Invincible Starts From One Punch Martial Arts

Chapter 9: Xia Chenxiaos news

   Chapter 8 Vientiane Building (3)

  Xia Wuji only hesitated a little.

   Although Du Ming was a little abnormal, he didn ’t feel any danger.

   then stepped up and followed behind.

  The two went upstairs from the inner staircase.

   In a room upstairs, Du Ming closed the door and said, ”Young Master Xia, please take a seat. ”

   After Xia Wuji sat down, Du Ming brewed a cup of Qinglu Cui Yejian tea, and the green tea leaves were tumbling in the white porcelain cup.

   handed it over, put it on the coffee table, and sat down.

   looked at Xia Wuji and said, ”At present, the only way to obtain ghost blood is to kill the murderous ghost. ”

  Xia Wuji frowned slightly.

   The strength of the fierce ghost is very strong, at least equivalent to the peak of the Bone Tempering Realm martial artist, if it is ordinary people can not approach.

   But he is not helpless. There is a ghost king clone in his body. Although he has not yet condensed his body, he feels that he should be able to restrain the evil ghost.

   In front of Du Ming, he still had to pretend to be a little tricky on the surface.

   It seems that after some ideological struggle, Xia Wuji finally exhaled a deep breath and asked, ”Then… where are the murderous ghosts? ”

   Du Ming, who had been watching the change in Xia Wuji ’s face, moved in his heart.

   said this, but he still hasn ’t given up.

   It looks like he is going to kill the murderer.

   It can be seen that this ghost blood is very important to this Xia family boy.

   However, he sold a pass first and said with a smile: ”Let ’s not say where the murderous ghost with Dao Xing is, do you still want this Yin Corpse Water and Broken Soul Grass? ”

   In case he gave the news to Xia Wuji, this kid turned his face away and didn ’t want the Yin Corpse Water and Soul-breaking Grass, and had to wait until he got the ghost blood to buy it, wouldn ’t it be a big loss.

   The first business in the morning can ’t be so yellow.

  Xia Wuji also saw his concerns and said directly: ”Then give me the Yin Corpse Water and the Soul Broken Grass first. ”

   ”Okay. ” Du Ming smiled and said, ”But I have to explain first, these two materials are expensive. ”

”How much? ”

  Xia Wuji asked calmly.

  Du Ming smiled slightly, and said, ”Each drop of Yin Corpse Water is ten taels of silver, and there are ten low-grade spirit stones for a Broken Soul Grass. ”

   Good guy! A drop of Yin Corpse Water costs ten taels of silver!

  Xia Wuji ’s eyelids jumped.

   This is really a robbery!

  According to the information, among the materials needed to condense the ghost king clone, the quantity of ghost blood and corpse water is 100 drops each.

   One hundred drops sounds like a lot, but its actually just a small bottle.

  Two is two vials.

  Xia Wuji thought it wouldn ’t cost much.

   I didnt expect that a drop of this corpse water would cost 10 taels of silver, and a hundred drops would be 1,000 taels!

   And the soul-broken grass is even more outrageous, it actually requires ten spirit stones.

   We know from the memory of the predecessor that a piece of spiritual stone is worth at least five hundred taels of silver, and ten pieces are equivalent to five thousand taels of silver.

   In other words, he would need to spend a total of 6,000 taels of silver for the two.

   This is not even ghost blood. If there is ghost blood, according to the difficulty of obtaining it according to Du Ming, the price may rise to the sky.

   Really TM black!

  Xia Wuji was very suspicious of whether this Du Ming was deliberately trying to trick him.

   Ordinarily, this possibility is not too big. After all, in addition to the Wanxiang Building, there are also two Wanfu Buildings and Tianxiabao Buildings on this street.

  Du Ming did not dare to smash the signboard of the Vientiane Tower.

   Unless these two things are very rare, not even the Wanfu Building and the World Treasure Building, then it would be impossible for him to discuss.

