The day after giving a room to the Grand Duke.

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As soon as the sun came up, I got out of bed and packed my things.
In fact, it wasn’t that much.
It was just a few clothes.

‘Of course, I don’t need ornaments.’

There’s no need to look good in the Capital.

I have to finish proving that I’m not a saint and come back soon.

Thinking like this, I really had nothing else to pack.

“…You’re up.”

I sighed at the sight of Grand Duke Hamilton leaning against the door.

“There is still time before departure, so would you like to have breakfast?”


“I made it myself, so you just have to eat it.”


I frowned and pondered at what the Grand Duke had said.

So right now… Are you telling me to just eat the food you prepared?

No, what’s even weirder is that Grand Duke Hamilton prepared it himself.

“You have to eat it before it gets cold, so hurry up and come out.”

“Oh… Yes…”

I couldn’t easily shake off my doubts and headed to the dining room after the Grand Duke.

And as soon as I entered the dining room, I couldn’t help but be surprised once more.

On the table, a delicious breakfast was neatly prepared.
I asked the Grand Duke to confirm.

“This… was set up by the Grand Duke…?”

“Of course.
Is there anyone else here who can make it besides me?”

“There isn’t.”

Did that guy really cook this himself? It’s kinda hard to believe.

Well, I doubt it, but since the Grand Duke got up early in the morning and prepared it for me, I should eat it.

As I sat down on the chair, the Grand Duke poured water into the glass beside me.

I can’t believe that the Grand Duke is the first one who served me ever since I was excommunicated.
I wonder if there is anything more ironic than this.

I picked up a fork and knife and burst a properly cooked poached egg.
The glossy yolk flowed down the bread.

Forgetting my reluctance at the appearance of stimulating appetite, I took a fork into my mouth.


I couldn’t help but exclaim at the luxurious flavor that spread in my mouth.

“Does it suit your taste?”

“…to the point I’m surprised.”

“I’m flattered.”

The Grand Duke sat across from me with a satisfied smile.

How did I end up having breakfast with this guy?

The situation was still strange, but the food he prepared was delicious.

Did the nobles started to learn cooking as part of their culture while I was away?

“Are you finished eating?”

“… Yes, thank you.
You are really good at cooking.”

“It’s my hobby.
There’s still some time to eat dessert.”

At those words, I had no choice but to laugh.

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Cooking and ‘that’ Grand Duke Hamilton.

What kind of combination is this?

When did you prepare the dessert?

As I stared at the Grand Duke’s broad back in bewilderment, before I knew it, a dessert was laid out in front of me.

“This…When did you prepare this?”

“I just made breakfast and had time to make it with leftover ingredients.”

Let’s just give up thinking.
Just thinking about it makes my head complicated.

I put my mind at ease and just ate Grand Duke Hamilton’s dessert with pleasure.

When was the last time I had such a fruitful breakfast?

When I checked the clock while rubbing my stomach satisfactorily, I saw an hour hand pointing to the number 10.

‘We were supposed to leave around lunchtime.’

There’s still plenty of time.
I’ll have to do some tinkering with the garden in case I’ll be away for a long time.

When I got up, the Grand Duke glanced at me and looked down again and put the dishes away.

Should I help him?

“Go rest.”

Perhaps he had read my thoughts, the Grand Duke spoke first.

It was uncomfortable to lend my kitchen to someone I didn’t know well, but it was more awkward and uncomfortable to be with him just to help him.

After a short hesitation, I nodded and went straight out to the garden.

How long will I be away?

Is it about two weeks at the most?

I got fertilizer from the warehouse and put them in a flowerpot.
The plants in the garden will probably be taken care of by Emily.

I should buy a gift for Emily, who will suffer.

Since she is a cute and naïve girl who admires the splendid life of the system, would a sophisticated colorful doll be good?

“I should at least leave a message.”

“To whom?”


Suddenly, I heard a voice behind my back and almost bit my tongue.

I clenched my teeth and turned my head to look at the Grand Duke.

Why on earth is this man approaching without a sign?

Apart from his handsome face like a sculpture, he is a man who is harmful to my heart.

“You’re here.”

“No, someone came so suddenly-”


I heard a familiar voice, a voice that does not belong to Grand Duke Hamilton called my name.

My expression hardened as I looked at the direction in which the voice came.
My ex-fiancé Izar was standing there.
Why does he keep showing up? It was so unpleasant.
Besides, I clearly told him that he didn’t have to pick me up.

Izar shamelessly spoke to me in a soft voice.

I’m here to pick you up.”

“Really? Didn’t I tell you not to pick me up.
I can go on my own.”

As soon as he heard my stinging remark, he had a puzzled look on his face but soon he said he was worried about me.

“I came because I was worried about you.”

“You’re worried….
Then I will tell you that it was a useless worry.”

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“We’re not close enough to call each other by nicknames, are we?”

For a moment, Izar’s eyes became sharp.
I said with a smirk when Izar’s true face was finally revealed.

“And since the Grand Duke is here, you don’t have to worry that I won’t go.”

At my words, Izar found the Grand Duke belatedly and put on a bewildered expression on his face.

“… Your Excellency the Grand Duke is here.”

Thankfully, I was taken care of for one night.”

“……I see.”

