Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 3 Of Course!

Chapter 2 An Instant Decision!

He touched his face and noticed his beard was completely gone and even his face felt different than before…

Hold on…

Suddenly, a whole new theory appeared in his mind and a strange excitement welled within him.

’Hehe, is this what I think it is? ’

Ignoring the pain he felt, he quickly ran towards the door and as soon as he opened it, he took a deep breath, his eyes shining brightly and a big smile appeared on his face.

”Yup! It ’s definitely what I think it is! ” He exclaimed.

The air is different, the scenery is different, there is no doubt about it. He was in another world.

”Hahaha! I transmigrated! ”

”Truck-kun, my friend! I was definitely serious when I said I wanted you to hit me! Hahaha! ” He laughed loudly and after taking another deep breath, he returned to his room and sat on the ground with an excited look on his face.

”According to the script, now is the time for my cheat to make an entry right!? ” His eyes shinned in excitement as he waited for his cheat to appear.

5 minutes passed…

10 minutes passed…

30 minutes passed…

His excitement dimmed down…

His cheat did not appear…

”Okay… it ’s alright, some cheats like to play with mc ’s feelings and only appear when mc is in danger… yes it must be like that… ” thinking that, he looked around and his eyes fell on a slightly sharper rock lying on the floor.

Without hesitation, he picked the rock up and stabbed it right through his abdomen.

…or not.

”Nope. No no no no no Nope! Not doing that!

I can ’t hurt myself based on a fantasy story now, can I? That makes no sense.

Not that I am scared or anything… this is just not practical… Haha… ”

He chickened out and decided to wait a little longer.

Time passed, nothing happened…

Finally, Nux gave up on receiving his cheat.

’As expected, ain ’t no way will lady luck ever be beside me… ’

’Truck-kun, you weren ’t supposed to take my comments seriously… ’

He sighed as he accepted his fate and decided to find a way to live yet another normal life.

His eyes then fell on a small mirror in the corner of the room, he walked towards it and as soon as he looked at his reflection, he cussed.

”Fuck! I am Handsome! ”

He instantly threw away the thoughts he had about living a normal life.

”Alright, Imma become a Gigolo and find a Sugar Mama to take care of me! Yay! ”

An instant decision!

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