Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 16 [Mission Accomplished!] **

Chapter 15 It Looks Like She Really Is Sick…

After a quick session of self-care, and suppressing the tingling feeling to a great extent, Felberta fixed her hair and her dress before walking out of the bathroom and joining Florence and Willa.

”Hah? What took you so long? ” Flor questioned as she raised her eyebrows.

”Nothing, I was just fixing my makeup a little. ”

”Hmph! Then why don ’t I see any changes? Your face just got a little red like a monkey! ” Flor Snickered.

”Yo- ”

”Alright, alright, stop fighting, there are dukes and princes here, think about your image. ” Willa, as mature as always stepped in before the two could embarrass themselves.

”Also Fel, you came at the right time, the Marques daughter is about to appear ”

”Oh right! Have you seen the Marques daughter before? I once got a chance to and I can tell that she is prettier than Fel! ” Flor chimed.

”Hmm? I also saw her before, although she is indeed beautiful, I can say for sure that she is at best, on par with our Fel, why would you say she ’s prettier than her? ” Willa questioned.

”Tsk Tsk, Fel is already an old woman, in just a few more years, her face will be full of wrinkles, how can she be on par with the girl who is in her prime right now ” Flor snickered.

Felberta ’s lips twitched when she heard that.

Noticing that, Willa quickly changed the topic, ”Oh, I also heard that Candice, the Marques ’s daughter is one of the strongest students in the Royal Academy. It is said that she ’s one of the most talented individuals in the empire right now and has a bright future ahead.

Not only that, even the Empress asked her hand for marriage for her son, the first prince. Although the Marques rejected, saying that she would be the one deciding who she marries. ”

”What? The first prince? How can someone reject him? Just look at his face, he is so handsome! Money, Power, and, face; what does he not have? He is a perfect man! ” Flor glanced at the prince with stars in her eyes.

Although Felberta would have agreed with her in the past, now when she glances at the prince ’s face, another face, which is a lot more attractive than his appeared in her mind and she shook her head with a smile.

She then glanced at Flor and furrowed her brows.

’I have to keep this bitch in heat away from him. Otherwise, she ’ll find all sorts of ways to pester me to get hands on him ’

A few minutes later, Candice Waters, the star of the party appeared. And though unwilling, Fel admitted she was indeed a beauty.

She had blonde hair just like her father, fair, delicate skin, beautiful blue irises, wearing a sky blue coloured gown with a dark blue design, she carried herself with elegance and a smile on her cherry-like lips.

A beauty who is talented and has a bright future ahead of her.

Felberta subconsciously compared herself with her, and couldn ’t help but shake her head.

Flor is right, although she was beautiful, in a few more years, wrinkles would start appearing on her face. It could have been avoided if she had cultivated since young, but she, like many other lower-level nobles thought that creating more contacts is much more important than cultivation and ignored it.

By the time she matured and realized its importance, it was already too late.

This was also her biggest regret in her life and also the reason why she forced her son to join the Royal Academy even though he had the same thought as the past her.


Felberta sighed deeply before she shook her head to get rid of these useless thoughts.

A face appeared in her mind as she smiled,

’I am sure he is missing me right now. I wonder if he is crying sitting in a corner with his face on his knees~ Fufufu~ ’

She was eager to go back home.

The party continued, many boys tried to impress Candice, even the princes but she, like an untainted flower rejected them all with a smile.

On the other side, the political war between the three princes had already started.

Right now, three princes each have a Duke supporting them, as for the fourth duke, who should have been the breaking point and the deciding factor of this game, he decided to stay neutral since the one he supports is the second princess who, for some reason has no wish to participate in this battle.

Of course, although a woman becoming a queen is rare, it was not like it did not happen in the past. Not only that but it was noticed that every time a woman ascends to the throne, the kingdom has seen unprecedented glory.

But when he learned that the Second princess has no desire to fight for the throne, he declared his neutrality and stayed back.

This caused the other princes to focus on other nobles, the Marquees and the Earls, so they started securing the support of these nobles while the viscounts and barons readily tried to ’support ’ any prince so they could rise in ranking.

This game continued till dinner.

Felberta, on the other hand, was already getting impatient and uncomfortable since the suppressed tingling feeling inside her little sister has already started acting.

Flor and Willa also noticed her weird attitude and asked in worry, she just shook her head, saying she was not feeling well and continued eating dinner.

The dinner ended, and many nobles still stayed talking about various things, mostly discussing which prince to support or how to win the heart of Candice Waters, who might be the next pillar of the kingdom.

This time, Felberta didn ’t wait any longer and as soon as the dinner ended, she rushed back to her mansion.

Seeing her walking figure, Florence couldn ’t help but mutter.

”It looks like she really is sick… ”

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