Izar shut his mouth in shock.
Seeing this, the Grand Duke gave him a brief click on his tongue.

“I’ll take the saint candidate, so you can go down and help prepare for departure.”


“Are you disobeying orders now?”

At the low voice of the Grand Duke, Izar quickly straightened his back and shouted.

“No! I’ll go down first and get ready!”

Izar glanced at me once, and then he immediately turned her back and went down the mountain.

It looked like a dog that had lost a fight, so I laughed.

“We’ll have to leave soon.
Come to think of it, didn’t you say you have a message to leave behind?”

At the question of the Grand Duke, I nodded.

“Then hurry up and leave.”

Please wait a moment.”

I went straight into the house and took out a note from the desk drawer.

I left a message for Emily who would later come to this house.

“Are you done?”


After checking the contents once again, I headed to the dining room with paper.

Then I placed the paper on the table where Emily would see the most.

The Grand Duke, who was quietly watching my move, put a vase over the note.

“Because it might fly away.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.
Let’s go.”

The luggage I packed was in the hands of the Grand Duke.

He was a strange man with a friendly side.

I swallowed my laughter and left the mansion with the Grand Duke.

“When we go to the capital, do I ride a carriage alone?”

A knight that will escort you will ride with you in case an unexpected situation happens.”

“I see…”

Do I have to ride with Izar?

I think he would try to ride the same carriage as me.

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I went down the mountain, praying to myself that Izar and I would not be left alone.




As we went down the mountain and got on the carriage, a loud voice resounded from afar.

I opened my eyes wide at the welcome voice and looked towards the direction the voice was coming from.
I told her not to run, but Emily was running toward me.

“Hold on! Hold on! Please wait! You can’t go yet!”

I think she’s going to fall down..

As soon as I thought of that, little Emily’s body fell down in an instant.

I immediately approached Emily who rolled on the muddy ground.


“Ugh… ”

“Doctor… Did you bring a doctor?”

“Please wait a moment.
There’s a Doctor that came with us.”

While the knight was picking up the doctor, I sighed and looked at Emily’s knee, which had red blood flowing.

“That’s why I told you not to run.”

“I, I’m sorry… I wanted to give this to you….”

Only then did I see a white frog doll in Emily’s hand.

The frog doll, which had just fallen and rolled on the floor with Emily, got dirt all over it.

I carefully received the frog doll from Emily.

Looking closely, it was not a frog, but a strange animal that was a mixture of a frog and a bear.

Seeing that there are also wings on the back, maybe… I thought it was a fairy.

“This is…”


“it’s … It’s a Pepe doll, they said it brings good luck….”

“You ran so hard to give this to me.”

Emily nodded, holding back her tears.

Now that I see, Emily’s hand was full of needle piercings in addition to the wounds from the fall.

I was speechless and stared blankly at Emily.
My heart warmed up on its own.
It is an emotion that I have not felt while living with my new family after possessing this body.

“Please take it.”


“And you must come back early!”

I promise.”

Emily held out her pinky finger.
I stared at the tiny hand for a moment, then put my pinky finger on it.

“I brought a Doctor.”

“Please treat this child.”

At that moment, there was a reluctance in the face of the doctor who saw Emily’s dirty appearance.
Is he reluctant to treat a commoner child, also a child covered in dirt? That may be the case because he has mainly treated aristocrats.

However, the Doctor, who couldn’t win my strong gaze, treated Emily with an expression that he couldn’t help it.

I only got on the carriage after watching the process to the end.

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“You have to come back soon!”

Didn’t I promise you that.
I’ll be back soon.”


Emily was dragged by her mother as soon as she found her.

I turned my head after looking at Emily’s back, who was struggling to walk.

“Let’s get going.”

When I said that, the door of the carriage , which was firmly shut, opened.

Come to think of it, I was told that I had to ride a carriage with a knight to escort me.

I hope you’re a quiet person.
I hate loud people.


But God did not side with me again this time.

“Sir Izar”

“Izar is enough.
Like always.”

At those words, the corners of her lips rose slightly.

What do you mean, “Like always.”

At those words, goosebumps rose on her forearm.

Really, if this person wasn’t a nobleman, I would slap his cheeks coldly.

I should have slapped Izar in the face before I was excommunicated.

I clenched my teeth and told him to just ignore each other with all the patience I have.

Like always.
Please stop paying attention to me.
We’re just going to tire each other out.”

Izar’s face, who had maintained a friendly expression, turned cold for a moment.

That expression looks good on you.

I turned my gaze away as I felt the temperature of my fingertips drop coldly.

“Don’t say things like that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not like you…… don’t be cold-hearted.”

I can’t.
I couldn’t be with this guy any longer

I opened a window connected to the horseman’s side and told him to stop the carriage.

“Stop for a moment.”

Keep running.”

The horseman asked back with a confused face at the conflicting orders.


“I told you to stop.”

Keep running.
It’s dangerous to stop a carriage on a mountain path”

Izar looked straight at me as if giving me a warning like If you stop the carriage now, other people will be harmed because of you.

I laughed out loud at this way of speaking.

I couldn’t help but lean my back against the chair while clenching my fist.

The coachman eventually listened to Izar and the carriage went on its way as if nothing had happened.

T/N: Sorry for the messy translation, this novel is kinda hard to translate and quite confusing too.

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