Chapter 9

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I arrived at Awoke in the evening.
The entry requirements were just like how Land Barn’s procedure went, people had to line up at the gates.
But this time, since I had my guild card, the examination ended quite quickly and I was immediately let into town.
First of all, the inn.
I haven’t been introduced to any so I have to search for one myself.
Going through the town square, I arrived at an area with several inns.
When I look around, the people I saw travelling in the carriage go their separate ways into their own inns.
I didn’t really feel like I needed to avoid any particular inn.

(It would seem that all the inns in this neighbourhood are good no matter which one I choose.)

I made up my mind and entered into an accommodation that looks slightly better than the other places.
I asked if it was alright even though I had no reservation and they said that it was okay so I had them guide me to my room.
The inside of my room was neither bad nor good.
I tell the bro that led me to my room that I did not need dinner.
As per usual, I handed some copper coins in order to gain some information about the brothel establishments in the area.
Out of the brothels that I was told about, I chose the most luxurious store and headed there.
Today, I decided to go to a high-end location.

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(I want to try the things I learnt from sensei.)

I thought that…

(I want to check my current skill level.)

For that end, I need to find a proper person with legitimate skills as my bed partner.
My heart was burning with a subtle fighting spirit.

I arrived at the best brothel in Awoke called “Elsailles” which was told to me by the bro at the inn.
As I enter the establishment, I notice that the entrance hall is similar in style to all the other brothels I’ve been to before.
They had a lobby and a tiered platform.
I’m starting to get nervous.
It reminds me of junior high school, during our club activities.
It reminds me of the tension you feel when you need to compete in an individual match for sports activities.
Seeking my match, I look around the tiered platform with keen attention.
When I saw a particular woman, I focused my gaze on her.
She must have felt the same way I did since she also looked at me and smiled.

(There’s no doubt, you are the one I have been looking for!)

I shout within my heart.
I immediately nominated her and we went into a room together.

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Those who have reached a certain degree of skill in an area can feel the difference between themselves in comparison to their opponents.
I felt that she was a really high wall to cross.
I didn’t even understand this until the other day.
But now I know.
I guess this is due to sensei’s guidance that I have now been barely able to scrape the tips.

「Please come this way.」

She beckoned me.
Just from her confident smile, I felt that she was an overwhelmingly strong opponent.
Damn, I can’t even reach her level at the moment.
But…This is a natural thing.
Because I admit that I am low-levelled in this department, I am going to start levelling from now on.
That’s it.
Today, I will be able to practice with a partner of higher skill.
I need to show my full power right now.
I will accept and learn from whatever result I get and make it my source of growth.

A few hours later, I am eating at a food stall.
My back is a little hunched over.

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「A perfect defeat….
No, it wasn’t even a match to begin with.」

Her strength was way beyond my imagination.
From the beginning until the end of the interaction, I tried to take leadership and thrust forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards.
Even so, the only thing I could do was defend myself.
I endured as much as I could and tried to prolong it.
I was only able to repeat those motions with my utmost vigour.
But the moment I left a gap in my defenses, she immediately took advantage of me.
Looking back at the event, I couldn’t even retaliate against her.

「The fact that I was able to understand this must mean that I’ve improved right?」

I talked to myself.
And then I thought back to the depressing feeling I felt just a little while ago.

(I feel like I’m about to grasp on to something good.)

I really wanted to have a real match with her, it’s driving me crazy.
Finishing my meal, I get up from the chair.
I head towards Elsailles again.
On top of that tiered platform, there must be plenty of strong women comparable to her calibre.

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I want to challenge those women to a contest of pleasure.
I walk quickly and get to the front of the store.
Breathing out a big breath of air and then slowly breathing into my full lung capacity.
I hold my breath for a few seconds and I notice that a force was welling up in the pit of my stomach.
I exhale a sharp breath and pushed the door open.

That night, I collapse into my bed at the hotel room.
If the first person I fought with was a speed fighter, the opponent I had just now is comparable to a power fighter.
Before such an overwhelming power, my poor technique means nothing.
I got violated.
Yeap, this is the word that would most accurately depict my current situation.

「It’s so frustrating… Sensei.」

Tears flow along my cheeks.

「But I won’t give up.
I will become stronger….
Just like sensei…」

As I was making my conviction, my consciousness fell into a deep sleep.

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