The Obvious


ine: going to look like a clown now

cry baby, you just have 5 minutes to be done and come back to the room to get dressed you don want to keep important clients waiting.

Before Kathrine step out she tuned giving me a fake smile

Kathrine: brook is outside the door waiting to bring you back to the room…. so you don pull any stupid stunt.

Did she just say clients, like more than one? This is my End Im not doing this I have to find a way to get out even if I die trying. I could not control the tears I know the makeup is completely ruined now, Paige dragged one sit in front of the mirror and she sat facing me, taking a long drag from her cigarette or weed. With a serious look on her face

Paige: I know your type, you remind me of myself troublesome yeah?

Nora: I don know what you are talking about

Paige: (laughs) you will know soon…. kind advice do not try to be smart it will kill you, do not be too dum it will kill you also

Nora: I don want to stay so I don need your advice!

Paige: the only thing that can leave this place is your dead body got it? So stop dreaming! There is more good here that you are yet to see, can you see the girls? there are having fun…. Your Life is already **ed up, so what! all you have to do is accept it and try to find the good here!

Nora: I can

Paige: you can! And you must! Look at me…. if you want to leave this place alive the only way is to do as you are told, try to win the mens hearts maybe if you are lucky then you can be sold to the highest bidder that is your only way out! Mind you this has only happened once in this place….. don be too happy, but you can try

She smiles for the first time as she tries to fix the makeup on my face.

Nora: how can I win their hearts?

Paige: smart girl, you are already a beautiful woman… you are curvy so you don have to do much, just please your clients and make them want You again. Because your life depends on it!

I had a little courage but was still very scared deep Down the question kept ringing in my head as I walked back to the room with the so-called brook behind me, he was the one who caught me when I tried to escape. Was ”How can I win their hearts ” was I buying into this stupid idea? But do I even have a choice!

I walked into the room which was now almost empty but Kathrine and Kyle were still there.

Kathrine: you are late! I told you 5 minutes, take this and get dressed

Kyle: I will help you cmon

I don understand how these girls think! there are been used and they can even wait to go and meet the stupid old disgusting men. I am sure this is not ordinary they must be giving them something, like injections that put them back in this mood, yes that explains it.

Kyle help me wear the dress, first I was told to take off the new set of underwear I was given. The dress was beautiful, black and lacy Rain did a good job, my waist was snatched and all my curves were very visible but it was too short Im sure If I bend my ass will show, and my boobs Oh my God! I feel naked. Kyle handed me some jewelry that look expensive

Steering at myself in the mirror I was speechless, I could not recognize myself I felt intermediated by the woman Im seeing, it feels good in a way and it scares me. The hair, makeup, and dress were overwhelming me I just want to take them off so I can be myself this is not me! I feel lost in them. Kyle walked behind me adjusting her dress as she whispered

Kyle: you look beautiful and elegant you are going to make them crazy for you…. don make that tears drop, just control your emotions, and you be fine.

What have I turned into! A crying baby? This is not me and I have to stop showing my weakness in front of everyone, I will leave this place one way or another, I will never accept this as my life or how I will end. But for now, I have no choice but to do what they want. The compliment felt good and Im going to own it

Nora: (smiled ) thank you

Katherine: enough of the fake compliment, we are leaving.

As Kyle and I walked past Katherine I noticed the hateful glance, I smiled to myself knowing that she is feeling intimidated already. She will be my favorite during my brief stay here I will do anything to provoke her, it feels therapeutic already a good distraction from all of this

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