Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 15 It Looks Like She Really Is Sick…

Chapter 14 Ahh~ The Relief~

The next day, Nux and Fleberta were in a rush since it was already 8 in the morning and Felberta has to get ready by nine.

”Ugghh! This is all because of you, who told you to have morning boners every morning? Not only that, you even had the galls to rub your tent on my ass! ”

Viscount Felberta exclaimed in frustration.

Nux on the other hand froze when he heard that and complained inwardly,

’What the hell are you talking about woman? How the hell do I control myself when I am hugging you? And I am rubbing my tent on you? Who are you kidding? Who was the one who was wiggling her fat ass in front of my dick and started teasing me? HUH? ’

Of course, he can ’t say that out loud so he continued his act as his face turned red,

”I-I am sorry… I w-would make sure I don ’t get like that in the morning… ”

”Ah! No, you don ’t have to do that… it ’s a good sign that you get hard every morning, don ’t change it ”

Viscount Felberta felt that she lost something precious when she heard him and quickly corrected him.

”O-Okay, I ’ll make sure to get as hard as I can get every morning then… ”

This time, it was Viscount Felberta ’s turn to turn red, she was dumbfounded by his answer but in the end, she could only nod.

”G-Good ”

The chaotic morning continued, maids were called to clean the bed which had Nux ’s milk spread all over. Felberta rushed into the bathroom while Nux continued staring at the maids cleaning his jizz with an expressionless face.

It was as if they were trained to not show any expression in any situation.

Noticing that, an uncontrollable urge to see some lewd expressions on these maids ’ faces welled inside Nux ’s head.

At that moment, the maids ’ bodies quivered for some unknown reason, it was as if they were locked onto by some wild beast.

Around 45 minutes later, Viscount Felberta entered the room, ready to go to the party, she was wearing an eye-catching black gown which was made from silk, and her hair was combed into a bun while she only had light makeup on. Combining all of this with her beautiful face and a succubus like body, she looked really captivating.

”How do I look? ” She glanced towards Nux and questioned.

”… ” Nux stood where he was, frozen.

She furrowed her brows and waved her hand, ”Hello? Nux? ”

”Ah! Huh? ”

”How do I look? ”

”Beautiful… too beautiful…. ” He muttered softly before he came out of his reverie and replied, ”Ah! I mean, you look really good, Mam ”

Satisfied by his reaction, the viscount nodded and smiled, ”Alright, I will take my leave now. You take care of yourself, ask the maids if you want anything, okay? ”

Nux does not have the status to go with her, in the end, he was just a boy toy. Even though Viscount Felberta might not see him like that, in others ’ eyes, he is just that. Of course, Nux wasn ’t too bothered either, it has just been 2 days since he came to this world, he isn ’t in a rush to rise in position.

Who knows? Maybe at the next party like this one, he might be called as a chief guest?

Of course, Nux didn ’t forget to take advantage of this situation and deepen his impression in Viscount ’s mind.

”Y-Yes, c-come back soon… ” Nux muttered softly.

”Oh? Why should I come back soon? Would you miss me if I don ’t? ”

”Ye- No! No! I mean, take your time and please enjoy the party to its fullest extent… I ’ll wait for you… ” Nux replied with a red face.

”Hahaha~ Don ’t worry, I was just teasing you. I will come back as soon as possible. ” The viscount smiled as she left.

As she entered the living room, Felberta saw two women, wearing red and purple silk gowns sitting in front of her chatting with each other with smiles on their faces.

These two were Florence Rieds and Willa Harte, both of them were viscounts and Felberta ’s close friends.

There were two men wearing the same suit as Joyab standing behind them. These two were their butlers.

Willa noticed Filberta coming and stood up as she greeted, ”Morning, Sister Fel ”

Florence also stood up and her eyes brightened when they fell on Felberta.

”Oh ho, someone is looking really charming today? What ’s the matter? How come your face is looking so bright and lively? ”

”Huh? What do you mean? Don ’t I always look bright and lively? ”

”Ha! There you go again with your narcissism. ” Florence rolled her eyes.

”But Flor is right, although you are always a charmer, you do look a little different today… ” Willa muttered.

Although Flor and Willa were not as beautiful as Fel, they could still be called beauties in their own right. Flor had a petite body, blonde hair, and a small nose, combined with her energetic attitude, she looked lively and cute and was the youngest of the three, being only 24 years old.

Willa, on the other hand, was the opposite, her breasts were larger than Fel ’s, combined with her black hair with brownish texture, she had a motherly charm and was the oldest of the group, being 31 years old.

”C ’mon sister Willa, I know she is a lost cause, but why are you teaming up with her? ” Felberta complained.

”Haah!? Who are you calling a lost cause!? You wanna fight!? ” Flor snapped.

”Hahaha! ” The two others started laughing and then Willa muttered, ”Alright, we can talk in the carriage, let ’s go, we can ’t be late for this party ”

Felberta and Florence nodded as the three women entered the carriage.

After a 1 hour ride on the carriage, the three appeared in front of a large mansion where different people wearing expensive-looking clothes were roaming around.

