m. The curiosity was bursting from his core.

”That, Im not too certain. However, Humanoids are gathering up there more than them sending it to the metropolis. They must be up to something. Looking at how they finally revealed to the world what theyve created. A huge fuss even in the other cities. But, hey, why are you asking me so many thi- ” The man halted when he noticed that Kaidan was no longer beside him. He scratched his head. ”Where did he went off to? ”

He escaped from his port and decided to insert himself amongst the group of the human entrusted ordeal. He observed these people and he pitied them, they looked drained and exhausted. Their eyes express themselves too well, the black bags under their eyes, dried lips, and pale skin tone.

”Hey you! ”

He heard someone yelling not too far from his standing, he was already wearing a fabric to cover his face when he turned around. He was trembling, his head went blank, and he thought of what to say. However, before he could open his mouth, he heard Marcus say,

”Don waste everybodys time and get moving or do you want your head splitted apart? ” He threatened him, as his eyes teared up with rage. He was thoroughly scunnered by his habit of spacing out.

Instead of being frightened, he smiled like a maniac underneath the black fabric, it was a good idea to cover his face. Now, look at this foolishness of a Humanoid not noticing him. Together with the people who almost can be recognized as the dead, he marched towards the elevator, and there he hid himself at the utmost back. Deliberately peeking at the number of floor monitors, slowly it elevated, and he was tensing internally.

He was anxious, the warm sweat feverishly dripped down from his forehead, his hands were soaked by his own body liquid, and his heart rapidly racing together as the time lapse within his every breath.

He started to doubt his own scheme. Began to think back at what would happen if he suddenly died within this very establishment? In the end, he was still such a coward. Afraid of what the future may bring. Looking in front of him, he ascertained upon himself that there was no turning back. This is what he had decided long ago. To go beyond just following the rules.


The elevator halted and the doors went upwards. They all moved outside and carried the scraps. He roamed his eyes around and saw how openly broad the top most part of this station actually is. He was astonished and yet the height never bothered him. Initially, he should be at least terrified by it, instead, the urge to search for the way towards the Axle head was more forceful and strong.

”As expected, there is still too much security surrounding the entrance to those tubes. How can I ever come past that? ”

He stared at it for a few seconds before turning his head back to the people he came with. ”How do we transact these scraps to the Axle head? ”

The man looked at him confused, probably because hes asking such a question, nevertheless he still opened his mouth. ”We transfer it to that huge compartment, and it is being pulled by an electric wire, with its force, it will arrive there in no time. ”

”Do you think a human can go in there? ” Subconsciously, he inquired. Desperate for it to get answered he was already preparing himself.

The man paced out and looked above for a while, acting as if he was deeply thinking through the question. ”Theres a scanner, if it detects a beating heart, the transaction will stop. To sum it up, it would be possible if one would not breathe throughout the examination… Wait… D-do you plan to cross inside those tubes? ” He outright realized what he had just told him.

He, on the other hand, cursed himself. Theres no way that they would believe him if he said that he was just asking out of mere curiosity. These people may be dead inside but never take them for a fool. However, he unexpectedly jolted.

”And w-what if I will? ” He stuttered within his statement.

The man went silent and beat around the bush for a while there. All the moment, he started feeling nervous inside, this humans thoughts are far more important to him than any other, although half of him does not care anymore, he still hopes someone would support him with this.

This pale bloke placed his palm on his shoulder, looking at him intensely in the eyes, and said, ”What will you do when you arrive there? ”

Without hesitation, he held the mans wrist. ”Everything. Everything that I must do in order to save justice to our kind. For us to find a much better planet. One where we can run around freely and save the young generations. ” He exclaimed, as his eyes brightened up. He was full of hope and his expression was thoroughly conveyed to this man.

The man witnessed how much passion he had while saying those words. Inside, he thought that if this is how people think, then he would be more than willing to help them. He pressed his lips when he almost teared up.

Kaiden noticed the mans face getting sentimental.

”I will help you, young man. Tell me, what do I need to do? ”

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