Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 4 Fuck Yes!

Chapter 3 Of Course!

”I am Handsome indeed ”

Nux spoke in delight as he glanced at his face from different angles, the more he watched the more he liked it. His long thick raven hair, combined with his smooth white skin with a perfectly carved face. His golden eyes had a unique shine within them. His sword-like eyebrows, thin nose and sharp jawline made his face immortal-like even though it was a little bruised.

”With this face, combined with this frail-looking body, I am indeed the best quality gigolo anyone can ever have! I have to work hard to find a customer worthy of me! ”

Nux nodded to himself but then furrowed his brows.

’But why am I bruised? ’ He thought.

After his transmigration, nothing was going according to the script, he didn ’t get his cheat, and neither did he have his predecessor ’s memory.

’Were they jealous of my overly handsome face? Hmm, that should be the case… Hmph! Losers! Wait till I find a good sugar mommy, I ’ll have my revenge then. Hmph! Hmph! ’ Nux snorted inwardly as he hypothesised.


Just as he was thinking about his revenge, he heard his stomach growling, only then did he realise that he was very hungry. He looked around and found some peach-like fruits on his table.

’It should not be poisonous since it is in my house… ’

Thinking that, he quickly took a bite. They tasted like green apples, finding them delicious, he devoured them all without wasting any time.

Though that little amount of fruits could not satisfy his hunger completely, it was not as bad as before.

However, if he learned that what he just ate was equal to 2 days meal of his predecessor, he would not complain about not being satisfied at all.

*Knock* *Knock*


Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door but just as he was about to answer, the door was slammed open and 3 rough looking guys came in.

’Why did you even bother knocking if you wanted to slam open the door… ’ Nux thought inwardly but he knew it was not the time to ask questions like these.

”Have you decided to come with us? ” the scar-faced man, who Nux presumed was the leader of this group asked.

”… ”

Nux took a deep breath as he glared at them without saying anything, however, there was no trace of fear on his face.

The leader frowned as he glanced at his subordinates, only when he confirmed that they had the same confused look on their face did he turn to Nux and raised his eyebrow.

”I asked, have you decided to come with us? ” He asked again, this time, his tone a little heavier than before.

”Of course! ”

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