1 – I Was in a Heros Party Until That Point

On that day, I became unemployed. You could say I was fired, pushed to retire, chased out, exiled, dismissed, or whatever, any of those expressions could fit the mark. However, I want to say that I voluntarily retired, for the sake of my own pride at least. 

Now then, how about I tell you exactly what led me to leave the party?  

Lets turn back time by a few hours. 

Im not sure if I should be proud of this at this point, but the heros party I belonged to was among the top 5 strongest in the world.  

To be more specific, we were ranked 4th strongest. 

Parties are limited to 5 members as of currently. 

My party consisted of… 

「Dont get ahead of yourselves…!」 

Lets start off with the Warrior Alba. He had ruffled hair and a sharp look in his eyes. He was also quite skilled in manipulating his body. 

Albas main weapon of choice was a special magic sword with a bellows-type blade. It was able to stretch and shrink into whatever length the user wished. Such a trait meant that it put the ability of the user into question.  

Alba defeated the herd of werewolves that was approaching us with a single swipe. The magic sword cut the werewolves to pieces as if an enormous wave swallowed them. 

「Whoa! There it is! Look at the strength of Albas magic sword! 1, 2, 3… no, all 10 of the werewolves were taken out by that attack! That swords power is as incredible as always! But preparing that attack causes the user to be vulnerable for a few moments, so it can be difficult to utilize. They need the cover of their comrades, essentially. And this party is well aware of that!」 

The people in the dungeon wouldnt be able to hear any commentary, but there was no doubt that something like that was being said right then.  

The next member to be praised is the Paladin Lark. He had a tall and well-trained body. In stark contrast to Alba, his hair was neatly combed and covering his eyes. He didnt talk much, but he was a reliable tank that always got the job done when it came to it. Whenever he had the chance, hed crush the enemy with a single swing of his greatsword that fully utilized the strength of his build. 

While Alba was charging his attack earlier, Lark was repelling the oncoming werewolves with his Shield Bash. 

「Theyre all incredibly strong in their own right, but when it comes to maximizing ones abilities, teamwork is an absolute must! Lark has attack power on the same level of a Warriors, but hes always looking out to cover his teammates whenever necessary! And the reason why Lark is able to concentrate on his role as tank is none other than…」 

Among the dungeons spread all across the world, there remains a single one where no party has ever managed to reach the final area, the legendary Demon King Castle. 

Thanks to the Recording Stone, all challengers are able to resume their progress from wherever they previously left off from.  

Even so, there has been no party that has managed to defeat the Demon King in the final area. 

But he had the potential to end that legend. 

The Flame Hero Fenix. 

「Ill take him down, think you can clear the way for me?」 

Alba shouted out 「I guess we got no choice!」 Even if the rest of us didnt say anything, we were thinking the exact same thing. 

We were in a place that resembled a dance hall. The enemies with serious injuries were already retreating from the area.  

But there were still werewolves crawling about, along with a giant creature that was by no doubt their leader. 

「Well make sure you take the shortest route there.」 

The Hunter Lily was a markswoman elf with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

No one has ever seen her actually shoot an arrow. By the time you see her readying an arrow, its already flown into the enemy. Multiple arrows at that, oftentimes. 

「T-There it is!!! Her Godspeed technique! Shes once again displayed the legendary ability that only 3 people in the world have been recognized to be capable of! Not that we were actually able to see it, though! But the power of her arrows is clear just by looking at the enemies whove been taken down! 8 of them were defeated in but an instance!」 

The Flame Hero Fenix wielded a holy sword that contained a spirit of fire within it. 

He then simply headed straight towards the Floor Boss that was defending the door to the next level with an air of complete composure. 

Not a single werewolf among the dozens of them were able to approach him. 

Alba, Lark, and Lily were defeating any enemy that headed his way.  

With that being said, I was in a situation where I had no idea what to do. 

Abilities that involve buffing others are called White Magic. Healing, enhancement, cleansing, and so on.  

On the other hand, debuffing abilities are called Black Magic. Lowering attack, lowering defense, lowering speed, poison-type effects that deal damage over a set period of time, confusion status effects that disrupt the ability to think properly, blinding status effects that diminish vision capability, and so on. 

Along with Attack Magic and Defense Magic, these fields make up the Great Four Magics. 

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