s. But as of lately, the sisters had barely seen or heard from him, as he was overseas and wasn at home for over years for business.

Soralina was still smiling and giggling from ear to ear, while Lucian gazed at her with adoration. When the reality of his situation sunk in, Lucian finally looked away, blinking rapidly before he smacked Soralina on the back of the head.

”Jees, what a lovesick puppy. ”

”Hey! What was that for? ” Soralina screeched, while Lucian begun to walk away, picking up his stick again. ”Come and practise already you fool. We don have all day. ”

Soralina blinked, confusion written all over her face. ”But you said you didn want to anymore. ”

”And get my head on a spike by your father? No, dear Miss Russo Im perfectly content with my beautiful head attached to my body. Now lets try that judo technic you still find difficulty with. Im sure we will master it soon. ”

Soralina chuckled, a smile gracing her beautiful face before she nodded, walking back towards Lucian. ”Aye captain! ”


He hadn called. Morris had said he would call, but he didn . Not on the day before the party, or even the day of the party.

Or even before he had to come pick her up to be her ride as promised.

Morris never showed up, and that worried Soralina. She was already dressed, waiting for her ride to come and pick her up but no one had showed up, not even after Agatha had left for the party on her own dressed as a sexy witch.

Soralina was dressed as a fairy, her long pink gown floating all the way down to the floor which matched perfectly with her cotton candy pink hairs. Even her lenses were pinks, and so were her lips. She looked like the epitome of happiness, of cupcakes and rainbows, but at that very moment, she didn feel like it at all.

”No news yet? ” Came the voice of Lucian as he leaned against the doorframe of the balcony entrance, while Soralina looked down from her position on the balcony. ”No. Nothing. ”

Lucian sighed, walking forward and patting her on the shoulder, before he walked away, leaving her to stare at her phone.

No sooner had Lucian disappeared, Soralinas phone begun to ring, and to her surprise, it was Morris.


Her heart leaped in her chest, her insides filling with butterflies as Morris handsome voice greeted her from the other end. ”Hey Lina. ”

”Hey! I have been waiting for your call for days! You didn even show up at school! Where are you!? ”

Shufflings were heard, followed by Morris groaning out loud, which only made Soralinas excitement disappear, her smile vanishing. ”Morris? Morris are you okay? Are you- ”

”Im sorry. Im so sorry. ”

Oh god! What happened!?

”Morris wh- ”

”I was supposed to spend the day with you, but I can . Im so ill. So terribly ill, I can move. ”

Oh god…

”Oh my God Morris what happened? And why must you apologise? Its not your fault, oh God Im sorry I didn know! Im so sorry! Are you okay? ” Soralina was almost in tears, unable to believe what just happened.

Morris groaned again, sounding more pained. ”Im fine. I just can move. My chest hurts. The doc said I will be fine in a few days rest. Im so sorry Lina. Im sorry. ”

”Stop, stop apologising! Its not your fault. Do you want me to come see you? ”

”No! Don come here! Why would you? You should be enjoying your night! Go, hang out with friends and- ”

”Im not going. ”

”What? ”

”I said Im not going. Not when you aren there. ”

”Oh Lina, no- ”

”Nothing you say is going to change my mind. Im not going. I won come over either if you want. Take rest, and I will see you tomorrow. ”

”Thank you Lina. Thank you so much. ”

Soralina smiled, but she couldn bring herself to say anything back. She wanted to tell him she loved him, but that would sound out of the blue, so she decided against it.

So all she did was hung up, pressing her phone against her chest and breathing out through her mouth, feeling her heart sink.

Looks like I can enjoy once again.

Oh well, Happy Halloween.

Meanwhile, Agatha grinned with malice, leaning against the wall as he finally hung up, grinning himself.

”Jesus she didn suspect a thing! She really is dumb as she looks! ” Morris laughed, closing the distance between him and Agatha, while she laughed with mirth. ”You do know we look the same, don you?

”I know, only that you are more on the sexy side. ” Placing on a shit eating grin, Morris pulled Agatha to him by the waist, and they enjoyed the party like the rest of their friends, as if they hadn just broken a girls heart.

Sam was right. Agatha could have any men if she asked for them, even if they were taken. And Morris? He didn even protest! He was as easy as riding a bike.

Agatha downed the drink in her hands, frustrated that there was no alcohol in it, because she really wanted to get wasted tonight.

Leaving her cup and moving to the dance floor, Agatha jumped to the beat, swaying her body just the way the men wanted, and dancing to her hearts content.

She didn care what just happened. She just wanted to enjoy her life.

Because that was all she cared about. Her own life.

Who cares what others think? Im my own person.

Oh well, Happy Halloween.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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