114 – Absolute Idol Hero 1

「Thats right…」

My rules were simple.

Whichever teams leader gets defeated, that team loses.

They have to accept surrender.

Ellies eyebrows raised slightly at the word surrender.

「Fine. And no medicine or healing magic, right?」

After thinking about it for a moment, I said this…

「Fine with me.」

「Thanks. Youre free to use your ring. If its a co-worker, you can call them, right?」

Certainly, the Chief of the Werewolves Marchosias would happily oblige, and the Vampire Queen Carmilla wouldnt mind either. Although she seems to be angry with Ellie.

Well now, how should I answer her?

「If the need arises, Ill do that.」

「…I see. Alright.」

She was dissatisfied, but she didnt say it.

I think she was hoping that I thought itd be necessary.

「What about your team?」

I pull one leg back and turn to the subordinates behind me.

「Right here.」

I look at the three of them in their Avatars and Monster outfits.

「Is it alright with you guys?」

They all gave a short reply.

「Yes.」「This looks like fun~」「…」

Meadow answered quietly, and Thea answered cheerfully. Lars nodded slowly.

「Seriously? Youre going to take on my party with that ragtag group of four?」

She isnt doubting their individual abilities. Ellie is merely pointing out the importance of teamwork.

Her concerns are reasonable, but this isnt a defensive battle.

Ultimately, this is her way of measuring me. I mustnt forget that.

「No, dont answer. If you cant unify a team like that then you wouldnt have been hired as the Impregnable Demon King Castles Chief of Staff, I suppose. Lets see what youre made of.」

When I noticed, her four allies were already in a line, in the back. Only Ellie was standing in front of them.

「Strategy meetings are a necessity, yes? Ill wait.」

Ill take her word for it, so I communicate the plan to the three on my team.

「…Understood. But…」

Meadow nodded but seemed unconvinced.

「Ill do as the Chief of Staff says~. But what if Elly isnt being honest~?」

Thea was all smiles, but she was worried about the same thing Meadow was.

「…If its Lord Lemegeton, Im sure he has an idea.」

Lars doesnt seem to be good at talking to people by nature, but he seems somewhat better when hes in his Monster outfit and wearing a mask.

He also said that by getting into the role, or rather, by being aware that he is not「Lars」now, he can move more calmly.

I had the opportunity to talk to the Ellie party and the three of them individually.

Speaking with Lars, in particular, he and I share a common point due to our training method, so it was quite a rousing conversation.

We can mutually respect each other who knows and endured the same pain.

The four of us are certainly not comrades who have gone through many battles together.

But we share a desire to win.

I dont expect an outstanding combination, but I can decide their roles based on that.

After that, each of us just needs to do what we need to.

「Lets go.」

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We turn around to face the Ellie party.

「That was quick.」

「I cant keep my all

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