Invincible Starts From One Punch Martial Arts

Chapter 3: The role of avatars

   Chapter 2 Ghost King Clone

   Qingxuan Mountain.

   Here is the Qingxuan Pavilion of the Xiuxian sect.

  In the secret room of the back mountain, Taoist Yuyuan, who was cultivating, was suddenly shocked, and he spit out a black breath, and his expression became sluggish in an instant.

   His eyes were cloudy and uncertain.

   ”Who broke my Immortal Gu? ”

The    Immortal Gu is a secret technique he obtained from a ruin decades ago, which can nourish the Jade Soul Blood Dragon by extracting the essence, energy and spirit of the person being raised.

   In the end, he can break through the realm by fusing the Jade Soul and Blood Dragon and step into the Golden Elixir Avenue.

   With his current soul power, he can breed up to three Immortal Gus.

   Immortal Gu is connected to his soul, and everything is lost.

   Unexpectedly, one of the Immortal Gus was broken, causing his Soul Realm at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm to drop.

   It will take at least three years to recover.

   But there are spiritual medicines and treasures that can be recovered as soon as possible.

   Daoist Yuyuan took out a dark elixir with some pain.

  Three-grade soul nourishing pill, nourishing the soul.

   ”I want to see who broke the Daoist ’s Immortal Gu! ”

   Daoist Master Yuyuan had a ruthless look in his eyes.

   opened his mouth and swallowed the soul-raising pill, and immediately entered into cultivation.


   At this moment, Xia Wuji ’s eyes turned dark, and he suddenly entered a space filled with black mist.

  With his arrival, the black mist spread out, revealing a gray cylindrical space with a diameter of about twenty meters and a height of about twenty-five or six meters.

  The ground is black, with a thin black mist flowing slowly.

  In the middle of the space, a black square cauldron stands in it, about three meters high, without ears or legs, just inlaid on the ground.

   In fact, such a thing has nothing to do with Ding and looks more like a sink.

   But in the message to Xia Wuji, it was a tripod.

  Xia Wuji didn ’t care either, since it was a tripod, it was a tripod, just a name.

   In the black cauldron, the blood dragon jade has turned into a mass of blood-colored gas and churned in it, like a blood-colored giant dragon.

  There are nine huge gray portals about ten meters high and five meters wide around the space. There is a black mist between the portals and they are not connected to each other.

What is this place?

  Xia Wuji was startled.

   Looking at the earless cauldron, he wanted to step forward to touch it, but was blocked by an invisible force and could not reach it.

   He can only stand in the same small square inch.

   At this moment, one of the nine portals suddenly lit up, and the gray turned white. Immediately afterward, the other portals also lit up. The nine portals kept flashing and disappearing.

   Finally stopped at one portal, and the other portals returned to gray.

  Xia Wuji vaguely heard a shrill scream.

   He blinked, looking stunned.

   What is this for?


  However, what happened to that vague scream?

   As a portal lit up, a message appeared in his mind.

   ”Soul splitting technique? Ghost king clone? ”

  Xia Wuji was stunned.

   was overjoyed immediately.

   ”It turned out to be a ghost king clone! ”

  According to memory, the legendary powerful ghost king could not even compete with the ancestors of the Golden Core Realm.

   ”I ’m going! Developed! ”

   With the ghost king clone, even the weakest ghost king can walk sideways in Blue Moon City, and even in the entire Fengyuan County, no one dares to offend him at will.

   The next moment, a detailed information about the clone entered his mind.

   After learning the information, Xia Wuji ’s joyous expression suddenly solidified.

  According to the information, the ghost king is currently unable to fight and can only be used to intimidate, that is, to scare people.

   The dignified ghost king clone, the ability is only to intimidate?

   ”Terrorize a ghost, I only believe in fists! ”

  Xia Wuji looked depressed.

   However, it is mentioned in the last comment that the ghost king can enter the ghost world after the ghost body growth period is over.

   As for what to do after entering the ghost world, there is no hint above.

   At this moment, the blood-colored dragon in the black cauldron was rapidly turning into a cyan airflow.

  Xia Wuji ’s eyes suddenly appeared a few lines of text.

  【Gong Method: Dragon Tiger Gong】

  [Realm: Qi and Blood Realm Triple Heaven (can be upgraded)]

  【Martial Skill: Tiger Fist】

  [Status: The first layer (can be upgraded)]

  【Sword Technique: Tiger Sword Technique】

  [Status: The first layer (can be upgraded)]

  [The first clone: ​​Ghost King (ghost body is not condensed. After condensing, it can form ghost realm)]

  【Materials required for cohesion: ghost blood, corpse water, broken soul grass】

  【Ability: Intimidate (pull the opponent into the ghost realm, forming a mental threat; if it is a ghost or a grievance, it will be swallowed directly by the ghost king, increasing the ghost king ’s Taoism); after the ghost body growth period is over, you can enter the ghost realm. 】

   Looking at this row of subtitles, Xia Wuji breathed a sigh of relief.

