Ch3 – A Sudden Heat – Chrysanthemum Garden

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Therefore, Su Qian didn’t even need to take any responsibility for his actions, and the alpha’s family, apart from swallowing this bitter fruit, dared not do anything to Su Qian.

At this moment, the alphas surrounding Su Qian were entranced by alcohol and pheromones. rjZm4Y

At the beginning, they knew to restrain themselves, but slowly, the pheromones they released became stronger and stronger, and the competitive spirit in their eyes became more and more obvious.

Indeed, Su Qian, who always looks indifferent and aloof, can easily arouse the alphas’ desire to conquer.

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And Su Qian, who was in the center of the crowd, casually swirled the red wine glass in his hand and raised one corner of his mouth.

Those who knew him could predict that these alphas would suffer in the future. nQq7CY

“Su Qian!” But at this moment, a cheerful voice sounded, “I’ve been looking for you this whole time, I didn’t expect you to be here the whole time.”

Ye Yusheng came over and said to the brainless alphas, “May I speak with President Su?”

Ye Yusheng was the host of this birthday party, since he said so, no one would protest even if they were a little unwilling.

“Then we will let the two of you speak.”


“President Su, we’ll talk next time when you have time.”

Su Qian was indifferent.

After the alphas left, Ye Yusheng led him to a more vacant area.

On the way, he greeted others with a smile, and whispered to the man, “Brother Su, thank you for being able to attend my party, but if you’re not feeling well, feel free to leave first.” ngQpJS

The Ye family and the Su family were close allies.

Ye Yusheng and Su Qian had played together from childhood to adulthood, and he was one of his few friends.

Su Qian frowned and was silent for a while before saying, “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, no need to apologize, I’m already very happy to have you here!” xvIoVy

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Who didn’t know that President Su was a man of mystery and hardly ever attended this kind of event? He was really giving Ye Yusheng a face by coming here.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let those alphas entangle him at the party.

Ye Yusheng continued: “I know you don’t like to attend such parties, so don’t take my parents’ words to heart.
They just hope you are well.”

Su Qian nodded: “I understand.”

Urging him to get married – at least the Ye elders just verbally mentioned it, unlike some people who dared to directly find alphas to mark him, and even expounded on the benefits of A. sCAp3J

Thinking of those unpleasant memories, Su Qian took a deep breath, shook his head and said, “I’ll stick around for a little while and then leave, you can continue to enjoy your birthday party.”

Ye Yusheng looked at him and made sure he was fine.
Then he nodded with a smile, and left with a glass of wine.

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Su Qian pursed his lips slightly.

After a long time, he looked away, drank the red wine in his glass, turned and walked into the garden path.

Halfway through, he suddenly stopped and frowned deeply. 1IhtpU

He was walking towards the hotel door, but he suddenly turned around and went directly to the hotel front desk to check-in.

“Sir, your presidential suite key card.”

The front desk saw that something was off and asked, “Do you need an inhibitor?”

Su Qian took the room card, shook his head and said, “No, I have one on me.” ZAhHa1

“Alright, would you like me to walk you to your room?”

It could be seen that he was an omega about to enter his susceptible period.
If his heat arrived while he was in public, the consequences would be terrible.
The front desk looked at him with worry.

Su Qian shook his head, “I’ll just take the exclusive elevator.”

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There is only one presidential suite on the top floor of the S Hotel, and it is equipped with an exclusive elevator.
You need to swipe your card to enter.
As long as he enters the elevator, he is basically safe. a67PoR

Finished speaking, he had no further reason to linger and strode towards the elevator.

Su Qian didn’t expect that his heat would arrive at this time, and obviously, he had already given himself a shot of his inhibitor to prevent it before going out…

Damn, it’s all those alphas!

Su Qian couldn’t help but clench his teeth, his eyes were fierce. iWlfwc

Of course, he also knew that this was not the time to take revenge.
Without stopping, he walked quickly to the elevator.
After swiping his card, he stepped into it and quickly pressed the button to the top floor.

The elevator door slowly closed in front of him.

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However, before Su Qian could breathe a sigh of relief, a somewhat familiar voice sounded:

“Sir, wait!” p yWlB

Immediately after, the elevator door, which was about to be closed, was pulled open by a hand, and a faint sigh of relief sounded.
The fragrance of coconuts floated in from outside the door.

