Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 5 Finally Finally I Got My Cheat!

Chapter 4 Fuck Yes!

”I asked, have you decided to come with us? ” He asked again, this time, his tone a little heavier than before.

”Of course! ” Nux quickly answered without even knowing where they would take him.

His logic was simple, he knew he stood no chance against them if they fought, so if they wanted to harm him, they could have done it here. They would not bother taking him somewhere where they have set up a trap just to deal with a weakling like him.

Mmmhmm, he agreed after thinking it logically, not because he was scared of the scar-faced man in front of him. Not at all.

The leader, the scar-faced man was shocked by his answer but his face quickly returned to normal as he nodded and threw a glass bottle containing a weird purple coloured liquid in it.

”Drink it ”

Without asking anything, Nux quickly emptied the bottle, although it was a little bitter, as soon as it travelled down his throat, he felt warm energy coursing throughout his body and his face, which was bruised, was healed without any mark left!

Though surprised, he didn ’t have the luxury to think what kind of godly thing he had just drunk as he quickly followed the men.

After walking for a while, he appeared in front of a building, which was completely in contrast with his worn-out wooden house. It was a large building made from white coloured marbles which gave the building a holy feeling. There were a few words written on it, but Nux couldn ’t recognize the language so he ignored them.

Soon, the party entered the building and walked towards a specific room, although he could not read what was written on the door, by the design and others ’ attitude, it was clear that the room belonged to someone important.

*Knock* *Knock*

After a knock, the door was opened by a beautiful girl wearing a classic maid costume, she nodded to the scar-faced man before glancing towards Nux, a little surprise could be seen on her face before it went back to her normal, expressionless face.

She walked into the room and the party followed her trail, there they saw a man wearing expensive-looking robes who was sitting on a chair with a leisurely attitude. The man had blonde hair with a French moustache, making him look like a classic merchant.

He then glanced at Nux before asking, ”You know why you are brought here, right? ”

Countless thoughts ran wild inside Nux ’s mind,

’Should I tell him I do not know anything?

But from that scar-faced man ’s attitude, it is clear that he had told my predecessor about the situation. Won ’t they know that I am not who they think I am?

But this is my only chance to know what is happening, I should not waste it… ’

Due to all these quick thoughts, Nux panicked a little and nodded and shook his head at the same time, looking quite funny.

The man raised his eyebrows at his response as he glanced at the scar-faced man before turning back to Nux.

”My name is Elton Peyton, I am the head of this Merchant guild.

You, my friend, are a lucky man who caught the eyes of Viscount Felberta. ”

Nux ’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Elton to see if he was joking.

”Yes, my friend, Viscount Felberta wishes to take you as her personnel boy toy, ” Elton revealed and Nux ’s eyes couldn ’t hide the shock he was experiencing.

’Fuck Yes! ’

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