Egoist: Variant

(1) Training School

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The battle is over, the people are saved. As my friends and I stand on the top of the world, I look back, and remember how it all began…

May 9th, 3019

6:00 A.M.

Real Household, Cambridge

”Young Master, are you there? You have to get up! You
e gonna be late for training school again! ”

”Coming Aldrick! Just give me a moment to finish up! ” I say as I start getting out of bed, then think to myself I really have to fix that old alarm clock.

”Make haste then, your breakfast is ready downstairs, its gonna get cold! ”

”Thanks Aldrick, have mom and dad left yet? ”

”Yes, Mister and Missus Real have already left, they were waiting for you, you know? ”

”Im sorry I had something to do. ”

”Im sure you did master Kris, Im sure you did. Now don make me drag you out here myself! ”

I feel a shiver run down my spine and hurry up getting dressed and cleaned up. I pick up my books, my backpack and rush out of my room. As I make my way downstairs I greet the staff. I can see them smirking, and hear them lightly laughing at me for being late yet again.

As I arrive at the table I see an elaborate breakfast with French Toast, a big chocolate smoothie, and some Eggs and bacon arranged into a smiley face, as well as several fruits and other things spread evenly around. ”Wow Aldrick! you guys really outdid yourselves this time. ”

”It is my greatest pleasure to hear that coming from you Young Master, it would be great if you weren running late! Now finish the plate and beverage in front of you we
e running out of time! ”

”Wait what tim- ”

”Late, by quite a bit, Im afraid Ill have to use extra energy just to take you boys there in a timely fashion ”

”Wait is- ”

”Yes, Young Master Paine has been waiting for quite a bit already ”

”Oh Crap! ” As I hear that I immediately start gobbling as much food as I can before heading out. *nom* *nom* *nom* *slurp*

”Young Master! Slow down! You will choke on your food! ”

I ignore his warning and go even faster. *nom* *nom* *slurp*

”Sigh, all those years teaching you manners… ”

*gulp* ”Sorry Aldrick but you
e right! I can let Max wait any longer, I have to hurry! Now quickly charge your Ego quick! We are really gonna need it! ”

”Sigh, understood right away ”

May 9th, 3019

6:25 A.M.

Real Household, Cambridge

The door to the household swings wide open as I rush outside, Aldrick right behind me.

”Yo, Kris what took you so long? David already left, we
e gonna be late! ”

”Wait David was here too!? ”

”Of Course he was! Did you think wed forget our best bois birthday just like that? ”

As I hear that, I freeze on the spot and look at Max dumbfounded. ”D-did you forget your own birthday? You fungus, how can you forget something like that? We even made plans for tonight and- ”

”I forgot ok! I still haven fixed my old alarm clock, you know this! ”

”What how?! We fixed it last week! ”

”My Ego broke it again… ” Theres an awkward pause in the conversation, as even Aldrick gives me a worried look.

”Young Master are the Night- ”

”Aldrick! No time! we
e gonna be late! please! ”

”Fine, but Im bringing this up with Mister and Missus Real. ” Aldrick says as he makes hand motions and red energy starts to leak out.

”Fine! ”

”Hey Kris is it that thing? Do you want me to sleep over again?. ” Max asks me in a worried tone. ”I-uh well…maybe…But we
e still going through our plan for tonight! ”

”Should we invite David too? ”

”Nah, I think hes busy training again ” I say.

We both feel a disturbance in the air nearby as a portal big enough to fit a person appears. ”Young Masters, bonding between friends is nice and all but… ” suddenly me and Max both feel a chill down our backs, as Aldricks eyes glow faintly red. ”I won forgive any more tardiness! You have to go, NOW! ” Suddenly we feel ourselves picked up, and thrown into the portal. ”Ah! ” ”Ah! ”

After the portal closes a maid comes from inside the house. ”Aldrick! ”

”hm? Ah! Melinda dear, whats the matter? ”

”What do you mean whats the matter?! You know exactly whats the matter! You were throwing the kids around like ragdolls again! ”

”Hmm? Why I merely facilitated their means of transport ” Aldrick says as he heads into the house.

”Sigh, how many times have we told you to take it easy on them! ” Melinda says and follows him inside. ”Hey! Pay attention, what are you looking at! ”

”Melinda do you…see this? Sigh ”

”Wha-oh… ”

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