Su Qian was stunned, looking aghast at the young man who suddenly entered his line of sight; after regaining his senses, he quickly raised his hand to cover his mouth and nose.

“Ah, fortunately, I caught up…”

Su Yuzhou leaned on the elevator door, and because he’d just run over, he was still a little out of breath, and his speech was not smooth. ZrHE3c

However, when he saw the man in the elevator, his face showed a relieved smile.

The garden party required an invitation letter to enter.
After he was stopped by the doorman, he had decided to give up, but he did not expect to be so lucky – on the way back, he happened to see him down the hall.

Because he was far away and Mr.
Su seemed to be in a hurry to get into the elevator, he had to run after him.

Fortunately, he eventually caught up with him. P9iTw4

Before he could explain, the man in front of him immediately covered the lower half of his face, and then those deep and charming black eyes looked behind him nervously.

Su Yuzhou hadn’t turned around yet when he heard someone shouting excitedly behind him.

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“Where’s that omega? I smell it!”

Omega? Su Yuzhou was startled. CuYD0N

He has occasionally seen news reports about accidents caused by omega heats.

Has he encountered such an incident?

This thought flashed through his mind, but before he could look back to see what was happening, the man in front of him stretched out his hand, pulled him into the elevator, and frantically pressed the elevator’s close button.

Through the crack of the elevator door, he could clearly see several alphas with red eyes, rushing towards him. ozvhMB

Their crazy appearances looked a little scary, but fortunately, at the last moment, the elevator doors closed in time.

Was this the so-called mindless alpha in estrus?

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Su Yuzhou realized with hindsight… Huh? Why does he feel a little hot?

Immediately afterwards, he smelled a strong chestnut aroma. lxiSHq

The scent filled the entire elevator.
It was sweet and glutinous which made him feel hungry, as if his body and mind were longing for something.


The man who pulled him into the elevator slid down against the wall, and there was a repressed gasp from his throat.
The voice was low and deep, and it made him feel like someone was itching the tip of his heart with a feather.

Soon, the teenager shook his head, suppressed these strange feelings, and then squatted in front of the man and asked, “Mr.
Su, are you alright?” 7u4kbe

At this time, Su Yuzhou had not yet realized what had happened, he just thought this man had fallen ill; after all, they had met at the hospital yesterday.

Su Qian opened his eyes and stared at him sullenly.

Damn alphas again!

He remembered the coconut-flavored pheromone, and this familiar voice… 4DlPBz

It was the A he met in the hospital yesterday! He was as uncouth as those alphas at the party!

The pheromone of an elite alpha, with its gentle yet domineering strength, was constantly eroding his willpower, making him unable to control his already aroused body.

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Su Qian gritted his teeth.
With difficulty, he reached into his pocket and took out the inhibitor he was carrying with him.

However, his fading strength made him unable to grasp even a light object, and the inhibitor fell to the ground as soon as he took it out of his pocket. 9MVfQ

It was over… Su Qian felt a deep sense of despair.

Su Yuzhou was initially frightened by the man’s fierce eyes, but when he saw the kit on the ground that clearly read “omega heat inhibitor,” he was taken aback.

“Are you an omega?!”

Looking at the man’s state, as well as his own body that felt more and more strange, how could Su Yuzhou not understand the situation? 7p0CXd

The pheromone of an elite omega lapped towards him in waves, and the smell of chestnuts became more and more fragrant, and even triggered within him an urge to push down the man in front of him.

Su Yuzhou shook his head firmly, forcing his mind to stay sober.

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If things continue like this, there will be an accident…

He hurriedly picked up the inhibitor on the ground, recalled how the nurse taught him how to use it, and neatly placed it on the back of the man’s neck and injected it. q8kIf5

The inhibitor relieved some of Su Qian’s discomfort.

He couldn’t help but open his eyes and looked at the alpha in front of him with surprise, observing him seriously for the first time.

The alpha was young, and should have recently reached adulthood.

Curly, chestnut-colored hair framed his face, his cheeks were flushed slightly and he was panting as if he had just finished a long run, and he smiled at him with relief, revealing a small pointed tiger tooth. n0p8cD

“You’ll be okay now,” he said to him.

That smile, like a light breaking through the dark clouds, carried the fragrance of coconuts under the bright summer sun.

Su Qian was in a trance for a while.

At this time, there was a ding sound. 6dStaR

The elevator finally reached the designated floor, and the doors slowly opened, revealing the presidential suite.

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