Egoist: Variant

(8) The BEST meal

May 9th, 3019

9:42 A.M.

Cambridge Training School, Training Grounds

”Hey! ” He turns to look at me. ”Kris? ”

I stop and put my hands on my knees ”Hey where did you…come from? which path? ” he points at the path to my left, I catch my breath then stand straight. ”Nice thats where Im headed, you can go behind me to reach your side ” We start trading directions with each other.

”Thanks, but I will warn you, theres a couple Mannequins clustered together, I was able to restrain them but I don know for how long it will hold so hurry! ” He dashes past me so I say to him.

”Theres one over there too! I didn defeat it, be careful! ”

”Thanks! ”

I dash towards the left path, Ive already wasted 40 minutes Ill be cutting it close.

I finally arrive at where the Mannequins Max mentioned were and… ”Holy crap! Is it his Egos shedding season? Why in the hell is the whole place covered in his hair!? ” I see the Mannequins but they are all waist deep in silky, light brown hair and VERY stuck to the walls, they seem to be struggling to get out.

”Worthy of an E-Rank(+), I guess I better just skip this, but if I defeat them will I get bonus points? No I think they will split between me and Max if I do, it is HIS hair after all. ” I get past them and keep running, time passes so I check my watch and I got 10 minutes left.

”The Exit! ” I can see it its right there but theres a giant Mannequin at least twice the size. ”Between the legs no time! ” I attempt to use my Ego and… Success! A red energy flows around me and…

”Strength? I need speed! ” Theres no time so I focus as much as I can on the energy and move it toward my lower body and abdomen This will do I think to myself.

I see the Mannequin slamming down and push myself further, I start moving the energy from my abdomen to the soles of my feet, jump past the Mannequin and land on the other side. I roll on the ground and look behind then at my watch, 5 minutes left. I sit down and take a deep breath then wait. *DONG*

The fog and Mannequins start dissipating I can barely see people in the distance. ”Kris! ” Max and David say at the same time. ”Hey guys howd it go? ”

”Thanks to you I was able to make it back by the one hour mark ”

”What? You traveled to there in less than 20 minutes? It took me 40! ”

”Well I am pretty fast once I do this! ”

Max triggers his Ego and his hair spreads thorought all of his body, then he shrinks. He becomes this head sized furry little beast with small stubby legs and a thin tail that ends in a tuft of hair. He basically looks like a baby dragon but without horns or scales and the tail of a lion. This is Maxs Ego: Fur Dragon.

”Oh you finally did it! I thought you were still having problems with the transformation? Also why are you so tiny? ” I ask him.

”Did you just become a baby? ” Says David

”No! Well…yes? Kinda, I couldn turn into a True Dragon so I tried a Dragonborn form, I made some progress but then I thought about the codename David chose for me and gave it a try ”

”Wait so a Furlion is a baby Fur Dragon? ” I ask clearly confused.

”Apparently? Also I can do this! ” He turns into a hair ball that shrinks in on itself and disappears. Then I feel a prick in the back of my head and see a single strand of my hair elongating and multiplicating turning into silky light brown hair, it grows into a ball until out of it, I see a small beast come out. This all happens in the blink of an eye. Max lands on my shoulder and speaks.

”Check it out! I can teleport through hair, Isn that cool? I can also just move like this ” He turns into a small cluster of hair and moves with great speed, on the floor, climbing around me and David and flying around us.

”What the hell!? You have the Furlions rare race skill right off the bat too? How is that fair!? ”

”Hehehe you
e just jealous! ” Max puffs out his chest which quite frankly looks adorable in that form. I reach and pick him up with my hands.

”Uh Kris? ”

”What? Im tryna check something ”

I lift up and look at him ”Yup small as ever can even see it. ” David bursts out laughing.

”Huh? What did you say! Ill have you know this form hides all non-combat essential parts! Now put me down! ” He starts struggling but hes noticeably weaker.

”Haha! I finally have the upper hand! It seems you trade your Constitution away for Agility and Vitality, huh ” I say as I tighten my grip on him.

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