everything. You also don plan to run away, because papa has put papas people around this apartment. ”

Mr. Kensuke ended their debate. He got up and was about to walk out, before Kyosuke grabbed his wrist.

Kyosuke dropped his knees and now kneeled before Master Kensuke.

”Don force me to go, Papa! I don want to! All this time, I always obeyed whatever Papa ordered. But, why can I decide my lifes path now, Pa? Let me stay by Nanas side, Papa! ” Kyosuke begged. He was still holding his fathers wrist, so tightly.

”You dare to love papas son, it means you also dare to oppose papa, Kyosuke-kun! You should think about the consequences of your actions! ”

”Im sorry, Pa! I won ask to marry Nana again, but let me stay here, Papa! I still want to protect her. ” Kyosuke was still pleading. He continues to follow in his fathers footsteps even though he uses both legs to walk. He did that so that his father would melt and cancel Mr. Kensukes intention to send Kyosuke abroad.

However, it doesn seem to work. Mr. Kensuke is still determined to send Kyosuke overseas.

Master Kensuke threw Kyosukes hand that was on his wrist. He kicked his sons shoulder so Kyosuke fell backwards.

”Study hard there, Kyo! You will be the head of the Takahashi family in the future! So, don embarrass papa with your ridiculous love story. In history, Takahashi has never married his own sister. ”

”Then, what about the relationship between Papa and Mrs. Nami in the past, Pa? Isn it the same as what Im experiencing now? ”


Another slap landed on Kyosukes cheek, as soon as he finished his sentence.

”Don try to equate papas relationship with Namira, Kyosuke-kun! We are different! I also have no intention of monopolizing Namira, like you are monopolizing Nana right now, Baka! ”

To be continued ….

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