Invincible Starts From One Punch Martial Arts

Chapter 7: Vientiane Building (2)

   Chapter 6 Vientiane Tower (1)

   The essence of ”Tiger Sabre Technique ” kept flowing in his mind, Xia Wuji felt like he had practiced for many years in ”Tiger Fist ” and ”Tiger Saber Technique ”, one punch and one knife, unstoppable, and the tiger ’s might was astonishing.

The    green energy is constantly decreasing, but because the Tiger Fist and Tiger Sword are similar, the consumption is much less than the previous upgrade of the Tiger Fist.

   In the blink of an eye, the Tiger Sword Technique has also been upgraded to ”Tiger Mighty Killing ”, and the word upgrade has also disappeared.

  【Gong Method: Dragon Tiger Gong】

  【Realm: Qi and Blood Realm Jiuzhongtian】

  【Martial Skill: Tiger Fist】

  【Status: Fifth Floor (Tiger Might Kill)】

  【Sword Technique: Tiger Sword Technique】

  【Status: Fifth Floor (Tiger Might Kill)】

   This wave of ascension ends.

   There is still a small amount of cyan airflow left, less than one-tenth of the original.

   His eyes were on the clone information.

  [First clone: ​​Ghost King (not condensed. Can form ghosts after condensing)]

  【Materials required for cohesion: ghost blood, corpse water, broken soul grass】

  【Ability: Intimidate (pull the opponent into a ghost, forming a spiritual threat; if it is a ghost or a grievance, it will be directly swallowed by the ghost king, increasing the ghost king ’s Taoism); after the ghost body growth period is over, you can enter the ghost world. 】

   ”The Blue Moon City is not very peaceful during this time, this ghost king clone should get it out as soon as possible… ”

  Xia Wuji thought to himself.

  Although the ghost king has not been completely condensed, he has already seen the role of the ghost king.

   Originally thought that the ghost king, who only has the ability to intimidate, has a general effect, or even nothing.

   But after what happened to Qiuyue, he has confirmed that the ghost king clone has a strong lethal power to ghosts.

   In addition, ”intimidation ” is not necessarily a general effect.

  For example, he was fighting with the enemy, and he suddenly released the ghost king to startle the enemy and confuse the enemy ’s mind. Maybe he could seize the opportunity to kill the enemy in one fell swoop.

   For another example, if the enemy ’s strength is too strong, if he loses, he releases the ghost king, and the enemy is afraid, maybe the opponent will flee without fighting.

   Besides, Lanyue City was often haunted during this time, and creating a ghost king clone might have a great effect.

   However, this ghost king awakening material gave him some headaches.

   Yin Corpse Water and Broken Soul Grass can still be found in Fang City, but this ghost blood is hard to find.

   The question is, do ghosts have blood?

  Xia Wuji touched his chin and thought to himself.

  Although he saw blood on the ghost ’s face, he clearly remembered that after he punched the female ghost ’s head, the female ghost ’s head just turned into black smoke, and there was no ghost blood.

   After thinking for a long time without any results, he was going to go to Vientiane Tower to ask questions after breakfast.

   In terms of materials, Vientiane Building is the most complete.

   went back to the house and tidied up the house briefly.

   Qiuyue is ill, so I can only do the housework by myself.

   After finishing packing, Xia Wuji went to the restaurant. At this time, Xia Hu had already prepared breakfast and was cooking porridge for Qiuyue.

   After breakfast, Xia Wuji went out.

   It is the turn of spring and summer, and the dawn is early.

  Although the sun has just risen at this moment, the vendors who are living for a living have come out early, and the streets are quite lively at this time.

   There are street stalls and breakfast sellers, and the shouts are one after another.

   Cloth stores, clothing stores, grain and oil stores, and stores related to people ’s lives all opened their doors early, and even some medicine and weapon stores opened their doors.

   Wearing a black shirt, Xia Wuji walked leisurely on the bluestone-paved street, watching this lively different world with no electricity and no internet, breathing the refreshing fresh air, and a burst of peace of mind for no reason.

  The air is fresh and there is no pollution at all. Taking a sip can make people feel at ease. The food is pollution-free, pure green products, and there are many elixir and elixir to prolong life.

   If it weren ’t for the haunted Blue Moon City, he felt that this world was simply the best place to recuperate.

   This street is called Fenghui Street, turn left, it is Fairy Street where his Xia family has 26 facades.

  Fairy Street is a prosperous place, but when it is bustling, it is more at noon and evening. There are many restaurants on the entire street of Fairy Street, various shops are full of dazzling goods, and there are also three brothels.

  At night, the whole street is crowded and bustling. The smell of rouge, wine, and sweat mixed together.

  Xia Wuji did not go to Fairy Street, but turned to Vientiane Street to the right.

  The Vientiane Building, which is spread all over the Great Chu Kingdom, is located on this street.

The original name of this street was Ye Tian Street. Back then, the Ye family, the largest family in Blue Moon City, was located on this street. Later, the Ye family disappeared. In the end, this street was squatted by Wanxiang Building and was named Wanxiang Street. .

   Compared with the bustling Fenghui Street, Vientiane Street is a bit deserted, there are not many people, but everyone walking on Vientiane Street has a deep breath, and you can even see cultivators passing by occasionally.

   Compared with martial artists, immortal cultivators are easy to recognize, and they have a dusty aura on their bodies. In layman ’s terms, it is fairy spirit.

   At the same time, immortal cultivators often have an aloof indifference on their faces. In their words, it is a fresh indifference to the mundane world, and it is an inevitable attitude that cultivators ask.

   In fact, everyone understands that, to put it bluntly, they look down on people.

   Regardless of his strength, immortal cultivators despise martial arts, and even more despise ordinary people.

   After all, everyone is not on the same level.

  Xia Wuji is just a warrior of the 9th Heaven of Qi and Blood Realm, not even a warrior. Walking on Vientiane Street, no one gave him a second glance.

  Vientiane Tower is at the end of Vientiane Street.

   Of course, there are more than one comprehensive merchants selling various materials in Vientiane Street like Vientiane Building. In addition to Vientiane Building, there are also two comprehensive merchant branches, Wanfu Building and Tianxiabaolou.

   Its just that the Wanxiang Building occupies a larger area in Blue Moon City and has more complete varieties, so it is relatively more famous.

   At this time, the Wanfu Building and the World Treasure Building have not yet opened.

   Following his memory, Xia Wuji quickly came to the door of the Wanxiang Building.

  Vientiane Tower just opened.

   A young servant at the door saw him and greeted him warmly.

   ”Master Xia, good morning. ”

   Xia Wuji was a frequent visitor here before, so the little servant knew him.

  Xia Wuji smiled and nodded, ”Morning. ”

   then walked over with Shi Shiran carrying both hands.

   ”Master Xia, what are you going to buy today? Or just take a look? ”

   The boy asked politely with his fists folded.

   As the door opened early in the morning, the servant had to tidy up the decorations in the hall, and the hall had to be cleaned.

   So if Xia Wuji is just wandering around, he doesn ’t need company.

   ”I need some materials. ”

  Xia Wuji said straight to the point.

   Hearing that he was going to buy something, the little servant ’s face suddenly showed joy.

   When guests buy things, the servants who receive them get a commission. Everyone knows this.

   ”No wonder I dreamed of the arrival of nobles last night. It turns out that Master Xia is today ’s noble. ”

   The little servant smiled happily and bowed.

   (end of this chapter)

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