Ch1 – Put Away Your Pheromones!

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Translated by Udon Sea

“Dad, I’m going out,” Su Yuzhou said to the man standing beside him, as he put on his shoes at the entrance. 

The man was slim, short, and delicately pretty.
He was in his forties this year but looked like he was in his early thirties.
He frowned slightly, and looked at his young son with some worry, “You really don’t need me to accompany you?”

Just as Su Yuzhou was about to speak, an imposing female voice rang out.



“He’s already eighteen years old, he should do this kind of thing himself.
Don’t always coddle him.”

Accompanying this voice, a tall figure came out of the living room.
This was Su Yuzhou’s mother – Su Lan. 

Father Su was still frowning.
“I’m afraid that something will happen to Xiao Zhou.
The first susceptible period of an Alpha is not a small matter.”


“Isn’t there still half a month? Moreover, what kind of trouble can an Alpha get into?” Su Lan said impatiently.
“Stop worrying, you don’t even take good care of your own body.
I put the medicine on the coffee table for you.
Come and eat it.”

Lin Zi caught a cold the day before yesterday, and had not yet recovered, so Su Lan took a day off from work to take care of him at home.

Although Su Lan was usually a bit of a straight alpha, she was still very gentle and considerate to her partner during important times.


Su Yuzhou shrugged his shoulders and smilingly reassured his sensitive and vulnerable omega father.
Upon hearing his alpha mother’s stern words, he waved his hand as he left the house.

At the door of the house, the car he called was already waiting.

“To the Central Hospital please.”


“Got it.” 

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The taxi started up slowly.
Su Yuzhou turned his head to look out the window.
Reflected on the transparent glass, it was a small single-family house with a garden.
It was also the home where he had lived for 18 years.

In his last life, he was just an ordinary person.
After graduating from college, he joined his first choice of a company.
As a result, he worked as a social animal for a year and then died in a traffic accident on a business trip.
When he regained consciousness again, he had come to this strange world and became the newborn son of Lin Zi and Su Lan.

Probably because his body was not fully developed in childhood, he didn’t have much memory of his previous life at that time, aside from seeing some scenes in his dreams.

It wasn’t until he entered adolescence that he completely remembered the events of his previous life. 

This “adventure” also caused his perspective to conflict with that of the world.

In Su Yuzhou’s cognition, the world should be divided into 2 genders – male and female, but this world was not.
The world is divided into three genders –  alpha, beta, and omega.
Under these three genders, there were also two subcategories of physical characteristics – men and women.

That’s right, men and women were just considered physical characteristics to people in this world.
They preferred to use ABO pheromones to distinguish gender.

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This once caused Su Yuzhou a lot of inner turmoil. 

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Recalling his struggles as a child to avoid taking a bath with his mother, Su Yuzhou couldn’t help covering his face in embarrassment. 

Probably because his impression of the previous life was so deep, even after living here for 18 years, he still couldn’t distinguish the genders of other people through pheromones.

Fortunately, an O’s physique was quite different from AB’s, and it was easy to tell them apart just by looking.

As for distinguishing between A and B, A’s had a strong pheromone and B’s a light pheromone regardless of whether it was an adult or a child.
With such a basis for judgment, he smoothly made his way in this world over the past years.

Just as Su Yuzhou was lost in thought, his car had arrived at the door of the hospital. 

After getting out of the car, he went to the infirmary where his appointment had been made.
It was during the work week, and there were not many people in the corridor.

Su Yuzhou sat down on the bench, sent a message to Father Su to report that he was safe, then put away the phone, and looked around in boredom.

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The door of the infirmary was made of frosted glass and translucent, and the figure sitting on the chair inside could vaguely be seen.

Looking at the back of the figure, it appeared to be a tall man.
It was unclear what was going on. 

The doctor looked at his case report and frowned in a troubled way.
Su, have you thought about it?”

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