Agatha stepped out of her car, pulling out her bag and shutting the door behind her. Smiling to herself like a Cheshire cat, Agatha strode towards the entrance of the school, holding herself with elegance and gaiety.

”Theres my bitch! Finally! ” Called out Sam, the coolest girl after Agatha in the school, also known as Agathas lead minion, and…her so called best friend.

Sam had been gossiping with her other minions about the hottest rumours circulating, and how they could help to put fuel to it when Agatha showed up, breaking it all up and turning all attention to her.

Agatha smirked at her friends, whose daily morning routine when they saw her was to squeal out loud, so that the whole school would know Agatha Russo had arrived.

Agatha flipped her shiny black hairs, smirking at all the hot boys who had come to take a look at her, like they always did.

”Oh my God Agatha is that what I think it is? The latest Gucci bag! Bitch why didn you tell me! ” Sam hollered, slapping Agatha on the back, making the latter grit her teeth in annoyance. ”About what? ”

”About the bag of course! ”

”And why would I do that? So that you can copy me and we look the same? ”

Sam didn reply anything after that, she couldn . So Agatha rolled her eyes and walked past them towards her locker, winking to one of the boys she just noticed, ready to make him her new target.

Meanwhile, Sam and the girls huffed in annoyance, their heavy tacky perfume spreading around like a virus.

”Just who the ** does she think she is? ” Sam muttered, but nonetheless, she put on a fake smile and followed behind Agatha, like nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile Agatha walked with no care in the world, swaying her hips in a seductive way to gain every guys attention, while Sam and the others tried to copy the same.

”The Halloween party is coming up soon. Have you thought of any partner? ” Sam asked Agatha with excitement, while Agatha frowned, taking out her necessary books. ”No, not really. ”

A dramatic gasp escaped from Sams mouth, like Agatha had committed the greatest sin. ”What!? Why? ”

”Because, ” Agatha begins, shutting her locker once she was done. ”No matter how late I am to find one, they will all come running to me once I ask. ”

So saying, she displayed her signature smirk and began stalking off, while Sam and the others followed with fake laughter.

Just when on earth is this bitch gonna choose her next partner so that we can get our own? All the hot boys are disappearing already!

Sam thought to herself, anger bubbling up on her. That was always the case; none of the girls of Agathas team could ever find a guy first than her, for she had to get hers first for them to choose. Because Agatha had a reputation to snatch others partners if she deems him fit for her.

Imagine, choosing a partner, but then getting stood out the last minute because a cooler girl had asked your partner and he couldn say no.

Sam dreaded at the thought of that happening to her. Agatha would become the bitch for everyone, but only in their minds. No one would dare voice it out. Meanwhile Sam would become the laughing stock of the school.

”Well, what about Jimmy? Do you want to go with him? ” Riley suggested, plastering on her best fake smile.

Agatha knitted her eyebrows as if confused, and sure enough, she was. ”Jimmy? Jimmy who? The one I went with for Christmas ball last year? ”

”Yes. ”

The girls looked at Agatha hopefully, but soon, their hopes would be diminished.

”Nah, that guy is a total wimp in bed. Not him. ”

By now the rage could be literally visible in Sams face as she fists her palms, on the verge of screaming. ”Then who!? ”

Agatha mentally chuckled, finding all of this just so fun. She knows her so called friends hate her, and yet they stay around her for power and fame. Little did they know they were digging their own graves.

Seeing them get worked up felt like an energy booster to her. ”Hmm…lets see. No one incite me currently. Im sure I will find someone in due time. ”

I hope the boys grow a backbone this time and don fall on their knees for her. That way she will be left partner-less and learn her lesson. This wench.

But no boy would ever grow a backbone when it came to Agatha Russo. For the rich and powerful boys knew the true identity of her, who she truly was.

Thats right. No one in school knew about the Mafia and their kids studying there. It wasn something to brag about in a school, or anywhere in particular. All they knew was Gustav Russo was the richest man in Italy for having the greatest weapons deal.

But some of the boys did, those of whom where themselves sons to other criminals or crime Lords, or other Mafias. That was why they would bend down if she asked them to, to keep their heads.

And speaking about the children of the Mafias, the girls heard loud squeals, turning around only to find the infamous Soralina Russo with her group of colourful friends, laughing and giggling for no reason.

Agatha turned around, stared at her twin sister in disgust while she laughed about something with her blue haired best friend, followed by a green, a blonde, and a red. Not to forget the purple.

They were supposed to be the clowns of the school, like Agatha and her friends were the cool girls, but they weren , given Soralinas status and the blue haired girls.

So they were known as the sugar girls or eye candy of the school, because of their childish and happy go lucky nature.

Agatha detested them. They were disgusting.

”Oh look, your twin is here. ” Sam announced, but Agatha had already seen her.

She stared at her twin long and hard, wondering why they had to be in the same school and why she had to bear this embarrassment every day. It was frustrating. She wished Soralina would just transfer.

Meanwhile Soralina stopped laughing, noticing that her sister was staring at her. Soon her face lit up in happiness and she waved at Agatha, grinning from ear to ear.

”Did she just wave? Wow…shes crazy. ” Commented Maxine, and they all giggled.

But all Agatha did was turn around and walk away.


It had been months since summer break, and months since the threat from Gustav that morning. Agatha was back to normal with her shooting lessons, but her main problem wasn that. It was her sister.

While Agatha improved, Soralina proved to be a nuisance. The more she tried, the worst she got, making Agatha fear she might indeed end up becoming her target board.

Sometimes she tried teaching Soralina herself, but the girl would be too distracted to care. Her face would always have that crazy grin to be finally spending time with her twin sister, but the same couldn be told about Agatha.

She seethed in anger and felt a strong urge to send a bullet through Soralinas head, end the misery once and for all.

But she knew Gustav would do the same to her if she did it to Soralina. And don get me wrong, he wouldn do it because he loved her, no. He would do it because he lost another asset to create a bond between him and another rival group.

And to this day forth, Soralina had still not improved, and Agatha was still to become the target board.

Agatha already knew why Soralina never learnt. Because it was in her nature.

Soralina never liked things like weapons or blood, death and pain, murder and crime, you name it. She hated the Mafia, didn like what her father did for a living, but of course she had no say in any of that.

Soralina hated the sound of the guns, hated to hold it in her hands. She didn want to learn, she didn want to have anything to do with this. She just wanted to be normal, and pretend like she knew nothing about all this.

Foolish girl. Trouble will always, always find you when you
e a part of the Mafia. Whether you want to be a part or not, once you are born there, you are done for life.

The bell for the end of lunch break rang out, and the cafeteria began to get vacant. Meanwhile Agatha snubbed her cigarette and pushed herself from the wall, walking back inside the building. By the time she made it to her locker, the corridors were already empty. She was all by herself.

Or so she thought.

Walking towards her locker, Agatha came to a halt the moment she spied two figures standing a decent distance away, chatting among themselves.

From where she stood, she knew it was a girl and a boy. And the girl…She recognised immediately.

Those pink hairs were hard to miss.

”I will pick you up. ” Said the guy as he walked away with a smile, while Soralina held the piece of paper, clutching it to her chest with a toothy smile.

Once the guy completely disappeared, Soralina let out a huge squeal, jumping up and down in excitement.

So…she found her partner I guess?


Agatha rubbed her chin in thought.

What was his name again? Morris? Yeah…Morris. Hmm…nice name.

And handsome too.

With a sly smirk, Agatha opened her locker door, pulled out her books, shut the door and walked away, feeling giddy all of a sudden.

— — — — — — — — — — —

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