Now, under the cherry blossom trees, there are only Kim Jae and Kenkyo. There was no awkward atmosphere between them. Kenkyos easy-going attitude makes Kim Jae comfortable around her. Especially when Kim Jae is in badass mode like this. It is certain that all womens eyes will be focused on enjoying the handsome curves of his face.

Moreover, Kenkyos taste is indeed a sugar daddy in Kim Jaes class. All of this makes it easier for Kim Jae to approach the woman who has ruined his sons future.

The two of them were still sitting on the mats looking up, letting the cherry blossoms fall on their faces. Kim Jae accidentally grabbed Kenkyos hand and held it. Kenkyo did not protest, it was a sign that the woman also gave Kim Jae access to make direct contact.

Suddenly there were five big tall men who were already behind them. They pointed a knife right at Kim Jae and Kenkyos kidney area.

”Hurry and follow us! ” whispered one of the men. They don want the people around them to know about their actions.


Kim Jae and Kenkyo still didn move. The five bandits were still right behind them. The slightest they moved, then the knife would have managed to get their kidneys out of their sockets.

Kim Jae nodded at Kenkyo. As if Kenkyo understood the code given by Kim Jae, he nodded too.

Kenkyo grabbed the chili sauce that had been in between the dishes earlier. Kenkyo squirted the chili sauce right into the eyes of the five bandits. Succeed. The five bandits groaned in pain. Their eyes are so sore.

”Run!! ” Kim Jae interrupts. He reflexively danced Kenkyos hand and asked him to run.

Kenkyo is now following Kim Jaes steps staggeringly, because he can keep up with the grown mans long strides.

”Hey, our vehicle is south of the park, why are we heading north instead, Oppa? ” Kenkyo asked as he continued to run, behind Kim Jae.

*Oppa = brother

”Theres a motorbike and the key, Chibi! ”

*Chibi = small

When he said that, Kim Jae headed for a sports motorbike parked not far from them. Hmm … there was such an adorable call earlier. Kim Jae deliberately called Kenkyo as Chibi.

There was no time, the five bandits were getting closer to them.

Kim Jae is not interested in fighting right now. After all, he was with Kenkyo at the moment, it would be dangerous for this woman to act like a hero. We don know whose motorcycle it is, the most important thing for Kim Jae right now is to run away from the bandits.

Kim Jae wears a helmet, Kenkyo also wears it. What a lucky coincidence, isn it? Motorcycle with 2 helmets and keys. Hopefully after this no one beats them up and screams, ”Thieves!! ”

However, if its just a motorbike like that, they can replace it with 100 units of the same motorbike at once. They currently have an abundance of wealth, right?

”Hold on tight, Chibi! ” Kim Jae orders.

Kenkyo complied, he felt very comfortable leaning on Kim Jaes broad back.

Come on, Kenkyo! This isn the time for you to be swayed by Kim Jaes charms, is it? Look, the bandits car is getting closer to your motorbike!

Now Kim Jae is accelerating his motorbike, Kenkyo is tightening his embrace even more. Looking for opportunities in this womans narrowness, Kim Jae thought. Even so, this was an increasingly profitable thing for him.

Kim Jae had to make this Takahashi woman to her knees in front of him. If necessary, Kim Jae must make Kenkyo willing to die for him. Excessive. But, thats the real charm of Kim Jae. Otherwise, how could the rich girl Yoonas class want to marry him first?

”Why are they after us, Chibi? ” said Kim Jae on the sidelines of his panic.

”Looks like they
e Hikki-Kais men, papas big enemy. ” Kenkyo expressed the possibility. Even though Kyosuke desperately hides their true identities, it is not impossible that in the end many people know the identity of the Takahashi family member.

”Then whats that got to do with me? ” Kim Jae was surprised. He wasn on any missions at the moment, but he still had to deal with this kind of annoying thing.

Its okay, this is a golden opportunity for Kim Jae to show his prowess in front of Kenkyo. He would make his son Kensuke prance with joy while praising how great the widower with one child was. You see, Jeje is no longer considered a child by Kim Jae.

”I don know, maybe I think oppa is Kenkyos future husband. ” Kenkyo replied, giving Kim Jae a hard code at the same time. Kenkyo doesn seem to be kidding when she says she wants to marry Uncle Kumiz someday.

Kenkyo is still holding Kim Jaes six pack stomach tightly, and leaning on that broad back. Kenkyo increasingly comfortable himself on Kenkyos back.



Unlucky! Kim Jaes motorcycle tire punctured because of the shot earlier. Fortunately, Kim Jae is an expert in driving and driving around like this. So, he can stop the car, before the bicycle tire slips. Kim jae is great at everything.

Kim Jae takes his motorbike to the edge. He grabbed Kenkyos wrist. No matter where they run, the most important thing is to avoid being chased by the bandits.

They had a problem, the road they were going was a dead end. They turned around, the five bandits were in front of them with disgusting grins according to Kenkyo.

”We told you, come with us! ” The tattooed man with a gun in his hand smirked.

”Tch! Don expect too much to catch us! ” said Kim Jae with a smile no less lethal than the bandit.

The man pointed his gun at Kim Jae.

With one kick, Kim Jae managed to drop the weapon. Kim Jae grabbed it, he aimed right at the mans feet.


Right on target. The man immediately groaned in pain and fell to the ground. He groaned while holding his leg that was shot earlier.

To be continued ….

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