Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 12 Good Now Touch Me Here~

Chapter 11 A Warmly Welcomed Error *

’Hahaha! He is so cute and innocent~ ”

Viscount laughed inwardly as she admired her past self for deciding to buy and have him all to herself.

Nux, on the other hand, smiled inwardly when he saw the satisfied look on her face. He then glanced all over her body and he had to admit, she has the best body he has ever seen. Adding it to the fact that she was already in her black undergarments…

Nux already had a boner.

’Alright, let ’s advance to the second part ’

With that, Nux shifted his body a little and the tent that was formed on his crotch directly touched Viscount ’s lower armpit.

”Hmm? ” Startled, Viscount quickly glanced at the thing poking her and was shocked to find what it was.

She then glanced at Nux and seeing his same focused and flustered look, she understood that Nux has no clue about what is happening.

Thinking that, she smiled and directly cupped his balls with her fair, tender hand.

”Oh? What is this, Nux? ”

Nux ’s eyes opened wide when he saw her cupping his thing, he jumped back in shock and apologized.

”M-Mam! I am really sorry! I don ’t know h-how it happened! ”

He tried to hide his boner with his hands as he tugged it between his thighs and stuttered.

’Just as I expected ’

Seeing him responding just like how she expected, Viscount Felberta smiled before she grabbed his hand and smiled,

”It ’s alright, it ’s a perfectly natural thing. To be honest, I would have lost my confidence if you didn ’t have this sort of reaction after seeing my body.

Hmm, let ’s see, how should we take care of this? ”

”I-It is alright mam. It w-will go away quickly ” Nux replied in a very low voice. The tinge of red that was on his face turned a little brighter.

”What are you talking about? Do you take me as someone selfish? You waited in front of my room so that you can help me relax when I was tired, now that you are in this situation, do you think I will leave you alone? ”

”B-But that is my duty ”

Hearing that, Viscount grabbed his chin, forcing him to look into her eyes, and she replied softly,

”You are mine now, it is my duty to take care of you as well, now don ’t waste time and lie down on the bed. I ’ll help you out ”

Her voice was a lot more seductive than it was normal. Nux didn ’t argue and quietly did as she told her.

Smiling, the Viscount removed his pant and underwear gently and a 6-inch rod popped out.

Let alone the Viscount, even Nux himself was surprised by his size, mind you, it was still not completely hard yet.

’Damn, I never thought my weapon was this strong… ’

”Oh? That ’s quite a size you have here ” Viscount nodded, clearly surprised that such a cute boy has such a huge rack.

Not that she complained, rather, she was happy since she knew it was all hers.

With that thought, she grabbed Nux ’s rod with her soft and tender hand gently. As soon as she touched his shaft, Nux felt a huge electric bolt coursing through his body, starting from his tailbone and ending near his neck. He bit his lips and grabbed the bedsheets, trying to contain his moan.

Seeing his reaction, the countess smiled before she started stroking his rod gently.

’OOhhhh! FUCK! This is good! Way too good compared to masturbation ’

Mind you, Nux was a 2 times Virgin, this bit of a simulation was enough for him to climb to cloud nine, especially when the one doing it was such a beautiful milf and a viscount to boot.

His whole body flinched in pleasure but he still controlled and stopped himself from letting out a moan.

As if seeing through his intention of not moaning, the viscount took the challenge and sped her stroking.


Thick veins bulged on his dick, his rod now as hard as a rock and an 8-inch sword stood tall and proud even though the owner ’s body was quivering since the simulation was too much for a 2 time virgin like him.

Feeling that he was about to cum, Nux titled his body a little and without telling her anything, his load burst out covering the viscount ’s whole face with his hot, thick jizz.

”AAhhh~~ ”

Nux sighed in pleasure as he glanced at the viscount, and seeing her face covered with his thick and slimy jizz, he smiled and admired himself inwardly before he put on a panicked expression and shouted.

”AH!, Mam I am sorry! I can ’t believe I did that! I am so sorry! ” He tried to stand up but his body, which was relishing the aftertaste of the frighteningly good feeling denied his command and he was forced to lie down.

