device, wrapped around his wrist, clicked a couple of buttons to find out that it was time for him to progress out and work.

The mans feet brought him to the wide space of his obscure abode, he opened the storage generated to freeze goods and meals. His hands twisted the circular padlock with letters, he and the inhabitants only knew. A signature noise came out of the storage, as smokes escaped it, when it was widely opened. His face that was expressionless marked disappointment with irritation when he saw that he no longer had anything with him. No food to feed his digestion. It was empty.

He took a deep breath and heaved a sigh. The man decided to just close it and looked for something to at least cover the infuriating hunger boiling inside his stomach. Last night was a nightmare itself, his body was beaten to a pulp right after he overwork himself. There was no room for rest, if a single finger has formed a mass of peace, a punishment is brought upon him. The least he could do right now is burden the people who know him.

While walking around, he spotted a bottle of water and decided to drink a whole chunk of it. He also picked up the little figurine of a glass globe, inside was the living metropolis above him, it was a decor made to showcase the look of the city he is in.

”This is complicated to fix, some glasses are broken, and the mechanism right under it is… ” He raised the figurine and peaked the battery below. ”Is missing… So now what? ”

He took a moment to think of it. As he reminisced the look on Aries face, the little girl who was living right in the under as well, she was a little friend of his, her shimmering eyes, her small lips, and her hands intertwining as she pleaded with him to fix it for her.

”Pretty please, Kai! Look at it! Bunny Freddy likes it and even mother said so! Pretty please ! Pretty please! ”

”Alright! I will! I will! ”

Her eyes widened and shone as if there were glitters lying inside. ”You will? Yay! ”

Remembering about it made him flinch as he sighs in relief, he can never say no to that girl, she was like a little sibling to him. After a while of deeply diving in his thoughts, his stomach suddenly grumbled.

”You don say- that Ill be eating weeds? This home can be real. ” He complained after drinking a bottle of water as he gently placed the figurine back on the table and harshly slumped the bottle right beside it.

But, what choice does he have? Theres nothing in this house but plain material waste. So, he set course to dress himself up and rode inside the lift. It was an elevator made to bring him up on the surface. He stared at the monitor showing how many more floors he has to surpass before arriving on the land. Without further notice, the elevator opened up and the bright surface flashed through his eyes.

e late again, Kaidan. ” A womans voice was heard.

When he already had a good sight of the surroundings, he realized that it was actually just Idris. Idris is one of the few normal inhabitants on this planet. She has been his comrade ever since they were in their young years, they have been through a lot as they witnessed how this world evolved by their own hands. They were working like slaves for this Agametes, yet they earn close to noting while their bodies suffered under the consequences.

”Late. I wish I never have to worry about that. Are you all treating this now as a normality? ” He walked past them with his hands tucked to his side.

Idris shook her head. ”Normality? Isn this how it truly is? What are you spouting on early in the day? ”

He took a short glance at her and snubbed right after, noticing that beside her, standing a foot taller, was Timon. He was also a mere human yet somehow, they never get along.

”Hes just all stuck up on the fairytales. ” Timon muttered.

He looked at him, as if throwing daggers with his stare. ”Speaking like that, you
e turning out to be one of these Agametes. I doubt you even know where you truly came from. Working like an animal, is that who you think we are? An animal? ” He stopped to face him, brows furrowed.

”Huh? Then, what are we supposed to do if not for that? Our generation has come to realize that this is our fate. The concepts of serving and evolving within this very hold is our value. What animal are you describing our civilization? You
e just delusional thinking we came one peaceful and full of freedom world just like how your old folks lied to you about! ” He shouted at his face, veins bulging around his forehead, as he pointed at him.

His patience was knocked off and he finally let go of it, grabbing him by the collar, and closing the distance between them.

”Don you dare speak like that about my grandmother! You know nothing about whats the truth and whats not! You
e nothing but fraud to your own kind! ” He responded, meeting Timons eyes.

He was already covered by his own emotions this morning and this guy just had to piled up more baggage on his back. Idris forcibly meddled with their fight, inserting herself in the middle, trying to go against them.

To be continued…

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