Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 13 The Scary [Craving Touch] *

Chapter 12 Good, Now Touch Me Here~

Jolts of pleasure forced Nux to wake up from his sleep, he then subconsciously glanced at his dick, which was somehow out in the open while his pants were down. He then saw a jade white hand stroking his rod lovingly.

He didn ’t need to think twice and instantly knew the culprit who was behind this, he slowly turned his head and saw Viscount Felberta with a slightly red face, smiling at him.

”Oh, you are awake. I noticed your little brother was quite excited about this new morning so I decided to give him a hand ”

”M-Mam i-it happens every morning, you don ’t have to trouble yo- ”

”It ’s alright, as I said before, you belong to me, it ’s my duty to take care of you ” Viscount Felberta replied. Though she said the thing as before, this time, her breathing was a little erratic while her face had a tinge of red.

’The [Craving Touch] is absurd ’

Nux thought inwardly while he blushed and nodded meekly.

Bolts of pleasure assaulted him wave after wave but it wasn ’t as bad as yesterday. Last time, he was someone inexperienced, but now that he had already experienced it once, he will try his best to hold out for as long as possible.

As if she knew what he was thinking, Viscount Felberta instantly changed her strategy as bent her body and she crawled towards his crotch.

”Alright, I ’ll show you something good today~ ”

Saying that, she pulled her gown down, only enough for her large milky breast to pop out, standing upright, as they were being supported by the gown. Seeing those white twins with a pink cherry on the top could make any man drool.

Nux dreamt of squeezing those soft mounds of flesh as much as he wanted, it took all his willpower to not stand up and grope those juggers.

But moments later, he thanked himself for not giving in and staying where he was since what happened next was something he never imagined would happen, at least not in the recent future.

Viscount Felberta positioned herself carefully and then her two huge mountains engulfed his huge rod, and a soul-stirring pleasure assaulted his mind. Thousands and thousands of bolts of pleasure ran throughout his body and he felt this weird numbing sensation all over his body.

’The legendary Titfuck!!~ ’

”Ahhh~ ” Despite trying his very best not to, he couldn ’t help but release a satisfied moan.

His whole body twitched, and the pleasure he felt as his dick rubbed her cleavage while being mushed by two soft and beautiful pair of breasts was a thousand times better than the handjob she gave him yesterday. His eyes rolled back and his back arched up, trying to resist the enormous pleasure he was feeling.

Satisfied by his reaction, Viscount Felberta smiled and increased her speed, further intensifying the pleasure he was feeling.

However, Nux still resisted. He still fought the urge to cum right away. As if provoked by this, Viscount Felberta ’s eyes met his, while maintaining eye contact, she lowered her head, and licked her luscious red lips, before she kissed the tip of his dick that popped out of her breasts.

”OOhhh~ ” Stimulated by this heavenly scene, Nux wasn ’t able to hold it any longer and his jizz burst out, once again spreading all over Viscount Felberta ’s face and her milky breasts, this time though, it was more concentrated near her mouth.

”Haah… Haah… Haah… ”

Nux breathed heavily, his chest moving up and down in quick successions. This time, there were no thoughts about how this would help him with his goal, or how should he act to please the viscount. His mind was already numb because of all the stimulus it has received.

”You really like to spread your milk all over my face, don ’t you? ” Viscount Felberta teased.

”It haah… it just felt too good… haah… ” Nux replied without thinking.

Seeing him like that, Viscount Felberta smiled as she shook her head.

”You don ’t take my orders seriously, do you? I told you to tell me before you cum but you ignored it ”

This time, Nux ’s head cleared up and he quickly replied, ”I-I am extremely sorry mam! I- ” he thought he somehow offended Viscount Felberta but soon he noticed that teasing smile he had on her face.

Although that smile looked more like a foolish smile with his milk spread all over her enchanting face.

But that too gave her a different kind of a charm and was enough for Nux to feel a slight reaction in his lower body even though he had just cum a moment ago.

”Heh~ I never said I don ’t like it… Although you still require some punishment for listening to my order ” Viscount Felberta muttered.

”I-I will go through any punishment mam gives me to without fail! ” Nux nodded seriously.

”Hahaha! Look how serious you are. It ’s like I will punish you with death or something. Don ’t worry, it will just be a light punishment…

You might even enjoy it a little bit~ ” Viscount Felberta replied as she licked her lips sensually and at the same time she tasted Nux ’s milk again.

A different kind of satisfaction washed over her body as she noticed the jizz all over her and that handsome boy lying on her bed with a tired look.

’My money is not wasted at all~ ’ she nodded inwardly before she smiled.

