ld lady, she was part of the crowd, coming out of nowhere and trying to sympathise. She knows. She knows where my daughter is, or more specifically who took her.

I should find her. I should-

”Hey! ” I scream, noticing the distant figure of the lady walking away towards the entrance of the airport, like as if she has not a single care in the world. Finally freeing myself from that made up crowd, I start running, my eye sight blurry from the tears which I brush away.

I will cry later. First I need to find Theo. End this here.

Sure as hell, the lady walks out of the building, and I have a clear idea of where she is going.

”Try to search for the alley behind the building. Im sure Theo will be there. ”

Right. This bitch be luring me with the best bait she got.

Fine. I will come. If that is what you want, I will go. But leave my daughter the ** alone.

The glass doors to the building slide open, and once I step in; Im greeted with a heavy breeze that sends chills all over my body. It is terribly cold, and I know its going to start snowing soon.

But I can worry about that later. I have a daughter to find.

Kneeling down, I pull out the slice of glass blade that I had been carrying with me for all these years, the only reminder of my other half, the only thing that she left me.

This dagger is the only object I have that still signifies my connection to my old life, and although I had promised to never indulge in any of these anymore, I just couldn part with it. Not when it was her who gave me this.

With new found fire burning in my eyes, I look up to find the lady glancing behind her, seeing me standing, and turns to her left, entering the alley that would surely lead behind the building.

But this is no alley, at least not what I imagined. The place is not a cramped passageway, or dirty and murky with garbage. Its just a clean open wide space, and further away the spot where all the planes are parked and getting their final checks before take-off.

And right in front of me, a few feet away, is Theo, but she is not alone of course.

Suho is there as well. With all his men.

Its him. Louis Choi. He found me again.

Why? Why did this have to happen?

My insides turn at the thought of what will happen next knowing that Louise won take it lightly that I tried to run away, again.

Just how on earth is he finding out?

”We meet again! In one day that too! ” Suho calls out through all the loud noises, and Im just surprised how no one is noticing a bunch of goons standing all by themselves in the restricted areas, with a child and grandma at that.

Oh wait, scratch that. That lady is not a grandma after all. Its just a young wench disguised as a grandma who is now collecting her pay from one of the goons.

Suho rests his beefy hands on both of Theos shoulder, while she looks at me with a puzzled face, still not understanding the situation.

Why did you have to follow them baby?

”Let the child go. And then we can talk. ” I say, finally glad for once that my voice doesn quiver. But what Suho does next has my heart going into a marathon.

He flips out a pen knife, flipping it over in his hand dangerously close to Theo, before going so far as to even place it on top of her right shoulder, the same spot I stabbed him.

This **ing bastard. He sure as hell is asking for death.

”What even makes you think we want to talk to you? ” Suho claims, and for the first time, I really have no answer. I don know what to say. Honestly, why would he want to talk?

”You see, you have made boss really really very mad, and he does terrible things when he gets mad. ” That sick smirk is back again. He knows his words are getting to me, and he is enjoying it. ”He was furious when he found out you were running away with his child all over again. He pitied me. Imagine the hard work I have to go through to find the two of you again. Tsk tsk. Load of bull I tell you. ”

”What the ** do you want this time? ” I hiss out, not able to bear with his shit eating grin anymore. He is enjoying himself way too much. I tighten the hold on the glass dagger hidden underneath my sleeve.

Suhos grin fades, and I recognise that look from earlier. When he got deadly serious and punched me in the gut.

I almost shudder at the memory.

Pointing the tip of his blade towards Theos shoulder, he says. ”Nothing. Nothing at all. You were given a chance to send your daughter willingly and choose the fate Boss had for you, but you didn want that. You didn listen. Now, his command is simple. And very interesting one at that. ”

While his men spread around and circle me, making me curse the workers who notice us and pretend not to see anything, Suho kneels down before Theo, giving enough space for me to see them. ”He said us to bring the child to him-alone. And you? ”

Suho cocks a brow at me, cold sweat breaking out in my forehead while I press my lips together to stop them from trembling.

Me what?

”Kill you. He said us to kill you. End you once and for all. ”

— — — — — — — — — — — —

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