53 – A Second Breakfast with a Dog-eared Girl

After the meal, I change my clothes and head out first.

The apron-adorned Milla walked me to the entrance and saw me off.

「Ill see you later.」

「Have a pleasant journey.」

This is…kinda nice.

Having a place to come back to, that is.

The reason I left the dormitory first was to meet Cashew.

Shes still a child, so she lives with her mother. Its walking distance to the Demon King Castle, but I still worry about her so Ive been picking her up and taking her home.

Ive asked Milla to come with us before but she just says「Its Cashews turn.」.

They both get along well. And lately, The Demon of Love Sitri has been getting along with them as well and I hear the three of them have been having some girl time together.

At those times, Ive been training my endurance by running with the Chief of the Werewolves Marchosias in the Second Playing Field, receiving swordsmanship training from the Reaper Knight Furcus, solving the Eloquent Thrush Lord Caims riddles, etc, deepening my friendship with everybody in the Demon King Castle.

The lively, admirable, and lovely little Cashew is popular with those in the Demon King Castle as well. There are even those that I can talk to because of her.

Ive been told many a time that they were cautious of a Human who newly became the Chief of Staff but as soon as they saw my relationship with Cashew, they concluded that I couldnt be someone who hates Monsters and discriminates.

Putting that aside, it seems that there were those that harbored suspicions that they smelled a similar scent to one of the Big Four, the Time Demon Agares, self-proclaimed guardian of the hearts of children.

Im not sure if I should be happy about it or not, but upon seeing Millas shameless approach towards me, all those fears were eradicated.

Having done that, recently there have been odd rumors saying「To make the queen be so flirtatious, just what kind of man is he?」and the like, but that, too, soon disappeared.

Around the time the rumors spread, I started seeing a lot of injured staff members. I wonder what happened.

My instincts told me that it was better that I didnt find out.

In about a fifteen-minute walk, I think, I see a two-storied apartment building. Each floor had five apartments, to a total of ten. Its not pretty, but it was a solid building.

Cashews home is in the middle of the first floor.

I walk up to the door and before I could knock, it opened.

「Good morning, Le~m.」

It wasnt Cashew.

The girl with hair longer than Cashew and lively disposition was Maca. Cashews older sister.

「Good morning, Ms. Maca.」

「Geez, I told you just Maca is fine. I thought it was almost time for you to come so I was waiting for you.」

She says, looking up at me.

If I remember right, shes twelve years old. She seems more mature than Cashew.

「Is that so? Is Cashew in?」

「Aww, you dont wanna talk to little ole me?」

「No, its nothing like that…」

I dont know what this girl is thinking. My closest guess is that she adores me but somehow I think theres something more than that…

「Aah, its Rem!」[1. TL Note: Child-speak]

「Youre here again, huh, Lemi!」[2. TL Note: same as above]

The twins rush to the door with a pitter-patter. They were Cashews younger brother and sister.

The girls name is Mia, the boys name is Nuts. Mia acts like a young lady. They are both five years old.

Mia thinks of me as a nice older brother ever since she received things like clothes and sweets that I gave to Cashew and her mother.

Nuts, on the other hand, is cautious around me because I suddenly appeared and got along with his older sister and his mother.

「Morning, Mia and Nuts.」

Mia approached me and I pet her head. The laughing face she makes because its tickling really resembles Cashews.

Nuts bites my other hand. Ouch. But instead of out of hostility, I sense hes doing this out of a will to「Protect my Mom and sisters at all costs」, so I dont get mad at him.

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