Seeing the lively atmosphere, Flor took a deep breath as she rejoiced, ”Haah! This feels good! Finally! I don ’t have to stay in my stinky mansion doing stinky work! ”

Fel and Willa rolled their eyes when they heard her. The three of them were accompanied by their respective butlers and Flor ’s butler couldn ’t help but shake his head inwardly as he lamented.

’Why are you even complaining, I am the one doing all the work…you just sit there and complain… ’

Nobody knew his troubles…

While the three were looking around excitedly, a voice was heard which caused the three of them, along with their butlers to furrow their brows, especially Joyab.

”Viscount Felberta, I see you are looking as stunning as always ”

”Yes, that is true, I do look stunning even if I do say so myself, but Viscount Heydon, I must stay, you are still as uncreative and ever. This is the 13th time I have heard you repeating the same line to start the conversation. ”

Felberta turned around as she saw a man standing behind her, his face twitching due to her reply.

He was Heydon Youngee, a Viscount who fancies Fel but was rejected and now he pesters her everywhere they meet hoping to win her heart.

Appearance-wise, although he couldn ’t be called ugly, he wasn ’t handsome either. Blonde hair, refined attire, pointy nose combined with that mole on his cheek, gave him a cunning look, which, actually isn ’t far from his actual personality.

Of course, no matter how cunning he is, he never dared to use any tricks on Viscount Felberta.

No, it was not because he was scared of some rules or something like that, but because he was scared of Felberta herself.

A beautiful woman with a dead husband, a mother of one, and a noble Viscount to boot; who won ’t be charmed by her and would want to make her his? Many tried but they all failed.

Her being able to survive in these conditions proves that although she may look like a mere viscount, she was not as simple as that.

Heydon, considering this factor searched her past and learned a piece of shocking news.

A few years back, there was an Earl who fancied Felberta and wanted to make her his concubine, after being rejected, he raged and decided to drug her and force himself upon her.

Not only did his plan fail, but Felberta even demanded compensation, thinking that it should be solved with this payment, Earl agreed.

But ’coincidently ’ the day after he delivered the compensation, all his crimes were exposed to the public along with their proofs.

Of course, there is no noble in this world who hasn ’t committed any crime.

But as they say, cheating is not an act worth punishing, getting caught is.

The king was forced to take action and the Earl was demoted to a mere baron.

Of course, the punishment wasn ’t as simple as it looked, how could an ex-earl now a baron, survive while being in the bad books of one Viscount and countless other enemies he created while being an Earl?

Unable to take the pressure, the Earl sold all his properties and left the kingdom.

What happened to him later was unknown.

Knowing this, Heydon dared not play any tricks. Even an Earl was unable to escape, how could he, a mere viscount take this risk? Although he liked beauties, he liked his life even more.

”Alright, if you have nothing else to say, we will be taking our leave, since we have to meet a few of our friends later ”

Seeing that he was thinking about something, Felberta took this chance and walked away without giving him another glance.

Heydon gritted his teeth, and then his eyes fell on another woman. Fixing his hair, he smiled and walked toward her,

”Viscount Friede, I see you are looking as stunning as ever… ”

The party started, in truth, normal birthday parties are only held in the evening, but Marques Eduart really adores his daughter and therefore launched this grand party which covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole day.

In these types of grand parties, only low ranking nobles like barons and viscounts are required to arrive by the morning. Actually, in the past, it was these low ranking nobles who arrived in the morning to build connections, but as the time passed, it became a trend and it was considered disrespectful if a baron or a viscount doesn ’t arrive in the morning.

So right now, all the people here were either barons or viscounts. Of course, the noteworthy thing was that Marques Eduart personally greeted all the guests without caring if they were barons or viscounts. This made everyone happy, and they even felt lucky that they joined this party.

After the Marques left, the barons tried to get into Viscount ’s good books, some introduced their children to each other, and some formed relationships in other ways.

Of course, as experienced nobles, Fel and her friends didn ’t bother with viscounts and barons, they just greeted their friends before the three sat together and started chatting, catching up with each other.

Although Fel, who was enjoying the conversation had already started missing a certain someone.

Time passed and afternoon fell, this was the time for the Earls to make their entry.

One by one, all the Earls entered the hall, and after greeting each other; they were greeted by viscounts and barons. Even Fel and her friends greeted the Earls they knew before everyone sat at the table and had their lunch. This time, Fel and her friends didn ’t sit alone, they were with a few Earls along with some other Viscounts.

Fel, however, was already feeling that familiar sensation inside her little sister. She closed her legs tightly and straightened her back as she suppressed the feeling before she smiled and continued eating.

After lunch, the garden was opened, Fel and her group excused themselves as they walked towards the garden, getting some fresh air.

Time passed and it was time for the main party to start, starting with Marques, then the four Dukes of the kingdom, and finally the 3 princes, all these big faces appeared one by one.

After another round of greetings, Fel finally couldn ’t take it any longer as she spoke, ”Willa, Flor, I need to go the bathroom, I ’ll be quick, okay? ”

”Kay~ ” Flor replied and waved her hand nonchalantly while Willa nodded.

Felberta walked away elegantly but when she detected no one around her, she quickened her pace and rushed into the bathroom before sitting on the seat and plunging her finger into her little sister.

”Ahh~ The relief~ ”

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