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Chapter 14 Ahh~ The Relief~

Chapter 13 The Scary [Craving Touch] *

”Good, now touch me here ”

”Wha- What? ”

Nux stood there, dumbfounded. He could not believe that she was being so direct.

”What? Didn ’t you say you would do anything I say, are you going back on your words? ”

”N-No, I ’ll do it… ” Nux ’s face turned red, and then even redder before he quickly got on his knees as he glanced at the red coloured gown.


He gulped inwardly.

Viscount Felberta is really too beautiful…

He then held the lower part of the gown before pulling it up, revealing her slender, long legs. His movements were very slow, It might look like it was because he was embarrassed, but Nux was just relishing and appreciating the feeling of unclothing a beautiful lady like her.

He felt like he living a dream…

A dream he would never want to wake up from…

On the other hand, the slower his movements, the more Felberta anticipated what was about to come as her heart started beating loudly.

The tingling sensation which she barely suppressed burst out, this time more potent than the last.

Soon, Nux ’s hand reached her little sister before he glanced at her. She nodded, signalling him to continue.

Nux smiled seeing her rushing like that, he wanted to tease her a little, but he knew he was not in a position to play it like that.

He needs to be careful and act as an obedient boy toy. Time was in his favour, he just needs to wait for a while and then he will be able to do what he wanted.

Without any delay, Nux directly shifted her black panties aside, revealing her gorgeous pink pussy with a little to no hair around it, and seeing a clear way, he immediately plunged the tip of his middle finger into her canal.

”Anh~ ”

Getting the reaction he wanted, Nux smiled inwardly before he pushed forward.

”Annh~ ”

Jolts of pleasure assaulted the Viscount ’s body, somehow, the pleasure was a lot more powerful than when she did it herself. Not finding anything to hold, she directly clasped Nux ’s head and pushed his face right into her plump breasts.

Nux noticed that she was a lot more sensitive than normal, he then smiled as he slipped his index finger inside as well.

”Anh~ ”

He felt her grip getting tighter around his head as she pushed him deeper into her cleavage, her legs also crossed around his, as if afraid that he will go away. Although this position might look like it was a little uncomfortable, her body ’s softness made it one of the most comfortable positions he can ever be in.

With his two fingers, he teased her wet, squishy insides without rest.

Her moans sounded like blessed music to his ears.

”Anh~ Anh~ Anh~ ”

The more she moaned, the faster he moved his finger, and as soon her moans decreased; he would reduce his speed, forcing her to moan louder.

”Anh~ Anh~ Anh~ ”

Noticing the pattern, the viscount continued to moan with all her might while she also tightened her grip around Nux, as if trying to merge his body with hers.

Soon, Nux felt her insides twitching uncontrollably and he knew she was about to cum, without warning he increased his speed even further, his movements, a lot rougher than before.

”Anh~ Anh~ Anh~ Anh~ Anh~ ”

”AAAnnngghhhh~~ ”

Felberta ’s body twitched uncontrollably before she arched her body and her juices gushed out without pause.

Nux ’s whole hand was covered in her juices, he felt her grip around him weakening, he stood up and questioned.

”M-Mam, was my performance satisfactory? ” He sounded very nervous.

Viscount Felberta, on the other hand, was breathing heavily before she slowly raised her eyes to meet his and replied,

”Haah… Satisfactory? It was Haah… as if you have done Haah… this countless times… ”

Hearing that, Nux shook his head in panic as he replied, ”N-No I d-did not! I… I just thought that I will be doing something like this soon, so I started reading about it so that I can do my very best… ” His last sentence was almost inaudible as he lowered his voice in shame.

Viscount Felberta chuckled hearing that, but then she was surprised by the unexpected action Nux did.

He sat down on the chair, before patting his thigh, with a face as red as a tomato, he spoke,

”I-I also read that after the woman cums… it would feel better if she sits on the man ’s lap… ”

”Haha… a man, huh… ” Felberta chuckled weakly as she saw him sitting there with a red face but then, she stood up and walked towards him before sitting on his lap.

”What the book said is really true… it does feel better than before… ” Saying that, Felberta leaned her back on Nux ’s chest before she closed her eyes.

Nux smiled as he rolled his arms over her thin waist and placed his chin on her shoulder.

’Maybe one more day, and she will be mine ’ He thought inwardly.

What Viscount didn ’t notice was how she turned from someone who was always in control of the situation to someone who is sitting on his lap, tired and unable to move, and how scarily quick this whole transition was.

Of course, even if she does notice this, she wouldn ’t care about this since right now, she was too tired and was busy enjoying the Nux ’s cuddles.

