The Obvious



Everything feels so cold like my blood was freezing and the darkness made the feeling unbearable. I could not recognize where I was standing. It seemed like a room and same time outside, with the tick darkness it felt like I was in a limelight because of the single sun concentrating on me, I do not know where the sun was coming from. Suddenly I noticed something coming, I could hear the footsteps and movement but I did not know which direction it was coming from. I turned around to notice the direction but I could not. It was coming closer and closer and the fear in me increased, but it still felt like I should hold my ground and see what was coming. The noise coming now sounds like an animal, and I could see the figure in the shadows it was indeed an animal coming it looks like a dog, a big one and its fur was brown the eyes too, so unique it was bright green and I found it cute; I wasn scared because it did not try to harm me but rather was just staring. I felt an urge to go closer and touch it, I kept stretching it seemed close but I could not cover the distance to touch it then I felt a tap on my shoulder, the shock made me raise my head and I noticed my colleague standing in front of me ( I was dreaming)

IFY: wake up sleepy head your break is over, there are a lot of dishes to do, and the boss wants you to make another sauce we don have much to serve the customer.

I could not reply still in shock, I just nodded my head and she left. Then my phone notified me that I had a new message, it was from my travel agent.


We are pleased to inform you miss Nora Babu that all your papers for your trip are ready and your flight is scheduled for the next three days.

Thanks for your patience and for letting us offer you our services.


At first, when I heard I will be traveling out of the country in a few days, I was the happiest person in the world. I called my cousin to tell her about the good news.

Jenny: hey

Nora: guess what!

Jenny: hmm… I don know tell me

Nora: just got my papers!

Jenny: OMG that was fast! That lady kept to her promise

Nora: Yeah, I told you we could trust her

Jenny: so you would be leaving us soon….. Im gonna miss you

Nora: Yeah, me too boo. No one has to know yet, remember the plan!

Jenny: sure, I do remember we have to celebrate when I get home

Nora: (laughing) we have to get back to work, bye…

Probably its going to be my last day working here, I don hate my job because I love cooking but! The cleaning after is so annoying, I agree I can be kinda lazy when it comes to cleaning but I love my job(maybe)

The happiness inside me today just made the job easier, I just overlook everything that annoys me, just can wait to be home.

I got home close to midnight because that was what I signed up for plus the pay is good but not enough to settle all my bills at once. And I also stay at the outlet in our town which is quite far from where I work.

Knocking at the door; my cousin Jenny opens the door with a big smile on her face as she hugs me.

JENNY: Yankee babe!

NORA: (blushing) yeah yeah, you can say that again

I walked into our one-bedroom apartment which we shared, not so furnished but comfortable. Jenny has been a great support system to me since I lost my parents in a car accident, her mom and my mom are sisters. So I never felt lonely …her mom always called us, praying and giving us advice on settling down soon and other aspects of life. For Christs sake, Im just 24 and Jenny is 25 we are not that old! but we just agree with her to make her happy.

But the issue is that she is not in support of me traveling, she feels I would never return (which was kinda true) I just want to start up a new life, get a good job and a relationship that would last and Jenny understands me well. So our plan is not to tell her till I leave.

JENNY: so, when are u leaving the country?

NORA: well, according to the agent three days…

JENNY: aww …am going to miss you! remember what we discussed just focus on your job and be positive the aim is to make mama proud

NORA: yes mummy!

JENNY: I am serious!

NORA: sure I will, but I haven gotten a job, till I get there

JENNY: (looking sad) I still have a bad feeling about this so-called agent, she is making everything easy. Not like Im saying it has to be hard but she is processing everything without putting you in the picture and suddenly everything is ready for you to go and in three days too! Why so fast?

NORA: Jenny I understand what you are saying remember I paid her all my six months salary, so yes she has to put in more effort Im also happy I don have to go for any interviews, you know how shy I can be and my work did not give me that time too …please understand!

JENNY: Nora and the job promise. Did you pay her to get u a job over there? And she promised you! I know you want to start over and with all, you went through I understand, but be careful with whom you trust… which country are you going to?

NORA: Well don get mad…. its going to be a surprise but it is one of the three countries I picked, the UK, Canada or Australia. As long as I have a job and a place to stay Im fine.

