p> ”Don fight! You just give up the woman and we will let you go safely, Mr. Foreigner, ” said one of the tall, big people with short hair, to Kim Jae.

”Tch, just dream of you guys! I will protect this girl with my life! ” Kim Jae murmured, fiery.

Instantly, it felt like a lot of butterflies appeared in Kenkyos stomach. Kenkyo is totally captivated by Uncle Kumizs charm, he calls it that.

Kim Jae pushed Kenkyo away from the arena. Kenkyo didn want to rebel. She has no fighting skills. Moreover, seeing four bandits with bodies twice as big as her own, Kenkyo refused to help.

After all, Uncle Kumiz would of course be furious if Kenkyo disobeyed the grown mans orders. So, right now Kenkyo will be an obedient girl.

Kenkyo waits for Uncle Kumiz with his business. Kenkyo leaned against the wall of the house fence. For some reason, her body was shaking with fear. Maybe its because Kenkyo is traumatized as well because lately so many people want to get rid of her.

”As long as Im alive, I won let you take this woman! ” continued Kim Jae again, which immediately made Kenkyo blush again.

”Then its easy. Well eliminate you first, then take the girl as ordered by the boss. ” A man wearing a black vest stepped forward.

The man threw his fist at Kim Jae.

Kim Jae managed to dodge several attacks. For a moment, Kim Jaes gaze fell on Kebkyo who was still leaning against the wall with a trembling body, a few steps behind him.

Kim Jae doesn want Kenkyo to see this violence. Since getting to know Kenkyo, Kim Jae is a gentle and warm person. He didn want to spoil Kenkyos view of him.

”Close your eyes, Chibi! ” shouted Kim Jae.

Immediately Kenkyo closed her eyes tightly. She didn know what was going on and didn want to know.

Kenkyo felt her body so fragile right now. In fact, it was as if the wind would knock her down.

After seeing Kenkyo close her eyes at his command, Kim Jae twisted his neck and cracked his knuckles.

Kim Jae warmed up first before releasing his real energy. Its true that a man who is over 40 years old like himself shouldn have fighting skills? he thought.

Four fierce-looking people were now surrounding Kim Jae. They attack Kim Jae at the same time.

Kim Jae jumped into the air for a few seconds, then twisted his body, his feet landed in a twist on the four mens faces. Immediately the four men fell to the ground.

Kim Jae landed smoothly with his left knee on the ground and his right knee bent. Kim Jaes eyes shone sharply at the three men who started to get up again. Another man whose leg was shot by Kim Jae earlier, his movement was slower than his friends.

”If you guys are men, face me one by one, Baka! Don you dare play gangbang like a sissy! ” murmured Kim Jae, using the story in Japanese.

*Baka = stupid

Kim Jae masters various languages ​​from other countries, because he is Kim Jaerims stray dog. Of course. Hes just been ridiculous since Yoona left this world. Kim Jae now seems to be his old self, not a silly figure named Babe Jae. Currently he is Kim Jae, the stray dog ​​belonging to the Millennial Mafia.

One of them smiled disdainfully. He underestimated Kim Jaes arrogant attitude.

To be continued ….

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