127 – Be the Spirit

Lets go back in time after the interviews.

「Hah hah hah! To think that you would hire Adventurers! Is there a curse upon you? That you must forever surprise people? 」

Her Highness and I were walking side by side in the Dungeon.

More specifically, we were using the staff-only pathways to go to her Highnesss office.

She looked like she was in a good mood, more cheerful than surprised.

Her appearance is that of a little girl. Hair and eyes, a deep crimson. A pair of horns growing from the sides of her head, both a deep black. Her hair is long and full, and today she has tied it in two. It was tied high, but still long enough that it would normally touch the ground.

However, by some mysterious power, it manages to be so fluffy. Maybe its Wind Magic.

「I dont believe Ive been…」

By the way, theres no one else with us presently, but a staff member could pass by at any time in this corridor so I still talk in my Chief of Staff tone.

「If that is your decision, it matters not. However, just because they are cooperating with us does not change the fact that they are Adventurers. You cannot let them access anywhere, yes?」

Shes saying that they cannot be allowed to transfer to or use every and all facilities in the Dungeon.


Im sure Ellie and co. wont mind. On the contrary, she might get angry if I told her she was free to do as she pleased. In other words, I dont think I need to be vigilant with them.

Someday challenging the Demon King Castle is the goal of an Adventurer.

It would be humiliating to be considered a non-threat to the Monsters there.

「I shall leave how much information to disclose at your discretion, but still, thats bold. Gaining the trust of your enemy.」

「For this Raid Clear, they are allies.」

「But then return to being enemies. They are able to witness the activities of the tenth stratum up close. Is it not valuable information to be giving a short-term part-timer?」


I understand what her Highness is saying.

Does Ellies cooperation balance out her being able to attain information by being here?

For example, if you knew that there was a spy but you chose not to deal with it. That decision was made because its thought that a greater benefit can be gained by letting the spy go free.

This is a different situation, but I believe thats what shes trying to say.

Can we ignore the benefits that an Adventurer working on the inside would gain?

「Indeed, I cannot deny that my personal feelings were mixed in.」

Black Sorcerers and White Sorcerers. Four out of the five people in that party are filled with those unfortunate Jobs.

I have hopes that their efforts and rapid progress can change the Adventuring world.

Through Lilys efforts, Elf Adventurers are accepted little by little and are actually increasing in number.

If Black Sorcerers and White Sorcerers are thought of as useful rather than plain, etc, and are included in parties more often, then that would be great.


「But, there is no problem.」

「Is that so? May I ask why?」

Even if I were to exclude the fact that Ellies character is such that she wouldnt be sneaking around behind the scenes to gather information, I can say that there is no problem.

「My tenth stratum isnt naive enough to allow a rat to sniff around.」

The inner workings of the tenth stratum itself will become clear during the Raid Battle.

The only other things that Ellie and co. can know about are things like staff members dispositions. Their personality or tendencies. Their likes or dislikes. In short, only private information.

Im not saying those are useless, but we wont lose a battle just because she knows that stuff.

Other than that, concerning the problem with access rights, she cant transfer anywhere in the first place. Not to other strata and so on.

「Hmph. Fine. But if a problem ever arises-」

「Yes. I, Lemegeton, will take responsibility and deal with it.」

「That is all I wished to hear. I will say no more, do as you wish.」

Her Highness smiled wryly with one side of her mouth.

「Yes, Your Highness.」

Sometime during that conversation, we arrived at her Highnesss office.

The Recording Stone used to transfer to the Dungeon Core can only be here.

Just before we enter the room, I sense someone looking at us and turn to look at the corner of the corridor.

Standing there was a Majin in a tailcoat, the Time Demon Agares.

…He was most likely told by her Highness to not follow her.

He looked at me with great frustration.

「…Your Highness.」

「Ignore him.」


Her Highness let out a sigh.

「…For goodness sake. Agares. I wish to eat that. That special pudding from Honey and Bear. By the time you get back, our conversation should be ov-and hes already gone.」

I believe Honey and Bear is the name of the cafe thats opposite the Demon King Castle. Some products, such as puddings and cakes, are available for take-out.

In order to fulfill the wishes of his beloved Demon King, Agares disappeared in a flash.

「That one worries too much. Asking for a temporary change in guardian can be…difficult.」

Agares isnt a dangerous person, and Im sure hes worried about the Demon King Lucy, who is striving to manage a Dungeon with a different goal than her father.

Her Highnesss mouth appeared depressed, but her expression was calm.

「Now then, lets go.」

So we entered her Highnesss office, went into the small room hidden by a bookshelf where a Recording Stone is set, and touched it, which transferred us.

「This is…」

It was a vast space. The walls, floor, and even ceiling were made of some black, lustrous material.

There, in the center of the room, the main object was enshrined majestically.

It was an octahedron that gave off a faint glow. It was as transparent as glass and large.

This object, large enough that you have to look up at it, is the Dungeon Core.

If I look closely, I can see that the core is entangled in what looks like countless tubes.

「This is the Dungeon Core.」

I remove my mask and stare at the Core. Its so big that my neck hurt when I looked up and was finally able to see the edge of it.

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「This is your first time seeing it, yes?」

「Yes, its amazing…stunning, even.」

It isnt releasing it, but I can tell that there is Magical Energy within it.

The mysterious device that supports a Dungeon. The ultimate in technological engineering that

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