”Alright, it ’s time for me to go to work after I take bath, I will see you after I return. Okay? ”

”I-I will wait for your return in front of your room like yesterday… ”

’I really did not waste my money at all~ ’

With an unusually bright mood, Viscount Felberta walked toward her office to start the day. As a viscount, most of the matters are handled by her subordinates, of course, that does not mean she does not do anything.

She is more like a CEO who takes care of everything around and manages everything. However, these few days, she is exceptionally busy.

This is the last week of the 8th month, and also the week in which the viscount has to work harder than normal since she can ’t ignore the tax collection and leave it to her subordinates.

She has to read reports about the amount of tax collected, how to deal with those who haven ’t paid the taxes and all that.

She settled down on her chair and a few minutes later, a man wearing a black coat over a white shirt walked over and bowed.

”Greetings, Viscount Felberta ” He was Joyab, the butler of Viscount Felberta.

Felberta nodded and Joyab started.

”The farmers are unable to pay the taxes this month due to the draught. They say that they spent all their saving on paying the tax last month and can barely afford food to eat right now. I had some men check the situation, and confirmed that what they say is true and the farmers are really having a hard time. ”

Felberta nodded before she closed her eyes, Joyab stayed silent without interrupting her thoughts and a few minutes later, Viscount Felberta spoke.

”Alright, take their lands and free them from taxes for the next whole year. ”

Joyab ’s eyes widened when he heard that and he countered, ”But Viscount, the land they own has a lot more value than the tax they owe us. Aren ’t we just extorting them? ”

”Of course not, those farmers are fools, if we force them to pay tax, they will sell their land to someone else at cheaper prices just to pay the taxes for the next few months and then will become homeless without anything to do.

This will lower the food production and reduce our taxes as well, therefore, it is better to take their lands, of course, we aren ’t really taking them, we will just have them on paper. We will allow the farmers to farm on them and if they pay 10% higher taxes for the next 12 years, we will return their lands to them.

As for the taxes, use the treasury to pay for it ”

Joyab was enlightened and inwardly praised Viscount Felberta for coming up with this plan, but soon, he furrowed his brows and questioned,

”But what if the draught reappears within the next 12 years? What shall we do then? ”

”We will just increase the number of years they will have to pay extra taxes, no big deal ” Felberta waved her hands nonchalantly and Joyab couldn ’t help but be more impressed by her vision.

”I believe I can leave this matter to you now? ”

”Yes, Viscount Felberta! I ’ll give you the report within the next two days! ” Joyab nodded, as efficient as ever.

The meeting continued, and the more time passed, the more uncomfortable the viscount felt. She sneakily lowered her head and felt a weird twitching inside her little sister.

She rubbed her thighs with each other, trying to calm this weird feeling but nothing happened. Feeling helpless, she ignored this and continued listening to the reports.

”Viscount Florence Reids has asked if 9 in the morning is a good time to meet up ”

”Hmm? Meet up? Did we plan on meeting tomorrow? ”

Joyab furrowed his brows in confusion before he replied,

”Viscount, it ’s Marques Eduart ’s daughter ’s 21st birthday and they plan to celebrate it. We have received the invitation a week ago; I believe it would be disrespectful to the Marques if we don ’t go there ”

Felberta then recalled reading the invitation letter and nodded. Being a mere viscount, she can ’t afford to offend someone like Marques so she has to go there. Also, this party will have some sort of political importance since many nobles who haven ’t decided which prince they would support will appear there, so it is speculated that even the princes will join the party.

”Alright, tell her that I will be ready by 9 and we shall leave before 9:30. We can ’t afford to be late. Also, have you thought about the gifts? ”

”Viscount need not worry about that, I have already prepared it ”

Felberta nodded as she said, ”Alright, you can take a break now. We will discuss the rest after 2 hours ”

”As you command, ”

Joyab, even though he noticed that today ’s break was a little early and longer than usual, didn ’t think too much and bowed before he left.

As soon as Joyab left, Viscount ’s solemn face changed and she quickly lifted her gown before plunging her finger into her canal and started pleasuring herself.

’Haah~ What is happening… What is this tickling feeling? This never happened before… ’

Although it felt really good as she masturbated, she still felt something was missing. Suddenly, a face that has been appearing in her mind, again and again, appeared once more.

She then calmed down, fixed her gown and called her maid.

”Call Nux ”

The maid bowed before she left.

A while later, a boy with an otherworldly face entered the office and greeted in a low voice,

”Good afternoon mam ”

Viscount smiled as she signalled him to sit on the chair beside her.

”Now Nux, do you remember how I helped you this morning? ”

Nux ’s face turned red as he nodded embarrassedly.

”Now I want you to help m- ”

”Of course! You can order me to do anything! I will surely do my best to satisfy you! ” Before Felberta could even complete her sentence, Nux stood up and replied quickly.

Felberta chuckled seeing him like that as she replied,

”Good, now touch me here~ ”

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