181 – The Tenth Stratum – The Realm of Demons and The Awakened Interceptors 14 / By Flames of Blue

「Yet another ally perishes. While believing in you.」

Said Bennu coldly.

What is up with them?

Both Lemegeton and him, they keep harping on and on about how Im not qualified to call myself a Hero or how Im not giving it my all.

Suddenly, I had a bad feeling. When I looked at my left leg, it was petrified. I immediately cut it off with a Wind Blade, which destroyed my balance, but I used Wind Magic to right myself.

「Farewell, random child. It was not your time to come here… It would appear that your allies made a mistake in trusting you.」

Bennu turned his back to me. Botis can no longer be seen. She probably has a Job that specializes in staying hidden.

I accelerate towards Bennu with Wind Magic and extend a blade of wind on my remaining right leg to thrust at him.

「Yo, full-body flamer! Who misplaced trust in me?」

I wont let him call Fran and Ewans trust in me a mistake because of my weakness.

「Every single Adventurer who let you join the Raid Battle.」

As if knowing it was coming, Bennu turned around and deflected my kick with his left hand, and punched me in the face with his right fist.

This series of movements were too quick, I couldnt react to it.

I was blown away like an idiot and crashed into a wall, collapsing. Its a wonder that I wasnt defeated by that power.

…This guy really isnt your average Majin.

My vision was shaky. My eyes were open but everything was a blur. I could see something blurry. What is it? It wasnt Bennu. In fact, this isnt even the tenth stratum final area.

『I got a job thats much more important than being a Hero.』

Its my dad. Its the conversation I had with the Unyielding Hero when I was younger.

Lem said it too. The Unyielding Hero didnt give up on being 1st ranked, hes a man who didnt give up on his family.

I agree. Hes a good husband and a good father. But I wanted him to be the best Adventurer.

If it werent for me, Im sure he wouldve proven that.

『You sayin it like that makes me sad.』

When I said what I was thinking, he said that with a genuinely sad face. Thats right, I remember.

『Please dont say things like how my life would be better if you werent in it when you are the one thing in this world that makes me happier than being 1st ranked.』

I dont get him.

Hes the leader of the worlds strongest party. The worlds coolest Adventurer.

I didnt think that there is anything worth more than that.

『Ill become a Hero. And then, Ill prove everyone who made fun of you wrong.』

『Uhh… Im glad, but I want you to make decisions about your future based on more positive reasons. You dont have to become an Adventurer. Your Job hasnt been confirmed yet.』

『I will. Ill get to the top without the power of a Spirit…!』


Pretty sure that was one of the rare times when my dad got mad.

『Youre right in that I wasnt chosen by the Spirit. If you really wish to become an Adventurer, you have my full support. You have a talent for magic and your training has been going as usual. But yknow, Wraith. You must never forget one important thing.』

『…What is it?』

『Cherish the allies who fight alongside you.』

『Huh? Of course, I know that!』 

『You sure? Cos what you said earlier sure didnt sound like you did. Cos…』

I sensed someone approaching me, probably to finish me off.

It wasnt Bennu. Botis? I can feel the presence of someone as if they suddenly appeared.

Shes someone who conceals her presence completely when she goes to kill someone, so its most likely on purpose.

「These are the words of Lord Lemegeton. Heed them.」

That voice and my fathers both overlapped.

「『The Spirit is an ally too.』」


Suddenly, I got it.

I dont deserve to be a Hero. Thats why Lemegeton…

Individually, Monsters are weak, but theyre able to give the adventurers a tough time and help each other.

Lemegetons commands are like asking everyone to pile their efforts together to finally achieve victory.

That… Adventurers should be just like that. Cooperating with allies, seizing victory. Thats the ideal.

My dad was able to do that. He did his best, even though he wasnt chosen by the Spirits, and became 1st ranked with his allies.

And yet…I…

Despite being chosen by the Spirit, I chose to not use its power.

I thought I could win without it, that I had to. Yeah, I did think that…

…that if I had just used the Water Spirit from the start, the outcome from the first stratum till here would have been different.

I was serious about it all, I still think that. I had no intentions to pull my punches. But…it wasnt my all. I didnt use all the strength at my disposal. I was seriously trying to win without using all of my strength.

『Yknow, Wraith… Instead of seeing you imitate me, I want to see you Clear Dungeons with your own allies and in your own way if you become an Adventurer. I cant wait to watch your Clears while wondering what kind of Hero people will call you.』

I stopped listening at that point. I couldnt understand him, so I kinda blocked him out.

But now that I do, I am disgusted at how dumb I was.

Trying to prove the strength of the worlds coolest Adventurer, only to continue exposing myself as a failure of a Hero.

All I could do was watch as my childhood friend, who helplessly chased after me when I ran ahead of her, get defeated.

After getting beat up by a stronger opponent and refusing to use Spirit Magic, a Hero turned to stone trying to protect me from an Evil Eye.

Also, ever since being acknowledged by a Spirit, I have constantly ignored an important ally.

I was in no position to say something so high and mighty to Mister Fenix.

I wont abandon my allies? Im an idiot. Im just some brat whos been constantly ignoring an ally.

Ill never forgive myself if I dont do it like how my father did?

What I should have learned from watching him was not something so superficial as swearing never to use the Spirits power.

I have always been unable to confront such an obvious thing.

Cos we kept winning and proceeding, even while I was in the wrong. We got this far…because my allies were superior.


I pray. So that my voice may reach the Spirit. Its reply was immediate.

『Whats up, kid? The stage play isnt over yet, right? Whys the actor calling out to the audience?』

I said that you could be an onlooker but…I have to apologize.

『…Oh? Whatever for?』

I wanted to be someone who would cherish his allies, but I failed that. I didnt consider you an ally. Sorry.

『Hmm…? But you cant right? Borrow the strength of a Spirit, that is. You wanna be just like your dear old papa, right?』

What I want to become is the coolest Hero in the world. Ignoring my Spirit, causing my allies to perish, and

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