   But there is nothing he can do, he is bound to get these things.

   is really poor and rich in martial arts.

  Xia Wuji sighed in his heart.

   This is just the beginning of cultivation, and the money is like flowing water. If I dont know how much it will cost in the future.

   He scolded Wanxianglou for being black in his heart, but his face remained unchanged and he still smiled.

   ”On these two things, it ’s really a lot of money. ” Xia Wuji smiled and said, ”I wonder if Deacon Du can get a discount? ”

   ”Haha, of course you can. ” Du Ming smiled, ”Young Master Xia has always been a regular customer of this building. ”

   ”These things are not easy to store, and they are scarce, so they didn ’t count as high prices for you, so let ’s give you a 20% discount, what do you think? ”

  Xia Wuji glanced at him calmly.

  According to memory, when the predecessor came to buy medicinal materials, he didn ’t need to say anything, and Du Ming would give him a 5% discount.

   But now he asked for a discount, this guy actually gave him a 22% discount.

   How can this guy change so much?

   But compared to condensing the ghost king clone, he wouldn ’t care about this guy for the more than 100 taels of silver.

   ”How about exchanging spirit stones into banknotes? ”

  Xia Wuji said.

  Spiritual stones can help him cultivate, but silver cannot.

   Therefore, if he could not use the spirit stone, he would try his best not to use the spirit stone.

   ”Yes, according to the market price, five hundred taels can be exchanged for a low-grade spirit stone. ”

   Du Ming said.

  Xia Wuji nodded, ”Yes. ”

  Du Ming smiled and said, ”Master Xia is still so refreshing. ”

   then turned around and walked into the interior of the room, and came out again after a while.

   He holds a wooden box and a porcelain bottle in his hand.

  Two talismans are attached to the wooden box and the porcelain vase.

   ”Want to open it and take a look? ”

   Du Ming asked.

”want. ”

  Xia Wuji said without hesitation.

  Two items are worth six thousand taels of silver, which is not a small sum.

  If this guy didn ’t give him what he needed, wouldn ’t he have lost a lot of money.

   Ordering goods in person is not a villain, it is good for both parties.

  Du Ming nodded.

   Immediately in front of Xia Wuji, he opened the talisman and carefully opened the wooden box.

   A cold and evil aura suddenly poured out from the wooden box, and a black grass with six leaves lay in it, exuding a cold aura.

  I dont know if it was intentional or not, but the direction the wooden box opened happened to be Xia Wuji.

   As soon as the wooden box was opened, Xia Wuji was the first to bear the brunt, and a cold and evil aura rushed toward him.

  Du Ming stared at Xia Wuji.

   But he saw that Xia Wuji ’s complexion hardly changed at all. He first glanced at it lightly, and then he even stretched out his hand as if he wanted to touch the Soul Broken Grass.

   But when his hand just touched the wooden box, he stopped for a while, and then closed the wooden box.

   ”This soul-broken grass is real. ”

  Xia Wuji said.

   He is alright!

  Du Ming was shocked.

   You must know that from the very beginning, he told Xia Wuji that these things are the most yin and evil things, but he did not tell Xia Wuji that these things are actually impossible for ordinary people to touch, not even their breath.

  Otherwise, the light ones will be in a trance, and the serious ones will be seriously ill and even go crazy.

   Even he, a cultivator of the fifth level of Qi Realm, would not dare to be so supportive and face these evil things without covering up, let alone put his hands close to the Soul Broken Grass.

   And just now he deliberately opened the wooden box in front of Xia Wuji, the purpose was to try Xia Wuji.

  He, a martial artist who practices martial arts, how to deal with this evil atmosphere.

   I didn ’t expect the cold and evil aura to hit Xia Wuji ’s face directly.

   This kid, there is a problem!

   It can be seen that he has treasures on his body to resist evil ghosts!

  Xia Chenxiao has really accumulated a lot of good things over the years!

   Du Ming secretly said.

   (end of this chapter)

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