“Open open!”

This was just the beginning.
Since the penalty of playing dice was to drink, there were always people who drank more or drank less.

Once the game was over, the young people could speak freely.

“Speaking of investment, Xiao Zhao is doing business with Brother Xingfeng.
Don’t forget to share it with your brothers when you make money.”

Qin Xingfeng told them, “If I have a good project then I will definitely tell you.”

“My old man has been investing in medical care recently and he said that the prospects are good.”

“Isn’t it said that our city wants to build a new district?”

Qin Xingfeng had just finished his fourth full cup when his gaze shifted in Chen Qizhao’s direction.

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The boy in the black coat had his fair skin exposed.
His expression didn’t change while the hand holding the dice cup was shaking gently.
The glass of wine in front of him seemed like it hadn’t moved.

Chen Qizhao noticed Qin Xingfeng’s gaze and smiled.
“Speaking of which, Chen Shiming has recently been looking at a project of C City.”

“A C City project? Xiao Zhao, tell us about it.”

“How can I know about this? He talked about it with the old man and I’m the most annoyed by this.” Chen Qizhao’s tone remained unchanged and he seemed like he wasn’t interested in these words.
“Whose turn is it?”

Yan Kailin answered, “What are you talking about while drinking? Xiao Jie, it is your turn.”

Qin Xingfeng squeezed the wine glass and the tipsy feeling gradually rose.
He was already a bit drunk within half an hour.

“Where is Brother Xingfeng?”

“I’m going to the bathroom.
You guys continue.” Qin Xingfeng stood up.

It had been a long time since he had drunk so much.
Qin Xingfeng had never been so passive.
He knew what would happen when Cheng Rong’s people drank like crazy.
Therefore, every time he came to a drinking party, he would drink less.
However, Yan Kailin was an accident.
He hadn’t been in contact with Yan Kailin before.
The little prince of the Yan family didn’t play cards according to common sense.
He talked and acted domineeringly and didn’t give anyone face except for Chen Qizhao.

Yan Kailin seemed to notice him and filled him up with alcohol straight away.

They were obviously the same age but Yan Kailin was more difficult to deal with than Chen Qizhao.
Qin Xingfeng had never met such an unreasonable person before.
This person could play and the amount of alcohol his body could tolerate wasn’t low.
Qin Xingfeng couldn’t offend the Yan family for the time being and he could only drink hard.

The bathroom was obviously a lot cooler.
Qin Xingfeng washed his face in front of the washstand and his dazed brain became slightly more awake.

“Brother Xingfeng is a good drinker.”

A voice was suddenly heard next to him.
Qin Xingfeng turned his head and found that Chen Qizhao had been standing next to him at some point.

Qin Xingfeng wondered, “You… why are you here?”

“Isn’t it normal for me to be here?” Chen Qizhao opened the tap of the sink.
“Brother Xingfeng, I read the project documents.
It just so happens that a friend has some connections in this regard so I asked him about it.
Ruizhen Electronics is currently gaining momentum but the market in S City and the surrounding areas has basically been divided up already.”

Qin Xingfeng saw him talking about the project and spoke to divert his attention.
“Are you worried about not being able to seize the market?”

Chen Qizhao glanced sideways at him and every word carried a deep meaning.
“The project is good but Ruizhen Electronics is cutting-edge in electronics.
This isn’t my family’s main business.
My friend said it isn’t easy to push in the later stage and it is difficult to get ahead.”

Qin Xingfeng told him, “You don’t have to worry about this.
Ruizhen Electronics has its own way and connections.
You don’t have to worry about market problems.”

“The one doing this isn’t the Sheng family right?” Chen Qizhao asked casually.
“My father had a bit of a problem with the Sheng family.
I am worried he won’t give me any money for this matter.”

“That’s definitely not…” Qin Xingfeng spoke halfway when he suddenly realized something.

“What won’t?” Chen Qizhao still had the humbly asking voice but his tone had less fluctuations.

“…Don’t worry, there definitely isn’t a problem with this.” Qin Xingfeng looked at Chen Qizhao while feeling strange in his heart.
It was just that his drunken brain made him temporarily lose his judgment ability.
He had given up on the purpose of coming here and his inexplicable sixth sense told him that it was the best choice to leave.
He said, “I will go back first.
We will talk about the contract another day.”

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“What do you think about tomorrow?” Chen Qizhao smiled.
“Call your friend and I’ll call a lawyer.
Shall we sign the contract?”

This was obviously the result that Qin Xingfeng wanted for a long time, but somehow, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

He said, “Okay, wait for tomorrow to make an appointment.”

He left the bathroom as soon as he finished.

Chen Qizhao stood still while looking in the mirror at Qin Xingfeng’s figure fleeing into the wilderness.
The smile from just now disappeared and only darkness remained in his eyes.

He washed his hands slowly and methodically.
Then he threw the two dice from his sleeves into the trash can on the side.

At this time, another figure entered the mirror.

Yan Kailin walked in and saw Chen Qizhao standing in front of the sink and washing his hands.
He said, “Brother, wait for me.
I will release some water and go.”

Chen Qizhao was puzzled.
“…Do you need someone to accompany you in the bathroom?”

Yan Kailin had already walked into a compartment.
“Isn’t this natural? We haven’t been together for a long time.
I sent you a message before returning to China but you didn’t reply to me.
I also asked people if you changed your VX account.”

“In addition, what happened to your mobile phone being blocked by your brother? They kept telling me they were blocked by you but I didn’t believe it.”

Chen Qizhao, “……”

He did block it.

Soon, Yan Kailin came out of the compartment and washed his hands.
“The moment you left, Cheng Rong called someone over and asked me if I liked older or younger people.
It was a foul atmosphere so I came out to catch my breath.”

Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow slightly, “You don’t like it?”

“My father would come back from abroad and take me away if he found out.
It is okay to drink some wine, but I can’t play too big.
Not to mention, I am now under someone’s control…” Yan Kailin didn’t finish his words and asked, “No, Brother, do you like older ones?”

Chen Qizhao wasn’t interested in discussing emotional issues with a child.
“Let’s go.”

“Wait for me.” Yan Kailin randomly splashed some water on his face.

The corner of the bathroom was dim with orange lights hanging from the ceiling.

Chen Qizhao had just turned the corner when he bumped into a person head-on.
He stopped and tried to avoid the approaching person.
Suddenly, a huge force came from behind him.
Yan Kailin was a bit reckless when he was drinking and couldn’t stop.
He directly knocked Chen Qizhao forward.

“Brother Zhao!” Yan Kailin exclaimed.
Then the moment he looked up, he saw the person who came.
He immediately stopped and stood there at a loss, calling out to the person who came.
“Brother Huai.”

Chen Qizhao bumped into the chest of the person who came and his nose became sore.

He raised his head when he heard Yan Kailin’s voice but a hand held his wrist in advance.

Shen Yuhuai supported this person and his voice was calm.
“Can you stand?”

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