On the other hand, viscount Felberta still couldn ’t believe what happened, in a daze, she used her finger to gather some jizz that was on her face before she put it in her mouth and tasted it. Finding it quite pleasant, her eyes brightened as she spoke,

”Hooh? Now, why didn ’t you tell me that you were cum? Huh? ”

”I-It just felt really good and everything happened very quickly… I-I never experienced this before so I didn ’t know it would happen… ” Nux replied apologetically and emphasized the last part.

”It ’s alright, next time warn me when you are about to cum okay? ” The Viscount had a big smile on her face when she heard him.

Nux nodded embarrassedly.

”Alright, now go outside and the maid will take you to the bathroom, take a bath before sleeping, ” She replied gently.

”Y-Yes, I ’ll do it after I clean this ro- ”

”There is no need for that, we have maids to do all that. You just have to take care of yourself and return in time. ” Viscount smiled gently.

”R-Return? ”

”Of course, from now on, you will be sleeping with me, the room you have is just for you to spend time in when I am busy in my office, after I return, you have to stay here with me. Am I clear? Do you have any questions? ”

”N-No, none at all ”

”Good ” The viscount nodded before she walked into the bathroom that was attached to her room, hiding her embarrassed look.

This is the first time someone came on her face. It was a new experience for her as well and… she did not hate it since she got to see his embarrassed expression.

Of course, the major part of the reason was that Nux ’s jizz wasn ’t smelly or sour. Rather, it was somewhat pleasant.

Nux on the hand smiled widely as he saw the viscount walking into the bathroom. He achieved his today ’s goal and the whole process was even easier than he imagined. The viscount ’s Shota-con nature is stronger than he thought.

Of course, he wasn ’t actually a shota but his body style matches one for sure.

As he recalled the Viscount ’s face smeared in his jizz, he grinned wickedly and after recalling the effects it would have, his grin widened even more.

It had other effects? Of course, it did. Nux wasn ’t foolish enough to risk offending the viscount just because of his satisfaction. He can ’t afford to do that, at least not at this stage.

When he was reading about his system and his abilities, he found out that the closer and more erotic the contact between him and his target, the stronger the effects of his [Craving Touch] gets. The viscount getting smeared with his jizz would make her crave for him even more.

And obviously, the more the craving, the faster he will achieve his goal.

His smiling face looked like a handsome demon who just tricked another innocent person do to his bidding. He quickly stood up and walked outside and entered the bathroom the maid pointed to.

He wanted to bathe with the viscount but he controlled his urges and calmed down. He knew if he plays his cards well, the viscount will be the one to ask for this instead.

After taking a long bath, Nux returned to the room and saw the viscount lying on the bed, glancing at him with a seductive smile. She was wearing a sky blue coloured, loose nightgown, her hairs were still wet, making her look more captivating than normal.

Nux didn ’t forget to continue his act as he blushed and glanced down.

”After smearing all your jizz on me, you still dare to blush in embarrassment? ” The viscount chuckled.

”N-No I didn ’t mea- ”

”Hahaha~ It ’s so fun to tease you~ Alright, now don ’t keep standing there, come over, I am already very sleepy. ” Seeing him panicking, the viscount chuckled.

Nux walked over with an embarrassed look before he lay down beside her.

”Okay, good night~ ” Viscount muttered as she closed the lights and hugged Nux from behind like a body pillow, her ample chest touching his frail back, causing him to have a slight reaction in the lower part of his body.

”G-Good night ” Nux replied.

He knew this night would be a sleepless one since there is no way he can sleep while an alluring woman like Felberta hugs him from behind and her long legs crosses over his.

She was practically glued to him. Not that he hated this feeling; he could have never gotten someone as beautiful as the viscount to hug him while she sleeps in his previous life so, currently, he was fully satisfied.

Thinking about how potent his [Craving Touch] will be after this night, he got even more excited.

He noticed that even his previous calculations were wrong.

He didn ’t need 5 days at all; 2-3 days would be enough to complete this mission.

It was an error on his part.

Of course, such Errors were warmly welcomed by him.

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