Nux also wanted to knead her breasts but he knew his limit. He will wait a little more. Viscount Felberta ’s mind is clearing up little by little, he needs to act meek right now and just have a blush on his face…

Nux and Felberta stayed like that for a little longer, but Nux knew that they couldn ’t continue like this for a long time and muttered shyly.

”M-Mam, I think your break is about to end, you should stand up now ”

”Mm? No need, let me stay here like this, we still have an hour ”

”But we also have to get this place cleaned, and… ” Without saying any further, Nux started fixing her panties, and then her gown. There was no way he was going to let go of this chance to make her more dependent on him.

”You can ’t do your work like this, can you? ” He muttered.

A small smile appeared on Viscount ’s face; she waited for him to fix her clothes before she finally opened her eyes and stood up lazily.

”You are right, let me go to the bathroom, you ask a maid to clean this place. Okay? ”

Nux nodded, this time, although his face was still red, it was not to a degree where his movements were slow and stiff, showing that he is adapting to all the changes. It was also his way of slowly gaining control over the whole situation.

Not noticing anything, the viscount left and then Nux called the maid and got everything cleaned.

15 minutes later, Felberta returned, she had already fixed her makeup; looking at her giving off a strong and independent woman ’s aura, nobody could imagine she was the same lady who sat on Nux ’s lap powerlessly.

”Hmm? There are still around 40 minutes before my work resumes, what should we do by then? ” She asked.

”Y-you still haven ’t eaten your lunch yet, mam… so you should eat it first. ”

”Ah! I completely forgot about that…

I wonder why is that? Hmm, maybe it ’s because I have been having nutrients through some other means that I don ’t feel hungry anymore, what do you think? ” She smiled mischievously as she glanced at Nux ’s crotch and licked her lips.

Nux ’s face turned red as he lowered his gaze in embarrassment. To divert her attention, he ordered the maid to bring lunch and acted as if nothing happened, however, he did not look very convincing with that red face of his.

”Hahaha~ ” Felberta laughed out loud when she saw him acting like that.

The maids in this palace were efficient as ever.

As if they were just waiting for the order, delicious and sizzling food was brought into the office.

After the maids left, Felberta smiled before she glanced at Nux and teased, ”Now Nux, where should I sit? Does your lap sound good? ”

Nux blushed and Felberta laughed,

’It is really fun to tease him… Hahaha ’

Just as she was about to sit on her seat, Nux ’s voice was heard,

”Y-You can if you want to ”

She glanced at Nux who was sitting on his chair with a red face, patting his thigh while avoiding her gaze.

Viscount was surprised by his response, she just wanted to tease him a little, she never thought he would take it seriously. She wanted to shake her head and deny but when she glanced at his lap, something inside her stopped her.

’It is very comfortable there… ’

She walked towards him and sat on his lap, her face had a tinge of red which she desperately wanted to hide from Nux. Noticing this, Nux smiled inwardly while he pretended that he didn ’t notice the red face at all.

’Just wait… it is still not the time yet… ’

He was very patient.

The viscount made herself comfortable on her new seat before she hid her embarrassment and replied.

”Alright, now feed me ”

Expecting something like that from her, Nux shook his head inwardly while he nodded with a red face.

By the time the two of them were done with the lunch, it was already the time for the break to end.

”Okay, it ’s time for you to leave, but don ’t miss me too much okay? I ’ll return soon. ” Felberta teased as she stood up from his lap.

”I ’ll wait for mam in front of her room ” Nux nodded and left the office.

After he left, a smile appeared on his face as he thought about today ’s gains.

He got one step closer to his goal, if he wished, he could complete his tonight but he decided not to rush things and be a little more patient.

A few good things happened today, the first one being that he touched her little sister. He also got her to sit on his lap and then the last one was where he got her to feed him.

Yes, after he was done feeding her, the viscount offered him to do the same, which he of course accepted with a ’blush ’.

He thought about tonight and decided that he would let her decide the pace for today. If he is the one deciding everything, he might give her a feeling of not being in control which he did not want, not until she is more attached to him.

At the same time, he was also surprised by the monstrous ability he had, the [Craving Touch]. He still remembered her slightly red face when he entered her office and when he touched her canal, it was already wet.

’She might have masturbated but after noticing it did not work, she called me. ’

That was straight-up scary…

On the other side, as Joyab entered the office he saw an unusually energetic Viscount Felberta sitting with bright, shiny eyes as she declared.

”Alright, let ’s end what ’s left so that we can leave and go back home as soon as possible! ”

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