   A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

   ”I ’ll just say, as a traveler, how could there be no golden fingers. ”

   A few lines at a glance. After reading it carefully, Xia Wuji was very satisfied with this panel prompt.

   then fixed his gaze on the realm.

The realm of    is the most important thing for any cultivator.

   Xia Wuji was very familiar with the Dragon Tiger Gong, which he practiced for eight years.

  Cultivation of Qi and Blood Realm is mainly about standing on the Dragon and Tiger Pile.

The specific way of standing is: keep your back straight, your legs are together and bent, the momentum is like a dragon and a tiger, the hands are placed between the waist and the kidneys, the inhale is like a dragon, the exhale is like a tiger, and the chest rises and falls according to the frequency unique to the dragon and tiger gong. , activate the whole body qi and blood.

   This is the specific posture of the dragon and tiger piles.

   But now for Xia Wuji, it is not necessary.

   reached out his hand and clicked the ”promotable ” behind the realm.

   The cultivation base that had been silent for three years suddenly broke through.

   In an instant, a majestic force of qi and blood emerged in the body, and the muscles also increased.

   The Fourth Heaven of Qi and Blood Realm!

   The cyan airflow in the black cauldron was immediately less, but there was still a lot.

”I see! ”

  Xia Wuji ’s eyes lit up.

   then started to click continuously.

   elevate, elevate, elevate, elevate…

   Qi and blood realm fifth heaven… sixth heaven… seventh heaven… eighth heaven… ninth heaven!

   The muscles of the whole body are stronger, and even the head has grown a little bit, becoming stronger.

   A majestic force of qi and blood rampaged in the body, and the strength skyrocketed.

   It took his predecessor eight years to cultivate to the third level of qi and blood, and in just a short time, he went from the third level of qi and blood to the ninth level of qi and blood.

   This kind of cultivation feeling that is soaring without any bottlenecks is really fascinated!

   Next is the Bone Tempering Realm.

   Just as he was about to upgrade again, he found that the ”promotable ” behind Jiuzhongtian had disappeared.

   Cant improve?

  Xia Wuji was slightly taken aback.

   recalled ”Dragon Tiger Gong ” and then suddenly realized.

  According to the introduction in ”Dragon Tiger Art ”, the cultivation base must settle for a period of time to reach the ninth level of Qi and Blood Realm.

  Only when the qi and blood in the body reaches the movement of one thought and the breath of one thought, can it break through to the next realm – the bone-quenching realm, otherwise, it is easy to damage the root when the muscles and bones are tempered under the churning of qi and blood.

   Now he has made breakthroughs one after another, his qi and blood are churning, and he is still far from the state of moving and resting with a single thought.

  Since the realm is not to be improved for the time being, then the martial arts should be improved, and there is still some cyan airflow in the black cauldron.

   At this time, he discovered that the martial arts and swordsmanship turned out to be the same moves, ”Tiger Goes Down the Mountain ” and ”Tiger Swings Tail ”, but the method of making moves was different, one using fists and the other using knives.

   The two exercises are the same. The advantage is that one has been practiced, the other is easy to learn, and it is easier to learn fine.

The disadvantage of    is that the exercises are monotonous and do not change much.

   But for Xia Wuji, it doesn ’t matter if it ’s monotonous or not, it doesn ’t matter if there are too many changes, as long as he is powerful enough at this stage.

   As the saying goes: Soldiers are fine but not many.

   is preparing to improve Tiger Fist…

   ”Tuk Tuk Tuk. ”

  Some hurried knocks on the door woke him up, and he immediately retreated from this space.

   ”Who? ”

   ”Master, it ’s me. ”

   said the person outside the door.

   Xia Wuji, who had merged the memory of his predecessor, immediately heard that it was Xia Hu.

  Xia Hu is one year younger than him. He is seventeen years old this year. He practices martial arts like him. Now that he has reached the fifth level of the Bone Tempering Realm, he is much stronger than his young master.

   But this is only temporary.

   There is still a lot of cyan airflow in the black cauldron, and it is a matter of minutes to use it to improve all the cultivation bases, surpassing Xia Hu.

   In the middle of the night, what is the big tiger doing at this time?

  Xia Wuji turned to look at the window, and found that a ray of sunlight was streaming into the room through the same dark red window lattice.

   makes the room much brighter than before.

   Only then did he realize that it was already dawn.

”What ’s up? ”

  Xia Wuji frowned slightly.

   Anyway, disturbing him to improve his cultivation made him a little unhappy.

   ”Master, I ’m afraid my sister will die. ”

  Xia Hu said in a hurried tone outside.


   Xiao Qiuyue is going to die?

  Xia Wuji immediately flashed Xiao Qiuyue ’s beautiful face with big eyes and bright eyes.

   ”You go first, I ’ll come right away! ”

   he said immediately.

   ”Yes, Master. ”

  Ta Ta Ta… The sound of footsteps hurried away.

  Xia Wuji immediately dressed, then opened the door and rushed out.

   (end of this chapter)

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