o one of the reasons why I am trying to leave this town as soon as possible.

Finally, he tells me about the time and meeting place of the carriage.

The meeting point is outside of the town gate and it will be necessary to arrive a little early and wait before the departure time.

After leaving the merchant guild, I return the book I borrowed to the book rental store then eat at the stalls and charge into Loquat the moment it opens.

A couple of hours later, I enter another café different from the one yesterday in order to drink some coffee.

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(How do I describe it…She tasted like a dried Japanese persimmon.)

She definitely had the skill, she was both gentle and friendly.
The conversation I had with her was also interesting.
However, I could not help but feel the disparity in our age.
Specifically in terms of her lack of muscular strength.

(She told me she once worked at Sea God, right? Because she was getting on with her age, she probably had to move to Loquat.)

I think that I had a good experience.
Let’s leave it at that.

After leaving the café, I prepared for my trip and bought preserved food and a spare water bottle.

Reaching a point where I could relax for a while, I decided to enter Shrimp Field.

I saw a cutie with the physique of a hot volleyball player so I immediately chose her.

A few hours later, I was sitting languidly on the edge of the water fountain within the town square.

(Man, I’m tired.)

Up until now, it was OK for me to be passive while I leave the hard work to the girls.
However, this time around my partner was the one being passive.

Because of this, I had to be the one taking the lead.
The thing was that the girl had the height and weight of a volleyball player.
It definitely made her a formidable partner.

I returned to my inn and told them that I would be leaving tomorrow morning.

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The moment I entered my room, I tried my best to manufacture Rank E and F potions.
In particular, I focused on making Disease Treatment Potions.

I decided to drink all the Rank C and D potions that I had stocked.

(Hmm, even though I have been drinking the Injury Treatment Potions, my physical weariness is not recovering.
Is there perhaps another potion for this specific use?)

I tried them all but they, unfortunately, didn’t do anything.

I went to get dinner at the inn.

After finishing my dinner and having a bit of a rest, I fire myself up and start heading to Sea God with excitement.

Tonight is my last night in this town.
If I don’t go now, I’m going to regret it.

Sea God shouldn’t be too crowded.
After all, it’s a really expensive place.

A few hours later, I returned to my hotel room and lay on the bed.

As expected of a high-end shop, it truly healed me and washed away my exhaustion.
Of course, they also cleaned every nook and corner of my body.

(Ahh, in the end, I didn’t get a chance to try the bath in this inn.
It should have been an opportunity to find out the inn’s bathing situation.)

Oh well, there must be plenty of opportunities in the future.
Thinking about this, I fell asleep.

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