103 – We Will Live in the World of our Own Choosing 

「Indeed, I have received a full reimbursement.」

Elementary Level – Beginners Dungeon.

There were four people gathered in Thors office.

Thor, Kei, Me and Fellow.

Thor and I sat on the same sofa while Fellow sat on the opposite one.

Kei is a…maid? So she stands waiting behind Thor.

Incidentally, I was asked to attend by name.

I would have been surprised if I hadnt heard it from Fenix.

However, I knew that he partly tied me with Lemegeton, and I wondered what he would think about being ignored as my masters son, i.e. the person who was originally supposed to inherit the horn, so I met him as Lem.

My childhood friend of ten years, Nicola with her amazing sense of smell, and now my masters son.

Although all of them are exceptions, three people saw through my mask in a short period of time.

I think its fine, but I cant help but feel a little uneasy.

…Not to mention there was Aerial who could sense my masters presence from the Adventurer version of me.

「Truly a splendid revival.」

Fellow is smiling happily.

A refreshing smile to make one think that this isnt a failed attempt at taking over the Dungeon.

「Anyone can think of offering a Clear reward, but to create an All Level Dungeon! Certainly, not every Monster who works in an Elementary Level Dungeon possesses elementary level strength.」

I decided to participate in the tournament part-way through this job, and I was worried about winning, but this was my original task.

Reshape Thor, who is the Master of this Dungeon. Repay their debt to Fellow.

In order to solve that, prepare Clear rewards and change the Dungeon into an All Level Dungeon.

Adequately provide a cash prize for the target clientele, newbie Adventurers, so that they can be emboldened by the Clear and be more useful in their future activities.

Drive back the Intermediate Level parties who aimed for the Clear reward despite their level exceeding the intended target of this Dungeon, making them pay up for their Avatar repair expenses.

The crucial point was to hide the fact that it was an All Level Dungeon.

As a result, Clear failure videos from Intermediate Level parties were withheld because they did not want to admit that they were wiped out by an Elementary Level Dungeon, which held back the rumors from spreading.

This is a plan to earn a lot in a short period of time. In order to defeat a load of clueless gold diggers.

But its impossible to keep this a secret forever. Word will eventually get out.

If that were the case, its not a problem at all.

It is true that newcomers are getting rich.

Yet there is unofficial but accurate information of the Monsters becoming stronger when an Intermediate level or higher party challenges the Dungeon.

「To be honest, I believed this Dungeon to be at its end. It was outdated.」

Fellow was still smiling.

「But in this status quo wherein it is difficult for a budding Adventurer to bloom, to be able to let them shine, yet also preparing something for the experts is nothing short of admirable.」

High praise.


Thor was baffled.

「I will give up on this Dungeon.」

「Uhm, about that…」

I mildly raised my hand.

「Ah, Sir Lem. Whatever is it?」

「About that, Thor here would like to have a discussion with you.」

I gave him a look, Thors eyes widened as if he just remembered something and cleared his throat.

「I heard that Sir Fellow had plans to use this Dungeon as a venue for a new type of game.」


「How about if we…loan it?」


Fellows smile froze.

「This Dungeon has three strata in total but it was made in consideration of newbie Adventurers. There is a surplus of Magical Energy generated by the core. …It is currently temporarily lacking of Magical Energy due to the recent Clear attempts, but there is nothing wrong with the generation ability itself.」

「In other words, you wont let my buy it, but you are willing lend it to me?」

「To-to put it simply, yes.」

Yes, this was yet another plan, but only after the repayment is complete.

The lending of a Magical Energy space of Fellows desired shape.

Naturally, if a contract is signed, there will be a use fee.

Im not worried about him not being able to pay, this is the man who managed to persuade the Union to hold a Tag Tournament, after all. And they could use the money received from him to use for the Clear reward for the newbies.

「…I see…I see, I see. So this is what you have decided. Hah, hahaha! Please excuse me. I was sure that Sir Thor would have never wanted to see my face again.」

Ignoring the mistake Thor made by not properly reading it, ignoring that Fellow actually properly lent him money, he tied him to a contract that would result in the loss of the Dungeon.

Even if you ignore the ethics, Thor probably doesnt think well of Fellow.

To talk business with someone like that…

I suppose its only natural to be surprised.

「Preserving this Dungeon…is the priority.」

Thor said straight to Fellow without looking away.

「…Is that so. Well then, I look forward to working with you.」


Thor was flabbergasted.

It seems he was taken aback by how fast he responded.

「Truly, this is a lifesaver. To be honest, because this Tag Tournament was held above ground, the cost was ridiculous. I thought that a place that is familiar to the citizens and easy to go to would have the greatest effect. If it was done inside a Dungeon, the surrounding would be full of Magical Energy which would make it easy to continue to scatter it about, we could repair the venue infinitely with Earth Magic, we wouldnt be forced to use the Avatar generation shops that are directly under the Adventurer Union, etc. It really was a hassle. On the other hand, there arent that many Dungeons that I could buy ou-…that would transfer management rights over to me. I was in trouble.」

Well, its difficult to accept something new so quickly.

If it becomes a new competing industry, there may not be many Dungeons that welcome you with open arms.

In those circumstances, her Highness is quite welcome of such met

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