Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1 Hold On...


Of course, Nux didn ’t have the time to think about all this since he was already panicking due to the weird circumstances.

’Was I kidnapped?

No, it doesn ’t make sense, there is no way someone would kidnap me since I don ’t have any value at all. There is no merit…

Wait, does that mean it wasn ’t a dream and I was really hit by that truck? ’

He thought about several things that can lead him to his current situation. He raised his hand to touch his forehead and could feel an unusual bump on his head.

’Was I saved by someone?

Hmm, that must be it…

Damn, now I would have to pay for hospital bills, haah… if I knew this would happen, I would have bought health insurance… ’

Nux cried inwardly, already thinking about different ways to pay the bill and was ready to say goodbye to all his games and novel for the next few years since he would have to work overtime.

However, he suddenly felt something was different.

Due to all that confusion, he might not have noticed this earlier, but now that he is thinking clearly, his hands were whiter and thinner than before. He looked down and noticed that he was wearing completely different clothes from what he is normally used to.

He touched his face and noticed his beard was completely gone and even his face felt different than before…

Hold on…

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