This loud slap was heard in Takahashi Kyosukes apartment. Kyosuke was slapped by his father so that his body staggered to the side and fell on the sofa.

Just now, Mr. Kensuke came from his overseas business trip, since 6 months ago. However, when he returned to Japan, he was slapped with the truth about his eldest sons obsession. Shinosuke who complained to their papa.

Mr. Kensuke was immediately furious and went directly to Kyosukes apartment which he had just bought a few months ago. No wonder at that time Kyosuke suddenly wanted to live in an apartment, and didn want to go back to the mansion like the twins Shika and Shino.

So, his eldest sons goal is to have a monopoly on Nana? Mr. Kensuke thought. He hated his sons innocence.

”Why did papa overreact? Didn papa himself tell me to take care of everything? ” Kyosuke protested. He continued to rub his reddened cheeks.

”Shut up, Kyosuke-kun! Don use papas words as an excuse! Now explain! Why did Nana change her name to Kenkyo? And why did you make a vow to become his fiancé, huh? Have you forgotten that Nana is your sister?! ” Mr. Kensuke snapped.

Mr. Kensuke is now still standing while continuing to wipe his face, roughly. He had no idea what his eldest son was thinking or planning at the moment. Even though he is not a biological child, Mr. Kensuke treats Nana like his own daughter since Nana came to him when she was 2 years old.

Nana and Kyosuke also grew up together like brother and sister. However, now why? Mr. Kensuke does not accept that his son plans to marry his other daughter.

”Its all because of Kim, Papa! I can protect Nana better if my status is her future husband, right? That way, no one will dare to approach Nana like that damn boy Kim! ”

At the mention of the word Kim, Kyosukes eyes turned sharp. He hated all Kims down to their children and grandchildren. Kyosuke already knew another secret about Kim, so he hated all of them even more. Moreover, Kim was also the one who had tarnished the innocence of the younger sister, which Kyosuke actually wanted too.

All this time, Nana thought that Kyosuke had a sexual orientation disorder because his eldest brother had never been close to a woman of Kyosukes age. Nana only finds out that all of Kyosukes friends are boys. However, Nana doesn know the reason why Kyosuke has more male friends.

It was all because Kyosuke had been very interested in Nana from a long time ago. His arrival to Indonesia at that time was only to investigate Nanas real identity. Knowing that Nana is not his biological sister, then Kyosuke will dare to approach and protect Nana. Not as a brother to his sister, but as a man to his lover.

However, Kyosuke did not expect that his father would strongly oppose his wish.

Mr. Kensuke slammed his ass on the sofa, dizzy at the behavior of his eldest son. He exhaled harshly several times. He looked back sharply at Kyosuke who was now sitting on his right.

”Thats all just your excuse, Kyo! You can protect Nana only as a big brother, like you and your younger siblings have done all this time. Why are you turning to want to monopolize Nana, huh?! ” Mr. Kensuke snapped back. His gaze was still sharp, glaring at the handsome face of his son, whose cheeks were already red from Mr. Kensukes slap.

”Then, whats the problem now Papa? Wouldn it be better to have her own daughter-in-law Ibu Nami? ” Kyosuke still denied.

”Shut up, Kyo! Since the beginning, your intention was to move to Indonesia at that time, was it only because of this, huh? ”

”Of course. And now I know that Nana is not my real sister. Then, whats wrong if I marry her someday, Pa?! ”

”A man will become weak because of his obsession with women, Kyo. After all, papa has no intention of making Nana a son-in-law. So, bury your rotten intentions deep. You are Takahashis eldest son now. And papa has prepared a more suitable woman. for you, Kyo. ”

”More suitable for me or more suitable for papas business, um? ” Kyosuke said. He displayed a cynical smile, responding to his fathers words, which of course was about an arranged marriage with the son of his fathers business friend. Someone like Takahashi Kensuke is impossible to change.

Moreover, since Grandpa Daisukes departure, Mr. Kensuke has taken over Takahashis big business. Not as herbal medicine bosses like they disguised themselves in Indonesia, but a black market business.

Master Kensuke pulled the right corner of his lips, hearing Kyosukes accusation. His son was already planning to deny it. However, nothing can escape the influence of Master Kensuke himself. Moreover, his son was just a runny boy who was still in college.

”Prepare yourself, Kyo! Tomorrow you have to leave for the University of Oxford! Don refuse, because papa has prepared everything. You also don plan to run away, because papa has put papas people around this apartment. ”

To be continued ….

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