silver lashes, were translucent.

She didn’t want him to look sad, so she put her hand over Felix’s.
Squeezing it, he looked at Sheila and eventually smiled softly.

“… That’s why I am glad to have lived in that village.
Of course, it was an eye-opening experience for me to learn that commoners could practice magic.
But above all, I learned that as long as you have the bare necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and a warm home, you don’t need anything else.
I also learned the importance of taking it easy and relaxing.”

Felix’s smile warmed her heart.
But there was something in his words that she didn’t understand.

“Is it strange for commoners to use the spiritual arts?”

When she tilted her head, Felix’s gaze turned serious.

“Well, Sheila has lived with it her whole life….”

He muttered, then put his hand on Sheila’s shoulder and met her eyes firmly.

“Listen to me very carefully.
This is the most important promise you must make to me when living in the capital.
You must never use the spiritual arts.
If you really have to use it, use it secretly so that it won’t be discovered, or consult with me beforehand.”


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“Hm, I’m not sure you’ll understand if I explain it…”

She didn’t understand why something she used to take for granted was forbidden.
When she immediately asked him about it, Felix dropped his head in disappointment.

“Magic was originally reserved for the nobility.
In order to produce children with high magical power, nobles have repeatedly married magicians from generation to generation.
That’s why there are no common people with magical backgrounds.
It’s impossible for them to control the wind or produce water.”

“But everyone in the village used magic, right?”

They made sparks to start fires and winds to fuel them.
They made humus from dead leaves and branches to fertilize the soil.
This was the reason why they never had a shortage of food or water, even though the village was deep in the mountains.

“That’s right.
I too was astonished when I became a member of the village.
I couldn’t believe that commoners could use magic.
Magic is something that is exercised by collecting magical elements in the air, but spiritual arts have a fundamentally different mechanism.
By relying on spirits, it is easier to collect magical elements, so it is possible to achieve greater effects with less power than with magic.
To put it bluntly, this is too revolutionary.
Isn’t that why the village forbade the practice of spirit arts in the presence of outsiders?”

“Come to think of it, that may have been so….”

“Did you never think about why such a rule exists? Even if you lived in that village, you should’ve known this level of knowledge.
I can’t imagine what the future holds if I have to teach you that.”

Felix shook his head at Sheila’s vague response.

“Anyway, if this becomes widely known, the equation that the aristocracy has used to control the common people will no longer be valid.
This country will be shaken to its very foundations.
Various people will approach you, some of whom will try to take advantage of you, and others will try to marginalize you and eliminate you.
You may be forcibly pulled into the center of politics.
I want to avoid that.
That’s why I forbid you to use the spirit arts.
Do you understand?”

Sheila, who had been standing still for a while, drank a cup of honey milk tea.
She looked straight back at Felix and nodded.

“I didn’t really understand it because it was too difficult, but it means that I shouldn’t use the spirit arts except in an emergency, right?”

“… Yes.
That’s right.”

Felix swallowed his comment that he had said that from the start, and everyone present followed his lead.

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