JENNY: Are you hearing yourself talk? like a dummy! A surprise? I expected you to be smarter than this! For Gods sake, you are an African, a Nigerian! You know say we no dey dull!!!

NORA: I know! Jenny is not a child I know what Im doing… I just want to leave

JENNY: As you wish…. na you know wetin you dey find.

I felt so excited and sad at the same time. Probably sad because Im leaving my loved ones and excited to start a new adventurous life, meet new people, make friends at my work place and maybe meet Mr right.

Jenny is not really happy about the trip the way I expected her to, I understand that she has my best interest at heart. Im a grown up woman ,I will take care of myself, she needs to trust me!

I promised to always call her and give her updates on how things are going with me, and also follow her advice which was to be careful and trust nobody,she has trust issues, and with the mentality we had When growing up,that is why she is always thinking that everyone is an enemy but I can love her less.

Jennys boyfriend, Mike drove us to the airport.God Im going to miss them plus they look good together, my favorite couple!

Mike is a very hard working guy he works with an NGO that support youth empowerment. He doesn earn much, But he is always ready to do anything to make Jenny happy with the little he has. To him its seems like sometimes she doesn really care about him; because she can be strict and serious with him anytime, I know Jenny truly loves him, she just wants him to put more effort in growing his career and not letting people use him!

There where both with me through out the boarding process and also my agent who came to assist me. Jenny was not her usual self,throwing wicked glances at my agent and giving me a sad smile. I did not want to think about it much I know she misses me, and she also understands why Im leaving.

Time for me to say good bye was so emotional, she hugged me for what felt like hours, then she faced me.

JENNY:(sobbing) remember all that I told, I don want to start lecturing again but….. be happy dear; Im also happy for you…you wanted this right? enjoy it! always be positive and also remember where you are coming from, don let anyone use you. I will be praying for you!

I had closed my eyes so the tears do not drop and moved to hug Mike and waved my agent good bye, then I walked away.

JENNY: (louder) remember don trust nobody!

I smiled as I heard her say those words,because that has been her constant advice since I started packing for my trip,we almost quarreled;so she promised not to say it again, tho I was expecting her to say it when she was giving me her goodbye speech.

NORA: (smiling) I won mummy!

I entered the plane sat down , put on my seat belt and relaxed on the chair as I looked outside the window thinking. ”This is the first time Im entering a plane and I am going on an international trip,how nice ” I smiled to myself as I closed my eyes waiting for the plane to takeoff. My stomach was upset but I tried to hold it, probably because it was my first time, counting from 1 to 1000…and I dosed off.

This time I did not wait for the animal to come closer I went to it smiling because after that day at work I always wished to have that same dream. I felt happy rubbing the fur it was soft and warm and the cold feeling I felt left immediately I touched the animal, I did not want to stop, it was comforting….. suddenly, I heard a deep voice calling MA! I got startled and opened my eyes to see the air hostess in front of me.

AIR HOSTESS: Ma, is there anything I can get for you?

I shook my head indicating no and she left…. I had the same dream but this time, I touched the animal. what is wrong with me! Am I going insane? Its probably the traveling stress or maybe Im just too excited, but I had this dream right before I got the news of my trip. Anyways , I think I am just stressed out.

I can believe I am in America! When i settle, Im definitely going to give this city a tour tomorrow, and send pictures to Jenny she is going to love it!

Well , Jenny insisted that the agent gives proper information about where I was traveling to, for awareness and security reasons so I knew I was coming to America! I can wait to explore.

I went through all the process at the airport… got my bags checked thoroughly obviously because Im a Nigerian. My agent told me someone was going to pick me up from the airport and help me with all the other necessities she promised, the apartment and job. I know right ? my agent is a God sent,like I found the agency at the time I needed them, just few weeks when I decided I wanted to relocate.

I walked out of the airport carrying my bags hoping to see someone carrying a placard with my name boldly written on it, but I did not see anybody!

Important information:::::::::

Guys hope you all are enjoying the story, well some of my sentences are in pidgin language from Nigeria I will try not to make it too complicated for your understanding.

Thanks ❤️

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