Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 11 A Warmly Welcomed Error *

Chapter 10 Hahaha! He Is So Cute And Innocent~

As a Viscount and a beautiful one to boot, there are many people who admire her beauty but there was a difference between Nux and them.

Others always had some sort of hidden intensions behind their praises. She was a noble, she knows how two-faced other nobles can be, so she never let her guard down in front of them.

Nux however, was different, he was just a powerless little boy. He cant do anything to her, therefore, his praises were honest. This added to the fact that he isnt really praising her and is just blushing uncontrollably, Felberta was even surer.

Of course, this wasnt the only reason why Nux and the others were different.

This boy Nux was really handsome!

A little too handsome!

Just looking at his perfectly carved face combined with that beautiful golden eyes, Felberta felt her heart racing.

All of this combined with the frail-looking weak body he has…

Felberta was really happy with her find.

Yup, good looks really helps with many things.

“Cmon, Nux, why are you not coming here? Do you plan to make me wait for so long?”

“N-No mam, I-I am c-coming”

Nux then walked towards the bed, the closer he walked the more his face blushed, then without waiting, he climbed onto the bed and then moved behind the viscount.

“I-I will be s-starting m-mam…”

“Yes, do it”

Nuxs hand then touched Felbertas shoulders. His gaze then turned focused and he started massaging them.

His massaging skills, however, were anything but good, the viscount wanted to say something but when she turned her head a little and noticed his immersed gaze on his stunning face, she ignored the bad massage and just closed her eyes.

However, as she remembered the concentrated look and compared it to the flustered look he had a while before, a mischievous smile appeared on her face. She then turned her head and questioned.

“It must be difficult for you to massage without direct contact with the skin right? Wait, let me remove this gown”

She then stood up, deliberately forming an arch between her back and ass to tease Nux before she grabbed her gown and with one move, the whole thing fell on the floor.

She stood in the room wearing nothing but a black pair of bra and panty. She quickly glanced at Nux and seeing the flustered look on his red face, her smile widened.

“M-Mam it was a-alrigh-” Nux wanted to persuade her but she cut him between his words and replied.

“Dont worry, I am not an unreasonable person, I know that massage should be done with direct skin contact. Now dont worry and continue what you were doing.”

The Viscount sat back on the bed and quickly placed Nuxs hands on her shoulders, urging him to continue.

Nux, of course, couldnt go against her orders and continued with the massage.

This time when Viscount turned her head, she saw the same focused gaze but she didnt miss the tinge of red that he was trying hard to hide. Not only that, even his hands were shaking a little.

‘Hahaha! He is so cute and innocent~”

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