the employee’s question, I had no choice but to take a moment.

These kind places were often operated by a membership basis.

Of course, if you were a noble, you do not have to worry because you could be registered as a member immediately, but unfortunately, now that I was excommunicated, I’m now a commoner.

Will my name still remain on the list?

“It’s Adelia.”

“How do you pronounce your last name?”

Immediately, the employee asked for my last name.

An old gentleman, who appears to be the hotel’s manager, approached the employee next to him and skillfully intercepted his subordinate’s words and carefully asked questions.

“Please step aside for a second.
I’m sorry.
Are you Lady Adelia from Marquis Sorne?” 

It was a question that seemed to know me.

How do I answer this? To be exact, I’m not Adelia of Sorne.

“I was.”

The manager, who understood my ambiguous answer perfectly, smiled and welcomed me.

“Welcome, Lady Adelia.
I’ll show you the room right away.”

Fortunately, the hotel didn’t seem to get it.

I sighed in relief and followed the manager.

But at that moment, a familiar face caught my eye.


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“… Butler.”

“Were you planning to stay here? Unfortunately, it would be better to come back here later.
For now, you have to go back to the mansion with me.”

It hasn’t been long since I arrived at the capital, when did they know?

Behind the butler who said so, I saw a knight wearing a light glove, with a pattern of the Sorne family.

If I refused, it looked like they would take me by force.

I spoke to the butler of Sorne’s mansion with a smile.

“By what right?”

“Don’t say things like that.
Isn’t Sorne’s blood flowing through you, too?”

So, stop being stubborn and go with you, you mean?

How dare you talk about blood now when they throw me out relentlessly.

I looked at the arrogant butler’s face and turned my head and looked around.

The eyes inside the hotel focused on the epicenter of the commotion.

Is rejection impossible in the first place?

“Ha… Okay.
Let’s go.”

The option given to me was only one.

I had no choice but to follow the butler to the Sorne mansion.


I sighed in the garden of Sorne’s mansion, which I hadn’t stepped on in a long time.

As I remember, Sorne’s mansion was splendid and luxurious.

No, it seemed to have become more luxurious than I had remembered.

I closed my eyes for a moment and recalled my life here.

It was like hell.

Life here was just a luxurious hell.

Not only my father and my brother, but also my servants treated me as a nuisance.

They never treated me properly. 

That’s probably still the case today.

I moved to the room I originally used under the surveillance of the knight.

The room was surprisingly completely transformed.

I couldn’t find even the slightest bit of traces of my life.

What I liked about this mansion was this room.

But now even the room has been completely changed.

It was as if they were telling me this was not the place for you.

“Is anyone outside?”


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Mary, who was my exclusive maid, entered the room with a grumpy attitude.

I burst out laughing at the sight.

There was one thing that didn’t change.
It was the attitude of the servants towards me.

“What happened in this room?”

“Why are you asking that again?”

Mary narrowed her eyes and asked sharply.

Her eyebrows wrinkled spontaneously and there was no politeness in her actions. 

When was it? Immediately after I was possessed by this body, fear was in the eyes of the servant who looked at me.

I worked hard to change that.
The result was this.

The servants responded with ignorance to my kindness.

If it was a mistake. 

Well, before that, my father, the head of the household, and my brother, the successor, despised me, so I’m sure the servants do, too.

I didn’t intend to stay in this mansion for a long time anyway, so I thought I’d just move on.

But I soon changed my mind.

In the past, I wanted to change the perception of the servants, so I worked hard to get over it even if they looked down on me.

Now I don’t have to do that anymore.

Rather than sending it like this and building stress, I had to say something.

“You’re too rude for someone who’s treating a guest.”

I could see the maid, Mary, flinching at the sound of the scolding voice.

“Since when did the servants of the mansion become disobedient?”

“You’re not a Sorne anymore, Right…”

I’m not a Sorne anymore.
I’m now a guest of Sorne.”

So, if you are a servant of Sorne, you should be polite to your guests.

Mary was flustered by my criticism.

It was natural.
She knows that what she is doing to her is rude.
But she probably didn’t expect me to fight back.

“…As soon as the lady left the mansion, they burned everything.”

As if my rebuke had been well received, Mary finally bowed her head and acted like a servant who’s treating the guests and spoke.

Of course, she couldn’t hide her anger, and her shaking hands.

I snorted at Mary’s behavior and snorted at what she said.

They burned everything as soon as I left….
That’s like father.

Perhaps if I hadn’t been pointed out as a saint this time, I would never see them for the rest of my life.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Soon after, even before I gave my permission, the door opened and the maid came in.

“The marquis is calling you, so hurry up and come out.”

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