122 – Negotiating with an Enthusiast

「Please dont call me a fanatic. If you must, call me an enthusiast.」

Vepar said with a tired expression.

「I wonder what the difference is.」

Milla tilted her head in confusion and Vepar declared…

「Its the impression it gives.」

A fanatic and an enthusiast.

Words that mean someone who is passionate about a particular field, but is there a clear difference between the two? Even if there is, it varies from person to person, and the difference in the dictionary sense is not always clear.

「I see. I dont fully understand, but I get it. Monster enthusiast Vepar.」

「I thank you for your understanding. Fervent Black Sorcerer Lem fan Carmilla.」

Looks like Vepar knows about that too. Or perhaps its because they are fellow enthusiasts?

Even though I already know about that part of Milla, I get embarrassed no matter how many times I hear it.

「So? What is it you would like to talk about, Mister Chief of Staff.」

「It concerns the Raid Battle.」

「Ah, that. Now that you mention it, you have been assembling everyone, havent you? Are you perhaps here to invite little ol me, as well?」

Her gaze turned to me.

「Yes, you have the right of it.」


I cant read her expression.

「Im quite fond of this chamber, you see. Honestly, I rarely leave it」

While saying that, she manipulates the pillar of water. She winds it around like a vortex, with me in the center, and swims along it. Vepar swam until she and I were the same head height. 

「She tends to be a shut-in.」

「Please call me an indoorsman.」

「I wonder if that has to do with the impression of the word, as well.」

「It has a different nuance.」

Their dialogue is light.

「Fine, indoorsman Vepar. Could you back away from Lord Lemegeton already? Arent you a little too close?」

「Closer than you have been, you mean?」

「…I-I got permission from him to do so…properly…」

「Fufufu, the Vampire Queen acting like such a pure maiden. What would your followers think if they saw you now?」

「…I suppose you dont want this thing I went to so much trouble to prepare?」

Milla extends a blood nail and brings it close to the surface of the Memory.

「Calm down now…Honestly, you cant take a joke.」

Vepars tone was calm, but I could see the anxiety showing through.

「Ill listen, Ill listen. First is that, right?」

I nodded and told her the idea for the reborn tenth stratum.

After hearing it all, she…

「This is what Mister Chief of Staff has thought up?」

…asked with a hand on her chin.


「I see…」

Vepars gaze drops down, deep in thought.

The next time she lifted her head, her eyes were…gleaming.

Its not as if they actually produced light, but more like they looked like the eyes of an excited child.

「How interesting. Ive never heard of such a plan, and there are probably no more than five people in the world who can do it. Yes, if this can be implemented, it would be lots of fun. I approve. But therein lies the problem, can it be done?」

It is as she says.

What is required to implement the reborn tenth stratum is a large number of allies, the ring, vast amounts of Magical Energy, and for me to fight.

The largest issues are my Magical Energy and my movements.

「Ill figure something out with my Magical Energy.」

「Yes, Im sure you will.」

It didnt show on my face, but in my mind, I was surprised.

Even if I say Ill figure something out, there is no method. Ordinarily. Even I didnt know until I asked her Highness.

Even if she knew how to do that, it still wasnt something to take into account, since it wasnt something that people could usually learn.

Also, anyone can guess that I lack Magical Energy.

To win a one-on-one fight with the Flame Hero Fenix, I had to.

Its normal to assume that I had to wager all of my Magical Energy to challenge him in order to produce that result.

In this case, that is exactly what I did.

Vepar just believed the words of someone uttering an impossibility in no time at all.

「If you say youll figure something out, Im sure you will. After all, Carmilla wouldnt be so infatuated with a man who would say things that he cannot do.」

So thats why.

She doesnt trust me. Of course, she doesnt. There is no personal trust between me and her. How can she make use of something that we havent even established?

Instead, Vepar trusts in Millas discerning eye.

「However, whether or not I cooperate with you is a different story.」


This is also a matter of course.

Cooperating with me means that she will have more work to do.

For example, in the fight with the Fenix party.

Furcus and I had a deal where one cooperation costs one meal, and the Spirit Commanding General Kimaris was aiming for the Avatar of the Frost Hero Bella, so he cooperated.

There were many others who fought alongside me because they themselves desired a rematch.

That is fine and also healthy for both sides.

No one likes it when only one side benefits. The benefits part can be replaced by satisfaction or enjoyment.

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If it were an order from her Highness or me, they would have no choice but to follow it, but I dont plan on doing that.

We wouldnt be uniting, emotionally, and I dont think they can bring out their full potential in a fight when they are unwillingly ordered to.

If youre working together, its best to feel good

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